File Title
1 New clues to predicting volcanic eruptions
2 Mystery of Mars 'doughnut' rock solved
3 Mother's milk made to order for boys, girls
4 Nanomotors are controlled, for the first time, inside living cells (w/ video)
5 Nanomolecular binding agents potentially remove anti-coagulant heparin
6 Gold and silica nanoparticles imitate the two faces of the god Janus
7 Researchers make breakthrough in battery technology
8 Targeting cancer cells with nanoparticles
9 How to make graphene superconducting
10 Better RNA interference, inspired by nature: New nanoparticles offer best-ever gene silencing
11 Fine-tuning a rainbow of colors at the nanoscale
12 Experiments on tiny gold prisms help to explain the unusual electrodynamics of nanostructures
13 Nanoparticles with a core-shell structure can minimize the overheating of cells during bioimaging experiments
14 Brain process takes paper shape
15 Synthesis process to encapsulate nanoparticles that could improve antimicrobial coatings
16 Patent approved for cancer-fighting process
17 Cancer drugs hitch a ride on 'smart' gold nanoshells
18 Graphene's love affair with water
19 Improving nanosafety through research
20 Scientists produce a novel form of artificial graphene
21 Nanodiamond-embedded contact lenses may improve glaucoma treatment
22 Carbon nanotube fibers outperform copper
23 Team aims to create graphene nanoribbon 'wires' capable of carrying information thousands of times faster
24 Nanoelectronics key to advances in renewable energy
25 Researchers hijack cancer migration mechanism to 'move' brain tumors
26 New 'pomegranate-inspired' design solves problems for lithium-ion batteries
27 Nanoswitches converting light into macroscopic motion
28 Oxford Nanopore unveils portable genome sequencer--MinION
29 NOvA experiment sees first long-distance neutrinos
30 Everyone starts small: How metals learn to behave
31 Adding carbon gives iron-platinum nanocrystals the ideal optical properties for heat-assisted magnetic recording
32 Computer models show device size matters
33 See tumor cells in real time during an operation
34 First-time measurements will advance turbulence models
35 Physicists reveal novel magnetoelectric effect
36 Stirring-up atomtronics in a quantum circuit
37 The physics of curly hair: Researchers develop first detailed model for a 3-D strand of curly hair
38 Fusion energy: NIF experiments show initial gain in fusion fuel
39 Clever technology decodes more information from single photons
40 What are the chances that a particle collider's strangelets will destroy the Earth?
41 Scientists investigate tiny protein crystals with synchrotron radiation
42 Light-induced degradation in amorphous silicon thin film solar cells: New insight into microscopic mechanism
43 Physics: A fundamental force for future security
44 Superconductivity in orbit: Scientists find new path to loss-free electricity
45 Professor discusses physics of granular materials at AAAS meeting
46 Superbright and fast X-rays image single layer of proteins
47 Photons' journeys across the universe help unravel cosmological mysteries
48 Black holes do not exist as we thought they did
49 Harvesting light, the single-molecule way
50 Researchers build world's most powerful terahertz laser chip
51 The core of corrosion
52 Nuclear-atomic overlap for the isotope thorium-229
53 Quantum communication scheme provides guaranteed security without quantum memories
54 Drastic chemical change occurring in birth of planetary system: Has the solar system also experienced it?
55 How Supernova 2014J will help determine the extragalactic distance scale and impact cosmology
56 China's Jade Rabbit rover comes 'back to life,' officials say
57 How radiation rules Mars exploration
58 Scientists reveal cosmic roadmap to galactic magnetic field
59 Image: Crawler-transporter passes milestone test at NASA's Kennedy Space Center
60 LADEE sends its first images of the Moon back to Earth
61 NASA tests new technologies for robotic refueling
62 Potentially hazardous asteroid 2000 EM26 zipping by Earth on close approach on February 17
63 How would Earth send messages to a starship--or a distant civilization?
64 How fast do black holes spin?
65 The oldest star in the universe? Maybe, maybe not
66 Astrophysicists duo propose Planck star as core of black holes
67 Mars rover heads uphill after solving 'doughnut' riddle
68 NASA solves mystery of Mars 'doughnut' rock
69 Kepler Mission: K2 spacecraft operation tests continue
70 Mission accomplished for Mars expedition
71 A small satellite that knows its way around immensity
72 Ten more years for the ISS
73 Image: Chandra Observatory sees a heart in the darkness
74 The measure of the universe through doppler lensing
75 Responding to potential asteroid redirect mission targets
76 Space station SPHERES run circles around ordinary satellites
77 New evidence for ancient ocean on Mars
78 Image: Hubble looks into Terzan 7
79 Wanxiang increases bid to win Fisker asset sale
80 Twitter says images blocked in Venezuela
81 Kerry presses China to ease Internet controls
82 Hit video game 'The Last of Us' gets new chapter
83 Las Vegas Sands sites remain down, probe continues
84 Robotic fish aids understanding of how animals move
85 Stanford scientist to unveil 50-state plan to transform US to renewable energy
86 S. Korean credit card firms punished for data leak
87 South America's first Apple store opens in Rio
88 Academy honors scientists behind special effects
89 Skype-type money swaps bad news for banks?
90 Using crowdsourcing to solve complex problems
91 Kickstarter says hackers got customer data (Update)
92 Radiation leak detected at New Mexico nuclear plant
93 Toyota recalls SUVs in Middle East, fires reported
94 A new system accelerates verification of printed electronic documents
95 TU Dresden using Europe's largest interactive display wall for research purposes
96 Tests prove electrolytic cells are stable at 850 degrees
97 Study warns power cuts will be more common in the future
98 French TV channels seek protection from Google, Netflix
99 Australian police get hand-held 3D crime scene laser scanner
100 SoftBank executive jabs Sprint, calls for 'change in mindset'
101 California company seeks audio rebels
102 SnapChat hack a snap for Georgia Tech student
103 Computer whizzes brainstorm for cash at hackathons
104 Capillaries will measure diffusion and help in more efficient medical treatment
105 Proteomic analysis of tendon reveals disease stage-specific fragmentation of extracellular matrix proteins
106 From artificial to natural, the food industry makes a major shift
107 Label descriptions affect odour perception
108 New process can reduce energy consumption of paper industry by 40%
109 From Stone Age to Space Age: Bone pigment helps probe
110 New NIST method evaluates response to oxidation in live cells