File Title
1 Speed trap for fish catches domestic trout moving too slow
2 California and Arizona amaze with 2 new species of desert poppy
3 Exotic plant species alter ecosystem productivity
4 Success of new bug-fighting approach may vary from field to field
5 Excessive Deer Populations Hurt Native Plant Biodiversity, Pitt-Led Study Says
6 Soil microbes shift as shrubs invade remnant hill prairies
7 Change happens: new maps reveal land cover change over five years across North America
8 Ocean food web is key in the global carbon cycle
9 Missing link in plant immunity identified
10 Bucking Conventional Wisdom, Researchers Find Black Sea Bass Tougher Than Expected
11 Lawns across America: Is the US becoming one shade of green?
12 Extinct California porpoise had a unique underbite
13 Humans' ability to digest milk stems from the advent of cattle domestication in Africa
14 A novel battleground for plant-pathogen interactions
15 Saving large carnivores in the ecosystem requires multifaceted approach
16 Parental care of the young from 450 million years ago
17 Fossil porpoise has a chin for the ages
18 Heritable variation discovered in trout behavior
19 Tropical grassy ecosystems under threat
20 Fish species unique to Hawaii dominate deep coral reefs in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
21 Plant biology discovery furthers scientists' understanding of plant growth and development
22 Researchers Find High Acceptability of Three-Colored Raspberry Jelly
23 Gluten-Free Crackers Made with Hemp Flour and Decaffeinated Green Tea Leaves
24 Archaeologists lend long-term perspective to food security and climate shock
25 Ancient herring catch nets fisheries weakness
26 Frequent flyers, bottle gourds crossed the ocean many times
27 Scientists unlock a 'microbial Pompeii'
28 OU researcher and team discover disease-causing bacteria in dental plaque preserved for 1,000 years
29 Smithsonian scientists solve 'sudden death at sea' mystery
30 Impact on mummy skull suggests murder
31 Decline of Bronze Age 'megacities' linked to climate change
32 10,000 years on the Bering land bridge
33 CU-led study says Bering Land Bridge a long-term refuge for early Americans
34 Fossils offer new clues into Native American's 'journey' and how they survived the last Ice Age
35 Fossilized human feces from 14th century contain antibiotic resistance genes
36 Large mammals were the architects in prehistoric ecosystems
37 Native American city on the Mississippi was America's first 'melting pot'
38 Sardis dig yields enigmatic trove: ritual egg in a pot
39 Cultural world heritage threatened by climate change
40 New dinosaur found in Portugal, largest terrestrial predator from Europe
41 South Pacific island's earliest inhabitants relied primarily on foraging, not horticulture
42 Researchers gain new insights into ancient Pacific settlers' diet
43 Mongol Empire rode wave of mild climate, says study
44 Natural selection has altered the appearance of Europeans over the past 5,000 years
45 Most of the sand in Alberta's oilsands came from eastern North America, study shows
46 New stratigraphic research makes Little Foot the oldest complete Australopithecus
47 Light pollution impairs rainforest regeneration
48 LED lamps: less energy, more light
49 Alps to Appalachia; Submarine Channels to the Tibetan Plateau; Death Valley to Arctic Canada
50 Long-Term Warming Likely to Be Significant Despite Recent Slowdown
51 Europe's resilience of natural gas networks during conflicts and crises probed with maths
52 Climate of Genghis Khan's ancient time extends long shadow over Asia of today
53 Economic degrowth compatible with wellbeing if work stability is maintained
54 Computer model predicts vastly different ecosystem in Antarctica's Ross Sea in the coming century
55 Understanding how mountains and rivers make life possible
56 UCLA study yields more accurate data on thousands of years of climate change
57 Condon publishes new research in Science
58 Scripps Research Institute scientists discover a better way to make unnatural amino acids
59 Penn team links Africans' ability to digest milk to spread of cattle raising
60 Unraveling a mystery in the 'histone code' shows how gene activity is inherited
61 An Equation to Describe the Competition Between Genes
62 Study proposes new ovarian cancer targets
63 Roomy cages built from DNA
64 Contagious yawning may not be linked to empathy; still largely unexplained
65 DNA can be damaged by very low-energy radiation
66 Critical role of one gene to our brain development
67 Tension triggers muscle building
68 Lurking in the darkness of Chinese caves 5 new species of armored spiders come to light
69 Dartmouth Researchers Develop New Approach to Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Treatment
70 Big data tackles tiny molecular machines
71 Genes may thwart seniors' exercise gains
72 In the lab, scientists coax E. coli to resist radiation damage
73 Offering Healthy Foods at High School Concession Stands
74 Healthy food is good for you--and can sell, too
75 Cosmetic treatment can open the door to bacteria
76 Power play: Empowered consumers are more likely to switch brands
77 Gesturing with hands is a powerful tool for children's math learning
78 Education boosts brain function long after school
79 Magnet hospitals have higher quality of care, NYU researcher finds
80 NREL Examines Solar Policy Pathways for States
81 Giving potentially dangerous employees organizational socialization and close supervision can avoid tragedy, UT Arlington researchers say
82 Promoting love can punish sales
83 Superior Visual Thinking May Be Key to Independence for High Schoolers With Autism
84 Financial Incentives to Improve Quality Skating to the Puck or Avoiding the Penalty Box?
85 Two Definitions for Chronic Multisymptom Illness Afflicting Gulf War Veterans Should Guide VA Treatment and Research
86 Sound trumps meaning in first language learning
87 UT Arlington research says treadmill workstation benefits employees, employers
88 Education and culture affect children's understanding of the human body
89 Falls among elderly reduced by state program
90 Pancreatic cancer surgery findings presented at SSO
91 A Brain Signal for Psychosis Risk
92 Exchange rate behaves like particles in a molecular fluid
93 Migration in China: shifting slightly, but still going strong
94 CU-Boulder-led study on lunar crater counting shows crowdsourcing effective, accurate tool
95 School sick days could be reduced with safe drinking water
96 Researchers Find Significant Increase in Painkillers Prescribed to U.S. Adults Visiting Emergency Departments
97 Commonly used pain relievers have added benefit of fighting bacterial infection
98 Columbia researchers discover reversible mechanism that increases muscle elasticity
99 Scientists find new way to upgrade natural gas
100 Stumbling fruit flies lead scientists to discover gene essential to sensing joint position
101 Heat-Based Technique Offers New Way to Measure Microscopic Particles
102 A brake for spinning molecules
103 Soft robotic fish moves like the real thing
104 Mathematical and biochemical 'design features' for cell decoding of pulses revealed
105 Researchers Describe Oxygen's Different Shapes
106 Creating a Graphene-Metal Sandwich to Improve Electronics
107 One in five older Americans take medications that work against each other
108 These boosts are made for walkin'
109 Mid-Level Solar Flare Seen by NASA's SDO
110 Emotion detectors could make driving safer