File Title
1 When a black hole shreds a star, a bright flare tells the story
2 Hubble watches stars' clockwork motion in nearby galaxy
3 Wings, tails, fins: Study looks at how animals propel themselves
4 Habitat of early apes: Evidence of the environment inhabited by Proconsul
5 Solar-induced hybrid fuel cell produces electricity directly from biomass
6 Rife with hype, exoplanet study needs patience and refinement
7 Evolution stuck in slime for a billion years
8 Increase in Arctic cyclones is linked to climate change
9 Artificial leaf jumps developmental hurdle
10 World's most powerful terahertz laser chip
11 Stretchable, bendable electronics: A stretchable highway for light
12 Single chip device to provide real-time 3-D images from inside the heart, blood vessels
13 Asian elephants reassure others in distress: First empirical evidence of consolation in elephants
14 How evolution shapes the geometries of life
15 Why does the brain remember dreams?
16 Baby Hearts Need Rhythm to Develop Correctly
17 Researchers home in on Alzheimer's disease: Supercomputer helps guide new drug designs
18 Studies of cow antibodies help scientists understand how our own bodies work
19 The secret of fertile sperm: Novel diagnostic tests and treatments for male infertility?
20 Frequent school moves can increase the risk of psychotic symptoms in early adolescence
21 Beauty and bacteria: Slim, attractive men have less nasal bacteria than heavy men
22 It's alive! Bacteria-filled liquid crystals could improve biosensing
23 Water samples taken from the Upper Ganges River shed light on the spread of potential 'superbugs'
24 Hormone released after exercise can 'predict' biological age
25 HIV drug used to reverse effects of virus that causes cervical cancer
26 Can you boost your brain power through video?
27 What cooperation and conflict in an insect's society can teach us about social acceptance
28 Extreme weather images in the media cause fear and disengagement with climate change
29 Better batters from brain-training research: Baseball player study significantly improves vision, reduces strikeouts
30 New RNA interference technique finds seven genes for head and neck cancer
31 New blood cells fight brain inflammation
32 Loneliness is a major health risk for older adults
33 Researchers hijack cancer migration mechanism to 'move' brain tumors
34 Growing number of chemicals linked with brain disorders in children
35 Can citrus ward off your risk of stroke?
36 Vitamin D provides relief for those with chronic hives, study shows
37 Study on flu evolution may change textbooks, history books
38 LGB individuals living in anti-gay communities die early, study shows
39 Child Obesity: Using attention modification program to decrease overeating in obese children
40 Scientists chip away at mystery of what lives in our mouths
41 Another reason to not mix work, family: Money makes parenting less meaningful, study suggests
42 What do women want? It depends on time of month
43 Geographic variation of human gut microbes tied to obesity
44 New depression treatments reported
45 Social norms strongly influence vaccination decisions, the spread of disease
46 Neutron behavior in AP1000 reactor core simulated
47 Controlling magnetism with an electric field
48 Breakthrough development of flexible 1D-1R memory cell array
49 Caps not the culprit in nanotube chirality: New study narrows possibilities for gaining control of nanotube type
50 Ion beams pave way to new kinds of valves for use in spintronics
51 Bats inspire 'micro air vehicle' designs: Small flying vehicles, complete with flapping wings, may now be designed
52 Blu-ray player detects microorganisms and toxins on discs
53 Global warming: Warning against abrupt stop to geoengineering method (if started)
54 Ultra-small and ultra-fast electro-optic modulator
55 Einstein's conversion from a belief in a static to an expanding universe
56 Space station SPHERES run circles around ordinary satellites
57 Responding to potential asteroid redirect mission targets
58 Mars rover heads uphill after solving 'doughnut' riddle
59 Cosmic roadmap to galactic magnetic field revealed
60 NASA moves longest-serving Mars spacecraft for new observations
61 Drastic chemical change occurring in birth of planetary system: Has the solar system also experienced it?
62 Whales viewed from space: Satellite technology can be used to count whales
63 First global geologic map of Jupiter's largest moon Ganymede details an icy world
64 How stellar death can lead to twin celestial jets
65 Four unknown galaxy clusters containing thousands of galaxies discovered 10 billion light years from Earth
66 Crowdsourced testers prefer new cyber search method: Faster searches on computers and hand-held devices
67 Understanding everything from family structure to trauma: New technology is yielding bigger data
68 Interactive map of human genetic history revealed
69 Robotic construction crew needs no foreman
70 Could action video games help people with dyslexia learn to read?
71 Computers: Adding carbon gives iron-platinum nanocrystals ideal optical properties for heat-assisted magnetic recording
72 Fixing broken links the fast way: Data links quick-fix developed
73 Geophysicist teams with mathematicians to describe how river rocks round
74 Mathematical beauty activates same brain region as great art or music
75 Teledermatology app system offers efficiencies, reliably prioritizes inpatient consults
76 New light shed on the genetic history of the European beaver
77 Do Guam mantas plan moon parties? Mantas congregate when surgeonfish spawn
78 Infected Tasmanian devils reveal how cancer cells evolve in response to humans
79 Theory on origin of animals challenged: Some animals need extremely little oxygen
80 Chemist gets U.S. patent for solution to antibiotic resistance problem
81 Small non-coding RNAs could be warning signs of cancer
82 Bacterial superbug protein structure solved
83 Uncovering the secrets of tularemia, 'rabbit fever'
84 Potential options for attacking stem cells in triple-negative breast cancer
85 Researchers rejuvenate stem cell population from elderly mice, enabling muscle recovery
86 Volcanoes, including Mt. Hood, can go from dormant to active in a few months
87 Fertilization destabilizes global grassland ecosystems
88 Harvesting light, the single-molecule way: Molecular mechanism of light harvesting may illuminate path forward to future solar cells
89 Conserving potato agrobiodiversity: Top-down and bottom-up approach needed
90 NASA data find some hope for water in Aral Sea basin
91 Screening wastewater biosolids for environmental contaminants: Antimicrobial products cause for concern
92 Environmental impact of Ontario corn production assessed
93 Arctic biodiversity under serious threat from climate change
94 Amidst bitter cold, rising energy costs, new concerns about energy insecurity
95 Arctic marine mammals are ecosystem sentinels
96 Mixed genes: Interactive world map of human genetic history reveals likely genetic impacts of historical events
97 Drought contributed to Typhus epidemics in Mexico from 1655 to 1918, study shows
98 Fossil teeth shows that environment, as well as diet, may impact dental wear
99 Ancient settlements and modern cities follow same rules of development
100 Ancient reptile birth preserved in fossil: Ichthyosaur fossil may show oldest live reptilian birth
101 Genome of American Clovis skeleton mapped: Ancestor of most present-day Native American populations
102 Jaw dropping: Scientists reveal how vertebrates came to have a face
103 Revision to rules for color in dinosaurs suggests connection between color and physiology
104 From surf to turf: Archaeologists and chemists trace ancient British diets
105 Lost and found: New beetle collected by Darwin 180 years ago published on his birthday
106 Blacks, Hispanics, older people not benefitting equally from better colon cancer treatment
107 South African healthcare workers face greater risk for TB, HIV
108 First large-scale study of stock market volatility, mental disorders
109 Psychologist shows why talking to kids really matters
110 America's natural gas system is leaking methane and in need of a fix