File Title
1 Mom's Diet Linked to Risk of Preterm Birth
2 Get Out and Play! 5 Toys for Active Kids
3 Bright Ideas Come When People Dare to Take Risks (Op-Ed)
4 How Harry Potter Magic Turned Gravity into Oscar Gold (Op-Ed)
5 Mexico and U.S. Begin Dam Releases to Restore Colorado River (Op-Ed)
6 NASA's SOFIA Flying Telescope May Be Mothballed This Year
7 NASA Eyes Ambitious Mission to Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa by 2025
8 5 Things Your Poop Says About Your Health
9 Humans Evolved 'Game Face' As Plea for Help, Study Suggests
10 Killer Whales Bully Lone Blue Whale in Rare Video
11 Charles Darwin's Evolution: Did His Anxieties Shape His Science?
12 Plastic Ceiling? Barbie May Limit Girls' Job Aspirations
13 California Drought Worsens Air Pollution
14 New Maps Show Seismic Vulnerabilities of Eastern US
15 Leapin' Lizards! Medieval Arabs Ate the Scaly Creatures
16 Redwood Poaching Prompts Park Service to Close Roads
17 Alzheimer's May Contribute to More Deaths Than Thought
18 Good Trip? LSD May Ease Anxiety
19 Ferocious T. Rex Cousin Was Europe's Largest Land Predator
20 Almost Completely Frozen, Great Lakes Near Record
21 Prostate Cancer Surgery May Lengthen Life for Young Men
22 Men's Phthalate Levels Linked to Pregnancy Trouble
23 Ancient Egyptian Soldier's Letter Home Deciphered
24 7 Insects You'll Be Eating in the Future
25 Using Lasers to Cut a Diamond Apart Atom by Atom
26 Hard Evidence: How Will the 2014 World Cup Ball Swerve? (Op-Ed)
27 An Artistic Climate Transforms Data into Art (Op-Ed)
28 President's Budget Would Double Funding for BRAIN Initiative
29 Resetting Our Clocks: How the Body's Tiny Timekeepers Work
30 Facebook to Purchase Solar-Powered Drone Company
31 Best Nutrition Software: Top 3 Picks
32 Draft UN Report: Global Warming Could Cost $1.45 Trillion
33 Monster Black Hole Spins at Half the Speed of Light
34 NASA Meteor Experts Host Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' @ 2pm ET Today
35 The First US City Was Full of Immigrants
36 E-Cigarettes Are 'Aggravating' Teen Smoking Epidemic, Study Suggests
37 Experimental Device Could Prevent HIV & Pregnancy in Women
38 San Francisco Moves to Ban Plastic Water Bottles
39 Guts of Galapagos Volcano Revealed in 3D Images
40 Women Lag Behind Men in Job Quality
41 US Navy Toys With Physics of Bouncy Balls
42 Did That Just Happen? How Your Brain Alters Mental Timelines
43 SXSW 2014: Expect Wearable Tech, Robotics, Science Celebs and More
44 Game of Rivers: How Waterways Behead Mountains
45 Seen from Space: Guatemala's Pacaya Volcano Pops
46 How Cosmetic Fillers May Cause Blindness
47 Why Some People Don't Like Music
48 Cat Firebombs Featured in 500-Year-Old German War Manual
49 Heroin: New England's Unlikely Epidemic
50 US Navy's Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier Begins Testing Phase
51 U.S. 'Fukushima' May Only be a Matter of Time (Op-Ed)
52 EPA's New Car Emissions Standards Will Clear the Air (Op-Ed)
53 Is a Shrinking Wilderness the Hidden Cost of Energy Security? (Op-Ed)
54 Ellen's Oscar Tweet Turns into Huge Charity Gift (Op-Ed)
55 Reference: What Are Next Generation Science Standards?
56 Reference: Aspirin: Dosage & Side Effects
57 Reference: Coral Snakes: Colors, Bites, Farts & Facts
58 Volcanoes Guard Ice Age Secrets
59 Two New Butterfly Species Discovered in US
60 3D Printed Liver Makes Surgery Safer
61 Oh Baby: Giving Birth 10 Times May Reduce Mom's Cancer Risk
62 Doing the Math on Polar Sea Ice Melt
63 Too Little Sleep Increases Heart Disease Risk in Obese Adolescents
64 'Blackfish'-Inspired Bill Would Ban SeaWorld Orca Shows in California
65 For 25 Years, Another's Heart has Beat in His Chest
66 Momentum Builds for Deforestation-Free Palm Oil (Op-Ed)
67 Work Isn't Fair...Especially for Women
68 4 Unlikely Places to Find a Job
69 Wearable Tech Startups Pitch Their Wares at SXSW 2014
70 Posh Dog Outfit from China's 'Forbidden City' Revealed
71 Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Triggered Lethal Acid Rain
72 New Ozone-Destroying Chemicals Discovered in Atmosphere
73 Craig Ferguson to Host New Series 'I F-ing Love Science'
74 'Smart' Helmet Startup Wins Wearable Tech Award at SXSW 2014
75 Why are Some Snakes So Venomous?
76 Sea Cucumbers are So Popular in Asia They Face Extinction
77 Black-market Lottery: Organ Donation and the International Transplant Trade (Op-Ed)
78 Using Laser Fingerprinting To Identify Salmonella
79 Parents Often Glued to Mobile Phone While Kids Eat
80 Cohabitation Doesn't Cause Divorce, After All
81 50 Amazing Facts About Antarctica
82 Where's Planet X? NASA Space Telescope Discovers Thousands of New Stars, But No 'Nemesis'
83 Trigger and Wesson? Gun Names Gaining Popularity
84 Elephants Use Specific Alarm Calls to Warn of People, Bees
85 Hoarding Ideas at Work? Why You Should Stop
86 Hidden Fortress Discovered Beneath Alcatraz
87 FEMA's New NYC Flood Maps Will Soon Be Out-of-Date (Op-Ed)
88 Volcanoes Helped Antarctic Life Weather Ice Ages
89 Are you smarter than a 5-year-old? Preschoolers can do algebra
90 Activity more than location affects perception of quakes
91 Squeezing light into metals
92 Promising news for solar fuels from Berkeley Lab researchers at JCAP
93 Warmer temperatures push malaria to higher elevations
94 Plasma plumes help shield Earth from damaging solar storms
95 Emerging multi-drug resistant infections lack standard definition and treatment
96 Study: Classroom focus on social and emotional skills can lead to academic gains
97 Mutations in leukemia gene linked to new childhood growth disorder
98 Hubble witnesses an asteroid mysteriously disintegrating
99 Spread of antibiotic resistance understood by unravelling bacterial secretion system
100 New bioinformatics tool to visualize transcriptomes
101 Blood test identifies those at-risk for cognitive decline, Alzheimer's within 3 years
102 First animals oxygenated the ocean, study suggests
103 Scents and sustainability
104 Rice synthetic biologists shine light on genetic circuit analysis
105 Two-dimensional material shows promise for optoelectronics
106 UEA research reveals 4 new man-made gases in the atmosphere
107 These aren't the voids you're looking for
108 Biomolecular tweezers facilitate study of mechanical force effects on cells and proteins
109 Scientists build thinnest-possible LEDs to be stronger, more energy efficient
110 'Death stars' in Orion blast planets before they even form