File Title
1 Molecular collisions now imaged better than ever
2 Highly porous organic polymer shows promise as CO2 trap
3 Science is used to reveal masterpiece's true colors
4 A promising new system for cheaper drug preparation
5 Carbon dioxide from exhaust fumes used to make new chemicals
6 Two new weapons in the battle against bacteria
7 Science unveils master painters' secrets
8 Handheld device quickly detects disease-causing and toxin-producing pathogens
9 Solving a complex protein problem
10 New insight into protein misfolding in neurodegenerative disorders
11 Lab detectives help expose art fakes
12 Researchers discover antifreeze protein with water filled core
13 US military awaits pizza that lasts years
14 Uncovering the secrets of tularemia, the 'rabbit fever'
15 Bacterial superbug protein structure solved
16 Patients could benefit from new meningitis test
17 Chemist gets US patent for solution to resistance problem
18 A better way to purify peptide-based drugs
19 Animal moms customize milk depending on baby's sex
20 Tammar wallaby has a form color vision similar to that of dogs
21 Homing in on the mosquito
22 Laser tool speeds up detection of salmonella in food products
23 Gene for dissected leaves: Arabidopsis thaliana lost the RCO gene over the course of evolution
24 59,000 generations of bacteria, plus freezer, yield startling results
25 Top-down and bottom-up approach needed to conserve potato agrobiodiversity
26 Beat-keeping sea lion shows surprising rhythmic ability
27 Epigenetic regulation required to ensure correct number of chromosomes
28 Fertilization destabilizes global grassland ecosystems, study finds
29 Study on evolution of flu viruses may change textbooks, history books
30 Does your dog love you?
31 Dingo found as culprit to WA sheep decline
32 How healthy are Scotland's otters?
33 Estimates of conservation risk for Kimberley freshwater fish may be too low
34 Resistance shapes the discovery of new insecticides
35 GM spuds beat blight
36 Researchers find rice seed treatments effective, worth investment
37 In search of lost genes
38 Researchers shed new light on the genetic history of the European beaver
39 Wastewater treatment using microalgae enables phosphorous and nitrogen removal in darkness
40 Sea snake at risk of being lost in hybrid swarm
41 Kangaroo evolution maps climate change
42 Researchers sequence genome of human mouth bacterium
43 Host plants reprogram their root cells to accommodate symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria
44 Ancient graves hint at cultural shift to Anglo-Saxon Britain
45 Citizenship education goes digital
46 Native American site leaves Miami in quandary
47 What ecosystem greeted the first human settlers in the northern Caribbean?
48 A strategy that narrows academic achievement gap by 63%
49 Owner lets museum to dig up Seattle mammoth tusk
50 Americans struggle with science, respect scientists, survey finds
51 Is truth stranger than fiction? Yes, especially for science fiction
52 Scientific racism's long history mandates caution
53 One in four Americans unaware that Earth circles Sun
54 Mammoth tusk lifted from Seattle construction pit
55 Longer commutes disadvantage African-American workers
56 University institutes are shaping future of research
57 Research on urban ghettos must recognize differences among cities
58 Aztec dog burial site found in Mexico City
59 ASU researcher explores responsible innovation
60 Transfer of knowledge learned seen as a key to improving science education
61 Egypt: Missing pieces of ancient statues found
62 US archeologists race to uncover Civil War prison
63 Misconceptions of science and religion found in new study
64 'Intelligent Trust,' ethno-religious relations and the rise of the food bank
65 Minority languages fight for survival in the digital age
66 Research in Japan suggests that a 'relationship-based' police interviewing style gets the best results
67 Can scientists know that they do not know?
68 Sochi games influenced by Lake Placid winter Olympics of 1932
69 Child obesity: Study suggests training kids to pay less attention to food might help them eat less
70 New blood cells fight brain inflammation
71 Mathematical beauty activates same brain region as great art or music
72 Interactive map of human genetic history revealed
73 Experts call for global overhaul of industrial chemical regulations
74 Understanding the basic biology of bipolar disorder
75 Researchers find brain's 'sweet spot' for love in neurological patient
76 Loneliness is a major health risk for older adults
77 Marriage's 'haves' and 'have nots'
78 Thinking it through: Scientists seek to unlock mysteries of the brain
79 Researchers rejuvenate stem cell population from elderly mice, enabling muscle recovery
80 New forms of racism arise in science research
81 Obesity in Samoa: A global harbinger?
82 New eye layer has possible link to glaucoma
83 River samples shed light on the spread of potential 'superbugs'
84 New finding points to potential options for attacking stem cells in triple-negative breast cancer
85 Quantifying genomic variation of herpes viruses is crucial step toward a vaccine
86 Early parenting routines may harm breastfeeding
87 Small non-coding RNAs could be warning signs of cancer
88 Computer-based behavioral therapy effective tool for addiction treatment
89 Reading to toddlers before naps significantly enhances learning
90 Gender and genes play an important role in delayed language development
91 HIV drug used to reverse effects of virus that causes cervical cancer
92 Hitchhiking vaccines boost immunity
93 Mother's voice on special pacifier helps preemies learn to eat
94 More specialists question safety of testosterone therapy for older men
95 Kids with ADHD may benefit from 'brain wave' training in school, study says
96 Extensive renewal of the T cell repertoire following autologous stem cell transplant in MS
97 Environment influences ability of bacterium to block malaria transmission
98 Learning to see better in life and baseball
99 Stressed traders may delay market recoveries
100 Biomarker could help boys at risk of major depression
101 How stellar death leads to twin celestial jets
102 Researchers create human lungs in lab
103 App stores inundated with 'Flappy Bird' knock-offs
104 Efforts to cull western Canada's wild horse population opposed
105 Major antibodies producer mistreated animals, feds say
106 Study: Volcanoes can go from dormant to active in just months
107 Scientists 'rejuventate' stem cells in elderly mice to repair muscles
108 'Potentially hazardous' asteroid to make close pass by Earth
109 Modified potato resists fungus behind infamous Irish famine
110 Facebook can tell when 'in a relationship' is about to begin
111 Earth's first animals may have thrived without benefit of oxygen
112 Asian elephants console others in distress