File Title
1 Fight against smog ramps up
2 Lone hunger striker spurs Nepal to action
3 Missing galaxy mass found
4 Wing and fin motions share universal principles
5 China plunges into ocean research
6 Vaccines endure African temperatures without damage
7 Astronomy: Death of a comet
8 Moon shots stuck on Earth
9 Science in court: Smart enough to die?
10 Blow to researchers as England delays medical data sharing
11 US energy agency gives boost to nuclear project
12 ESA picks next planet-hunting mission
13 Cosmic mismatch hints at the existence of a 'sterile' neutrino
14 Two reports detail woeful state of Europe's seas
15 WHO plans for neglected diseases are wrong
16 Intelligent testing
17 Helium high
18 Policy: How to regulate faecal transplants
19 Bird lovers, space buffs square off over proposed Florida launch pad
20 U.S. scientists achieve 'turning point' in fusion energy quest
21 Science, not muscle, driving many Olympic wins
22 High school course combines science, cooking
23 Ohio science center marks 50 years of education
24 Fla. marine scientists blocked from Cuba research
25 Academy honors scientists behind special effects
26 Educators aim to set underwater record
27 Replica of giant snake slithers into Lincoln
28 Raindrop Research Dials in Satellite Forecasting Accuracy
29 Making "Frozen Smoke" the Fast Way
30 Satellite Tags, Fishing Data Reveal Turtle Danger Zones
31 Painting Robot Lends Surgeons a Hand
32 Big Chill Sets in as RHIC Physics Heats Up
33 Computer Power Clicks with Geochemistry
34 Chemical Stem Cell Signature Predicts Treatment Response for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
35 Biostatistics Approach to Genetics Yields New Clues to Roots of Autism
36 UI Receives $17 Million for Automotive Safety Research
37 New Processing Technique Could Make Baby Food Puree Even Safer
38 Red Meat Allergies Likely Result of Lone Star Tick
39 What's on the Consumer's Mind?
40 Toxin in Seafood Causes Kidney Damage in Mice at Levels Considered Safe for Consumption
41 Sauces and Marinades Address Consumers' Desire for Ethnic Flavors
42 Selenium and Vitamin E Supplements Can Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer in Some Men
43 Chemical Transport in Plants Likened to That of Humans
44 Will Plug-in Cars Crash the Electric Grid?
45 Daily Humidification of the Mouth and Throat Region During Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer Reduces Mucositis and Hospitalization
46 Involved Parents Raise Slimmer Adults
47 Cavities Are Contagious!
48 African-American Females Have Good Odds of Getting a Loan
49 During National Nutrition Month and Beyond, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Encourages Everyone to 'Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right'
50 Long-Term Daily Multivitamin Supplement Use Decreases Cataract Risk in Men
51 Antibody May Be Detectable in Blood Years Before MS Symptoms Appear
52 New Apps May Help Detect Seizures, Treat Strokes
53 Dismantling Pancreas Cancer's Armor
54 Study Finds that Providing Dental Insurance Isn't Enough to Induce Americans to Seek Care
55 Antibacterial Agent Boosts Toothpaste Effectiveness
56 Buck Teeth: Correct Them Once In Early Adolescence
57 A Bio Patch That Can Regrow Bone
58 Oral Bacteria Create a 'Fingerprint' in Your Mouth
59 Health Inequalities Seen in Gays and Lesbians
60 Evidence Mixed On the Usefulness of Echinacea for Colds
61 If You Think You Have Alzheimer's, You Just Might Be Right, Study Suggests
62 Study in Mice Raises Question: Could PTSD Involve Immune Cell Response to Stress?
63 The Musical Brain: Novel Study of Jazz Players Shows Common Brain Circuitry Processes Both Music and Language
64 New Understanding Could Result in More Efficient Organic Solar Cells
65 NIH Study Offers Insight Into Why Cancer Incidence Increases with Age
66 Solving a Physics Mystery: Those 'Solitons' Are Really Vortex Rings
67 In the Brain the Number of Neurons in a Network May Not Matter
68 Research Shows That Reported Oil Sands Emissions Greatly Underestimated
69 South Dakota State University Engineers Develop System to Prevent Combine Fires
70 Researchers Uncover How Pesticides Increase Risk for Parkinson's Disease and a Population that May be More Susceptible
71 Market Forces Influence the Value of Bat-Provided Services
72 When it Comes to Memory, Quality Matters More Than Quantity
73 In Vitro Innovation: Testing Nanomedicine With Blood Cells On A Microchip
74 Expert Pitch: The Science Behind Volcanoes in Indonesia, & Ecuador
75 Kepler Finds a Very Wobbly Planet
76 New Maps Highlight Habitat Corridors in the Tropics
77 Fruit Flies--Fermented-Fruit Connoisseurs--Are Relentless Party Crashers
78 It's the Water: Graphene Balloon Yields Unprecedented Images of Hydrated Protein Molecules
79 Newly Launched University of Utah Religious Brain Project Seeks to Uncover Brain Activation During Religious and Spiritual Experiences
80 The Parasite that Escaped Out of Africa
81 Teens at Risk for Obesity Switch From Sugared Drinks to Water with Peer Intervention
82 Whole Genome Analysis, STAT
83 Easter Island Experience Turns Researcher Toward Education--and Hope
84 Vibration Energy the Secret to Self-Powered Electronics
85 ORNL Microscopy System Delivers Real-Time View of Battery Electrochemistry
86 Cows Moove Our Understanding of the Immune System
87 Silicon-Germanium Chip Sets New Speed Record
88 New York Takes the Lead in State Efforts to End Ivory Trade
89 Indonesia Protects Manta Rays
90 Study Shows New Conservation Approaches Needed for Endangered Black-Footed Ferret and its Plague-Impacted Prey
91 Deep Freeze in the Great Lakes
92 Evangelical Christians Have Higher Than Average Divorce Rates, According to a New Report
93 Study Examines the Development of Children's Prelife Reasoning
94 The Super Bowl and the Supernatural: Is God a Performance Enhancer?
95 UAB Professor's Insights on Religion in Prisons Published in New Book
96 Do Religious People Love Their Neighbors? Yes--Some Neighbors
97 Clutter Cutter
98 Huntington's Disease: Hot on the Trail of Misfolded Proteins' Toxic Modus Operandi
99 Understanding Heart Failure at the Cellular Level
100 Unusual New HIV Drug Resistance Mechanism Revealed
101 Calico Cats Inspire X Chromosome Research
102 The Secret of Fertile Sperm
103 Discovery by Baylor University Researchers Sheds New Light on the Habitat of Early Apes
104 New Research Shows the Way a Room Is Lit Can Affect the Way You Make Decisions
105 Smithsonian Snapshot: "Breakfast Tacos"
106 Most of Us Have Made Best Memories by Age 25
107 Editorial Illustrates Shift Away From Glycemic Control in Diabetes Treatment
108 Game-Winning Momentum Is Just an Illusion
109 Sports Medicine Experts Say Female Athlete Triad Syndrome a Growing Concern
110 An Approved Treatment for Pink Eye Could Be on the Horizon