File Title
1 Light Pollution Changes Bat Behavior, Threatens Rainforest Regrowth
2 Healthy Baby Girl Born After Rare Abdominal Pregnancy
3 Popular Supplement Doesn't Help with Knee Pain
4 Tectonic Puzzle: Why West Africa Didn't Follow South America
5 Flight 370 Mystery: How Can a Jetliner Drop Off the Radar?
6 Woman's 90-Pound Mucus-Filled Tumor Surgically Removed
7 Sponges May Have Breathed Life into Ancient Oceans
8 Great White Shark 'Lydia' Veers Away from UK
9 Japan Earthquake: Shocks Linger Three Years Later
10 Ancient 'Ritual Wand' Etched with Human Faces Discovered in Syria
11 Rare Double Infection: Lupus Patient Makes Antibodies to Fight HIV
12 Secrets of Chinese Terra-Cotta Warrior Weapons Revealed
13 Warm, Wet Climate Likely Helped Genghis Khan Conquer the World
14 Far Out! Making Crystals Ripple with Light
15 Are You Orderly? Imaginative? How Personality Affects Health
16 All Ears: Elephants Can Identify Human Languages
17 Hurricane Sandy's Rainfall Decoded Via CrowdSourcing
18 Secret to Ancient Sloths' Aquatic Lives Found
19 Morphing is One Way to Make Aircraft More Efficient (Op-Ed)
20 Reference: Heroin Facts: Effects, Addiction & Treatment
21 Brain Scans are Fascinating but Behavior Tells Us More About the Mind (Op-Ed)
22 Can Rich Forests Survive as Energy Booms? (Op-Ed)
23 Chimpanzees Can Play Video Games Better Than Kindergartners
24 7 Personal Secrets Your Resume Is Revealing
25 Largest Yellow Star Ever Seen Revealed in New Light (Video, Images)
26 Crohn's Disease: Bacterial Imbalance May Play a Role
27 Megafires Will Be the New Normal in the West
28 Acid Stem Cell Treatment Study Comes Under Scrutiny
29 You Can Name a Mars Crater, but Astronomy Group Spoils the Fun
30 NASA Offers Cash Prizes for Help Hunting Dangerous Asteroids
31 Use of ADHD Drugs Increasing Rapidly Among US Adults
32 Pew! Pew! Pew! Space Station Laser to Beam HD Video to Earth
33 New Device for Migraines: How Does it Work?
34 NASA's IceBridge Kicks Off 2014 Arctic Campaign
35 Rare Diamond Reveals Earth's Interior is All Wet
36 Ancient Whale Fossils Reveal Early Origin of Echolocation
37 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Is There a Bermuda Triangle Connection?
38 Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore Amid UK's Stormy Winter
39 How Long Can You Survive in the Sea?
40 Angelina Jolie Still Planning 'Another Surgery'
41 Stepping up Conservation in Fiji--in Stilettos (Op-Ed)
42 Asian Carp Spread to Upper Mississippi
43 New Clues to How Native Americans Colonized Americas
44 Utah Man Indicted in Dino Footprint Theft
45 Air Crash Investigation: How the Search for Flight MH370 is Run (Op-Ed)
46 World Wide Web is Going Strong After 25 years, but the Internet isn't Holding Up (Op-Ed)
47 A No-Fly List No One Bothers to Check (Op-Ed)
48 Reference: Cleopatra: Facts & Biography
49 Reference: Garter Snake Facts
50 Linguists: New-World Settlers Spent Millennia On Land Bridge
51 How Dry Will It Get? New Climate Change Predictions
52 11 Surprising Facts About the Reproductive System
53 Hunt Is On for 'Rogue' Black Holes
54 World's Oldest Masks Show Creepy Human Resemblance
55 NASA Joins Hunt for Missing Malaysian Jetliner
56 Does Sugar Really Cause Cavities?
57 Rare Case of Female-to-Female HIV Transmission Reported
58 Average Bride Gains 4 Pounds After Wedding
59 450-Million-Year-Old Marine Creatures 'Babysat' Their Young
60 NSF Confirms First Astrophysicist, Second Woman As Director
61 A Punishing Winter in the North Atlantic Too
62 Data Fail! How Google Flu Trends Fell Way Short
63 Children to Order: The Ethics of 'Designer Babies'
64 Mini Arctic T. Rex Relative Discovered
65 Most Americans Undaunted by Global Warming
66 Where's the Best Place to Feel an Earthquake?
67 Tiger Mom Welcomes Cubs in London
68 Learning to Read and Write is a Triumph of Education Over Evolution (Op-Ed)
69 Go Ahead, Dive into a Chocolate Diet (Op-Ed)
70 The Oceans, and Job Hunters, Can Benefit from Recycling Boom (Op-Ed)
71 The Mystery of the Missing Methane (Op-Ed)
72 Keeping Bears Away From Humans Works--In Some Places
73 Happy Pi Day! Fun Facts About Our Favorite Irrational Number
74 Stephen Hawking to Headline Star-Studded Explorer's Club Gala
75 In business as in science, prejudice holds women back
76 Elephants recognize the voices of their enemies
77 Storm brewing over WHO sugar proposal
78 Obama's budget request falls flat
79 Cellulosic ethanol fights for life
80 China goes back to basics on research funding
81 Energy: Islands of light
82 Genome sequencing stumbles towards the clinic
83 Global seismic network takes to the seas
84 Lawmakers aim to restrict US agency's social-science programmes
85 New contender for 'fat gene' found
86 Tiny diamond impurity reveals water riches of deep Earth
87 Diminutive dinosaur stalked the Arctic
88 US Senate approves France Cordova to lead science agency
89 Why the 'Venus rainbow' is actually a glory
90 Why reindeer steer clear of power lines
91 NIH rethinks psychiatry trials
92 Research communities need to agree on standard etiquette for data-sharing.
93 History: A medieval multiverse
94 Policy: The art of science advice to government
95 Blood test could save footy players' brains
96 Miniature T rex comes in from the cold
97 Loopholes in CFC ban pose new threat to ozone layer, say scientists
98 Why 'Cosmos'? Why now? A Q&A with Neil deGrasse Tyson. (+video)
99 Seven amazing things we learned from watching 'Cosmos'
100 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: How does a plane just disappear like that? (+video)
101 California earthquake: Should we expect more aftershocks? (+video)
102 How does life survive during ice ages? Scientists unravel mystery.
103 Decoding tree rings: How the climate may have helped Genghis Khan
104 Astronauts celebrate 'Cosmos' with zero-g physics lesson
105 Was our galaxy formed by a 'Council of Giants'?
106 How do oceans absorb carbon dioxide? Scientists find clues.
107 This humongous star is more than 1,300 times bigger than our sun
108 How old is sonar? Fossilized whale skull puts it at over 32 million years.
109 Kitty Genovese murder: would you have helped? (+video)
110 On the journey from Asia to North America, some turned back, say linguists (+video)
111 Adorable miniature Tyrannosaur once roamed the Arctic, research finds
112 Oklahoma Fox affiliate cuts evolution from 'Cosmos' premiere
113 Pi Day: Great for math and tastebuds (+video)
114 Florida cinema shooting: Man who killed texter had been texting, too