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1 Music as therapeutic intervention can relieve anxiety and depression in older people
2 Dietary supplement may treat pancreatic cancer
3 Vigorous activity often precedes heart attacks, stroke at work
4 Brain region involved in social memory discovered by scientists
5 Rare polio-like disease strikes five kids in California
6 Causal link indicated between vitamin D, serotonin synthesis and autism
7 Exposure to environmental toxins linked to autism incidence rates
8 Nearly half of Americans believe in medical conspiracy theories
9 Non-invasive blood sugar testing is one step closer
10 Is glaucoma, in fact, diabetes of the brain?
11 New research on potent HIV antibodies opens up possibilities for HIV prevention and treatment
12 Researchers look for culprit behind oral health problems in HIV-positive patients
13 Oral thrush a common complication of HIV 'because of fungi'
14 Even hours after sex, new vaginal gel could protect women against HIV
15 Similar patterns of neuropathological changes shown in twin brains after death
16 New approach promises to transform care for patients with long term conditions
17 Counterintuitive findings offer new insights into Parkinson disease pathology
18 Handheld electronic device counteracts hand shakes caused by essential tremor
19 Quickly identifying Parkinson's patients at risk of dementia
20 Diagnosing Parkinson's earlier with ultra-high field MRI looks promising
21 Obesity and birth control pills may increase risk of multiple sclerosis
22 Proposed changes to nutrition labels and marketing food to children
23 How should policy makers react to the e-cigarette boom?
24 UK drafts rules for three-parent IVF babies
25 Light-sensitive switches turn pain off and sight on
26 New innovation could mean eye injections are a thing of the past
27 Why do our eyes widen in fear and narrow in disgust?
28 Daily multivitamin use could reduce cataract risk for men
29 Whole genome sequencing 'not ready for widespread clinical use'
30 Researchers discover two new genetic regions for bipolar disorder
31 Surprising differences revealed in brain activity of alcohol-dependent women
32 Just one drink may impair driving ability in older people
33 Poor oxytocin development could be to blame for alcohol and drug addiction
34 Even light drinking in early pregnancy raises risk of small or preterm baby
35 CT scans predict chemotherapy response in pancreatic cancer
36 Diabetes and pancreatic cancer linked
37 Novel combination of 2 agents eradicates solid tumors in preclinical studies
38 Method discovered that allows native immune cells to launch an attack on pancreas cancer
39 New understanding of why chromosome errors are high in women's eggs
40 Male hormones play an important role in female fertility; may enhance IVF therapy
41 Eggs of adolescent girls are different from those of adult women
42 Phantom limb pain: potential new treatment method for amputees
43 Maternal acetaminophen use and offspring behavioral disorders linked
44 A step closer to improving safety, effectiveness of lithium therapy
45 Brain region essential for social memory offers a potential target for autism, schizophrenia, other brain disorders
46 Chemical exposure: the impact on infant brain development
47 Mechanisms cancer cells use to establish metastatic brain tumors
48 Scientists discover new protein involved in lung cancer
49 Why knowing about the negative health impacts of tobacco does not prevent smokers from lighting up
50 Potential new drug targets for aggressive form of lung cancer
51 New findings could lead to novel diagnostic tests and treatments for male infertility
52 Low-income women face roadblocks created by Medicaid's 'tube-tying' polices
53 Genetic cause found for premature ovarian failure
54 Girls born underweight 'more likely to be infertile adults'
55 New rehabilitation methods suggested for amputees and stroke patients
56 Silicon implant and treadmill rehabilitation show promise in treating spinal cord injury
57 Robot 'REX' helping wheelchair patients walk
58 Adequate doses of massage treatment necessary for relief of neck pain
59 New routines could help stroke patients battle fatigue
60 Can you really die of a broken heart?
61 Childhood viewing of violent media linked to genes
62 Findings could improve understanding of ADHD, schizophrenia, and other neuropsychiatric diseases
63 ADHD treatment linked to increased obesity risk
64 Brain structure in young people affected by cigarette smoking
65 Passive smoking 'increases risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and ectopic pregnancy'
66 Are e-cigarettes encouraging conventional cigarette smoking in adolescents?
67 Brain links weakened by nicotine withdrawal may explain smokers' relapse
68 Thirdhand smoke 'damages DNA and may cause cancer'
69 Ways to help manage chronic bone and joint pain
70 Drug-resistant bacterial infections on the rise in American children
71 Researchers discover how our body clock reacts to environmental changes
72 Breast cancer: lack of resources in low-income countries 'alarming'
73 Breast cancer spread may be reduced by silencing a gene
74 Americans struggling to afford food are also skipping medications
75 Alarming spread of drug-resistant TB threatens global health
76 Human sniff range exceeds 1 trillion odors
77 Obese teens with a high salt intake 'at risk of accelerated cellular aging'
78 Researchers create smartphone device that performs blood tests
79 Vitamin D supplements 'do not reduce depression'
80 Exercise and occasional drinking may protect against visual impairment
81 New class of antibiotics discovered
82 Abandoned antibiotic makes a comeback
83 Some common NSAIDs have added benefit of fighting bacterial infection
84 Fighting antibiotic resistance with honey
85 Scientists uncover drug resistance mechanism that could impact development of two antibiotic drug candidates
86 'Molecular drill bits' to fight antibiotic resistance
87 Nanovaccines that need no-refrigeration could curb diseases in remote areas
88 Tuberculosis--EPFL creates a foundation to launch an antibiotic
89 Boosting the immune system with vitamin A may help in the fight against tuberculosis
90 Tuberculosis and other mycobacteria destroyed by vinegar
91 How has China managed to halve tuberculosis prevalence in 20 years?
92 Health, education and globalization of world's economy
93 Vitamin supplements may prevent drug-induced hearing loss, UF researchers say
94 Genes bring music to your ears
95 Salt imbalance occurs in nearly a third of hospitalised patients
96 Novel blood screen reveals the risk of dying among healthy people
97 Kidney failure: nanofiber mesh 'a cheap, wearable alternative to dialysis'
98 Teen health risks from energy drinks
99 In defense against bacterial infections in the upper airway, sweet taste receptors are primary sentinels
100 Targeting tumor-causing protein with antibody
101 New app turns any smartphone into a portable medical diagnostic device
102 Convenient, less expensive, but possibly riskier new prostate cancer treatment: SBRT
103 Blood pressure-reducing diet may also diminish kidney stone risk
104 Could grapefruit be good for your kidneys?
105 Desensitization to several food allergies aided by asthma drug
106 Newly developed type of filter can help people with nasal symptoms from seasonal hay fever
107 3D-printed implants restore baby's breathing
108 Cancer vaccine could use immune system to fight tumors
109 New indications for prevention of sun damage associated with aging and skin cancer
110 Allergy-cancer connection discovered