File Title
1 Valve challenged over anti-cheating tools
2 Candy Crush maker King to float stock in US
3 Samsung sues Dyson for 'copycat claims that hurt image'
4 Big bitcoin exchange 'fixes' trading glitch
5 European visitors 'turn phones off' to avoid charges
6 US woman arrested over nine-year overdue rental video
7 Google buys sound authentication firm SlickLogin
8 My quest to fix a broken iPad
9 Thousands hit in attack
10 David Miranda loses detention legal battle
11 Ada Colau: Spain's anti-eviction crusader
12 North Korea's storytelling autocrats
13 Timbuktu waits for peace dividend
14 Lebanon dances into the abyss as Syria conflict crosses border
15 Dubai: Desert oasis or mirage for expats?
16 How to tame your nightmare boss
17 Miscarriage risk 'reduced by lifestyle changes'
18 Scientists query health risk of food package chemicals
19 'Desperate families need better help' with tongue tie
20 Cancer: 'Tumour monorail' can lead cancers to their doom
21 Eating disorders: Sufferers unaware condition can be 'fatal'
22 'Lucy's death has made everybody appreciate what's close'
23 Is Australia facing an obesity crisis?
24 #BBCtrending: The woman in Ireland who tweeted her abortion story
25 How Asperger's reignited a passion for art
26 More healing sleep for newborns
27 HG Wells: The first celebrity charity campaigner?
28 Adults 'unaware of NHS data plans'
29 Ex-M&S boss to advise NHS managers
30 Great Oxidation Event 'a misnomer'
31 The incredible lightness of electron
32 Methane microbe may speed up warming
33 Deadly Honeybee Diseases Likely Spreading to Bumblebees
34 Honeybees may be making wild cousins ill
35 Deadly honeybee virus and parasite buzzing on to wild bumblebees, warn apiologists
36 Bumblebees infected with honeybee diseases
37 Bee colony collapse viruses spreading to bumblebees
38 New Findings Reveal How Stars Explode Into Supernovas
39 Mystery of how stars explode finally untangled
40 Space Telescope Maps Supernova Explosion, May Explain How Stars Explode
41 Supernova secrets seen in X-rays
42 Rafting ants use babies as floating life-preservers during floods
43 Ants make their rafts float by putting the buoyant babies at the bottom
44 Protect The Queen! Noah's Ants Build Raft To Escape Flood
45 Ants Build Raft to Escape Flood, Protect Queen
46 Natural Land Bridges Help Grizzly And Black Bears Travel Between Montana And Canada, Increasing Genetic Diversity
47 Bear Crossings Promote'Genetic Flow,' Help Grizzlies Cross The Road
48 Wildlife Crossings Helping to Maintain Healthy Population of Bears
49 CERN Scientists Considering Successor of LHC
50 Europe mulling plans for huge, next-generation atom smasher
51 CERN begins planning successor to its atom smasher
52 CERN considers building huge physics machine
53 Electron Mass Measured to Record-Breaking Precision
54 Earth's green canopy gets an online protector
55 Revolutionary Google-backed system unlocks power of 'big data' to save forests
56 New Website Tracks Deforestation in Near Real-Time
57 Google Mapping App to Help Environmentalists Save Rain Forests
58 Asian elephants show remarkable empathy, say scientists (+video)
59 Elephants console each other, study says
60 Surprise: Elephants Comfort Upset Friends
61 European Space Agency: PLATO will seek out 'ADVANCED LIFE forms'...'SLIME'
62 Europe Picks Planet-Hunting Space Telescope for 2024 Launch
63 ESA to launch space observatory to hunt for Earth-like planets
64 Smith laments proposed climate resilience fund
65 McNider and Christy: Why Kerry Is Flat Wrong on Climate Change
66 Google Lunar XPRIZE Selects Five Teams to Compete for US$6 Million in Milestone Prizes
67 India's Team Indus among finalists in Google prize to land spacecraft on Moon
68 Indian Team Indus among the Five Finalists of the Google Lunar XPrize
69 Arctic Darkness Makes Earth Warmer: Study
70 Arctic thaw significantly worsens global warming risk
71 Launch is first of three designed to replace aging satellites in orbit.
72 ULA Delta IV preparing to loft GPS IIF-5
73 Yellowstone Park Releasing Helium from Ancient Rocks
74 Yellowstone Park Releasing Ancient Helium, Researchers Find
75 Frank Zappa Name Pops Up for Zit Causing Grapevine Bacteria
76 Frank Zappa gets zit-causing bacteria named after him...Ummm, that's an honor, right?
77 Zit bacteria discovered in grapevines named for Frank Zappa
78 Utah Politician Proposes Doubling Carbon Dioxide 'For the Plants'
79 Utah State Rep Declares Carbon Dioxide Shortage
80 Utah lawmaker: We should emit more CO2 into the atmosphere
81 Scientists develop 'bat--inspired' small flying vehicle
82 Fruit Bat Inspired Flying Robot Designed by Virginia Tech Researchers
83 Scientists Creating Bat-Inspired Flying Robot
84 Chris Jepson: Laughing our way to extinction
85 Study Of Calico Cat's Fur May Help Humans Beat Obesity
86 Silencing of One of Two X Chromosomes gives Calico Cats Orange Fur and Black Patchwork
87 Calico Cat's Patchwork Fur May Help Humans Beat Obesity in Genetics Study
88 Lahaina to host Whale and Ocean Arts Festival
89 Baby Humpback Whale In Maui Snuggles Next To Mom In Drone-Captured Video
90 Here's An Incredible Rare View Of A Baby Humpback Whale And Its Mother Off The Hawaii Coast
91 Here's The Basic Science Question That 1 In 4 Americans Got Wrong
92 One in four Americans doesn't know Earth revolves around the Sun, survey says
93 Roche May Share Trial Data Amid Brain Cancer Conflict
94 Bevacizumab offers no benefit for glioblastoma
95 Roche may open Avastin data to sort out conflicting brain-cancer studies
96 Avastin: Mixed Results Against Different Cancers
97 New Guidelines Call for Fewer C-Sections
98 Doctors Say There Should Be More Vaginal Births, And Fewer C-Sections
99 Guidelines to reduce C-sections urge patience
100 New guidelines to reduce C-section births urge waiting
101 Why To Exercise Today: For Women, Svelte Aging Without Disability--And It's Not Sitting
102 Too much sitting after 60 may lead to disability
103 Study says sedentary time means less ability in everyday life
104 Don't just sit there: It could be harmful later in life
105 CMS to do ICD-10 testing after all
106 CMS: We will do end-to-end ICD-10 testing with some providers
107 ICD-10: CMS Agrees to Limited End-to-End Testing
108 Portland doctor says it would be tragic if mammography debate keeps women from getting screened
109 Mammograms not as efficient as thought: Canadian study
110 For And Against Mammograms: Who's Right?