File Title
1 Brighter inks, without pigment
2 Dinosaur skull may reveal T. rex's smaller cousin from the north
3 Scripps Florida scientists devise new, lower cost method to create more usable fuels
4 Number of Days Without Rain to Dramatically Increase in Some World Regions
5 Motion and muscles don't always work in lockstep, researchers find in surprising new study
6 An experiment recreates the crust of the moon Europa
7 Voters using smartphones made fewer errors in mock election
8 Liver metabolism study could help patients awaiting transplants
9 New school meal standards significantly increase fruit, vegetable consumption
10 New evidence confirms link between IQ and brain cortex
11 Are bilingual kids more open-minded?
12 New Program for Students With Autism Offers Hope After High School
13 Iron deficiency important to assess in children adopted from institutional settings
14 Head Start more beneficial for children whose parents provide less early academic stimulation
15 Study: Classroom Focus on Social and Emotional Skills Can Lead to Academic Gains
16 Are You Smarter Than a 5-Year-Old? Preschoolers Can Do Algebra, Psychologists Find
17 Preschoolers outsmart college students at figuring out gizmos
18 Education 'protects' poor women from fattening effects of rising wealth
19 Rice synthetic biologists shine light on genetic circuit analysis
20 Youth Who Help Others and Volunteer are Less Likely to Associate with Deviant Peers and Engage in Problem Behaviors, MU Researcher Finds
21 A predictive fitness model for influenza
22 Study shows why breastfed babies are so smart
23 Despite recession, children's health spending increased between 2009-2012, says new
24 System-wide analyses have underestimated the importance of transcription in animals
25 Disney researchers look beyond basketball stats to analyze team movement in getting shots
26 Disney Research soccer formations analysis suggests home advantage is result of execution
27 Probing the edge of chaos
28 Math anxiety factors into understanding genetically modified food messages
29 Battery-free technology brings gesture recognition to all devices
30 To teach scientific reproducibility, start young
31 What makes flying snakes such gifted gliders?
32 New Technique Allows Frequent Water Quality Monitoring For Suite of Pollutants
33 Seeking quantum-ness: D-Wave chip passes rigorous tests
34 Applying math to cancer, climate, crime and cameras
35 Love or kill thy neighbor? New study into animal social behavior
36 Computational Tool Offers New Insight Into Key Biological Processes
37 How Twitter shapes public opinion
38 Turing's Theory of Morphogenesis Validated 60 Years After His Death
39 Protein key to cell motility has implications for stopping cancer metastasis
40 When big isn't better: How the flu bug bit Google
41 3D X-ray Film: Rapid Movements in Real Time
42 2.5 Million Americans Living with an Artificial Hip, 4.7 Million with an Artificial Knee
43 Significant head, neck injury risk associated with extreme sports
44 Most Charnley total hip replacements viable after 35 years
45 Obese children more likely to have wrist fractures, complications related to healing
46 Postoperative "Doctor Shopping" Linked to Higher Narcotic Use among Orthopaedic Patients
47 Gastric bypass surgery may diminish knee pain in obese patients
48 N/A
49 Sleep disturbance following acute fractures not related to injury
50 Bone lengthening technique proves useful in patients with cleft palate
51 Patient requests for specific drugs have major impact on prescribing, reports study in Medical Care
52 Brain mapping confirms patients with schizophrenia have impaired ability to imitate
53 New findings show link between diabetes and pancreatic cancer
54 New knowledge: Blood poisoning increases the risk of blood clots
55 Drivers with hemianopia fail to detect pedestrians
56 Specialized care improves treatment outcomes in patients with sleep apnea
57 Parents receiving heart disease diagnosis for infants need better information
58 Europe must improve its response to the threat of plant pests and diseases
59 Agroforestry can ensure food security and mitigate the effects of climate change in Africa
60 Prescriptions for opioids stabilizing after fivefold increase in 10-year span
61 The business of fear: Can our favorite products provide emotional support?
62 Tracking eating habits to promote healthier diets
63 Discrepancies in clinical trial reporting raise questions of accuracy
64 Review of home care visits for the elderly finds there is 'no proven benefit'
65 Facebook feelings are contagious
66 Quantum physics secures new cryptography scheme
67 Religious beliefs of American Muslims influence attitudes toward organ donation
68 Standardized evaluation consent forms for living liver donors needed
69 Stirring the simmering 'designer baby' pot
70 Prostate specific antigen screening declines after 2012 USPSTF recommendations
71 Mindfulness-based meditation helps teenagers with cancer
72 Trauma center closures linked to higher odds of death for injured patients, UCSF shows
73 Human brains 'hard-wired' to link what we see with what we do
74 Forgetting is actively regulated
75 You should be ashamed--or maybe not
76 Study finds that social ties influence who wins certain Hollywood movie awards
77 Older adults: Build muscle and you'll live longer
78 Older age at onset of Type 1 diabetes associated with lower brain connectivity
79 2.5 million Americans living with an artificial hip, 4.7 million with an artificial knee
80 'Death Stars' in Orion Blast Planets before They Even Form
81 NASA Data Sheds New Light on Changing Greenland Ice
82 York U astronomer maps out Earth's place in the universe among 'Council of Giants'
83 X-ray laser FLASH spies deep into giant gas planets
84 Some galaxies in the early universe grew up quickly
85 VLT spots largest yellow hypergiant star
86 Simulating how the Earth kick-started metabolism
87 A versatile mouse that can teach us about many diseases and drugs
88 'Super circles' to lessen rush-hour headaches according to Wayne State researchers
89 Nanoscale optical switch breaks miniaturization barrier
90 Researchers write languages to design synthetic living systems useful for new products, health care
91 China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover rouses from latest slumber
92 First space tourists to fly around Mars and Venus in 2021
93 Space Odyssey: China's aspiration in future space exploration
94 China to launch first "space shuttle bus" this year
95 China has no lunar base project
96 The Next Tiangong
97 UK joins the planet hunt with Europe's PLATO mission
98 X-ray laser FLASH spies deep into giant gas planets
99 Crashing Comets Explain Surprise Gas Clump Around Young Star
100 A small step toward discovering habitable earths
101 Super-Earth' may be dead worlds
102 Kepler Mission Announces a Planet Bonanza, 715 New Worlds
103 Water is Detected in a Planet Outside Our Solar System
104 Detection of Water Vapor in the Atmosphere of a Hot Jupiter
105 Rife with hype, exoplanet study needs patience and refinement
106 Europe sets plans for 2024 planet-hunting mission
107 Scientist: Exoplanet research needs less hype, more patience
108 One planet, two stars: new research shows how circumbinary planets form
109 First Weather Map of Brown Dwarf
110 Astronomers create first map of weather on nearby brown dwarf star