File Title
1 CNN Anchor Asks Why 'Stroke of the Pen' Can't Legalize Medical Marijuana
2 Gupta: 'I am doubling down' on medical marijuana
3 New drugs edge hemophilia towards more effective treatment
4 CORRECTED-FEATURE--New hemophilia drugs aim to simplify treatment
5 New hemophilia drugs aim to simplify treatment
6 Low fat foods stuffed with 'harmful' levels of sugar
7 New WHO Sugar Guidelines Say a Can of Soda Per Day Is Too Much
8 Need a fix of sugar? Sweet, I know a good dealer
9 Vitamin D May Double Chances of Surviving Breast Cancer
10 Vitamin D Linked To Improved Breast Cancer Survival Rates
11 Vitamin D Could Curb Breast Cancer Deaths
12 Pfizer Recalls Effexor Antidepressant
13 Popular Antidepressant Recalled
14 Pfizer Recall; Bottle Of Effexor XR Contained Tikosyn Capsule, Combination Could Be Fatal
15 400-mile stretch of Texas now without an abortion clinic
16 Texas' Abortion Law Closes Several Clinics
17 Two more abortion provides close, unable to get admission privileges for emergency care
18 Colorado Pot Tax Revenue to Fund Marijuana Prevention and Treatment Efforts
19 Lawyers in Colorado demand the right to get stoned
20 Could More Time on Facebook Help Spur Eating Disorders?
21 Time Spent on Facebook Could Help Predict Eating Disorders
22 Fight eating disorders with Facebook
23 Young e-cig users more likely to smoke, study finds
24 E-Cigarettes Don't Discourage Smoking Among Teens
25 U.S. teens' e-cigarette use associated with smoking--study
26 A Miracle in Peoria?
27 Border Mass, MLK heirs battle, Saint Fulton Sheen, sportswear worship: Religion roundup
28 Father Apostoli on Archbishop Sheen: 'I Call Him My Father in Christ'
29 A diet heavy on meat and cheese may be shortening your life
30 No Meat for the Middle-Aged: Study Shows Risk of High-Protein Diet
31 Great Walls of America 'could stop tornadoes'
32 Tree storm damage 'worst since 1987'
33 Teenage elephant mums die younger but are fitter
34 'Careless farming adding to floods'
35 Malaria 'spreading to new altitudes'
36 'Carbon bubble' threatens stock markets, say MPs
37 Great white shark's epic ocean trek
38 Immune upgrade gives 'HIV shielding'
39 Clue to earthquake lightning mystery
40 Nuclear submarine to get new core after test reactor problem
41 Satellites track turtle 'lost years'
42 Shale gas estimate in North West 'bigger' than previously thought
43 Cowboy 'trick rope physics' revealed
44 Ferocious dino was European giant
45 Sniffing out cancer with electronic noses
46 Taking the war out of global warming
47 Costly plan to reduce Somerset floods
48 How France is disposing of its nuclear waste
49 My Day: Penguin keeper Dianne Lim
50 Rise of the human exoskeletons
51 Artificial heart patient dies
52 Busting the myths of animal sleep
53 Who, What, Why: How does a snake eat a crocodile?
54 Douglas Mawson: An Australian hero's story of survival
55 A Point of View: Loving pets v. loving animals
56 Frolick and Yap to solve climate change?
57 30,000-year-old giant virus 'comes back to life'
58 Missing plane 'may have turned back'
59 Ukraine activists attacked in Crimea
60 Russia has miscalculated over Crimea incursion, says Hague
61 Lord Justice Fulford backed paedophile campaign, paper claims
62 Nick Clegg issues challenge over Europe in Lib Dem speech
63 World War One: Family stories uncovered
64 A Point of View: The case for not leaving education to the teachers
65 Russian baddies are back
66 Is Afghanistan really impossible to conquer?
67 Scottish independence: Andy Murray stays quiet on vote
68 Missing plane 'may have turned back'
69 Steve the sturgeon fish found after Romsey flood escape
70 'Mortal Kombat' drug boy seriously ill
71 Italy up in arms over Michelangelo's David rifle advert
72 New bird family discovered in Asia
73 Co-op Group to boost executive pay and bonuses
74 Facebook's WhatsApp purchase challenged
75 Free wi-fi hotspots pose data risk, Europol warns
76 Milk Music: Samsung launches free music streaming service
77 'Bitcoin creator' denies involvement
78 Slow broadband 'damaging education' for rural families
79 Abortion provider BPAS fined 200,000 pounds for data breach
80 Turkey PM Erdogan threatens to ban Facebook and YouTube
81 Getty makes 35 million photos free to use
82 Massachusetts bill outlaws Peeping Tom photos
83 Mozilla anger over Dell Firefox fee
84 Izzy Dix's mother targeted by internet trolls
85 Former bank websites put to 'sinister' use
86 Charges in US web-link sharing case reduced
87 Russia and Ukraine in cyber 'stand-off'
88 What would a computer cook for dinner?
89 Bad guys v. the data defenders: Let battle commence
90 Geneva Motor Show: Electric cars no longer the exception?
91 XP--the operating system that will not die
92 Geneva Motor Show: Passengers' view of driverless cars
93 Textbooks replaced by iTunes U downloads
94 Apple security rules leave inherited iPad useless, say sons
95 India: Police password lost for eight years as complaints mount
96 Japan: Robot to take top university exam
97 Vietnam probes 'missing jet debris'
98 Marie Curie Cancer Care plea over home pain relief
99 Peterborough referral unit allows pupils to smoke
100 Widow wins frozen sperm legal fight
101 Many vulnerable people denied care, says Age UK
102 Leicester baby case leads to judge's surrogacy advice
103 Warning over hospital superbug linked to 16 deaths
104 NHS must be open over mistakes, says review
105 Asbestos cancer payments of up to 123,000 pounds announced
106 Premature babies may be disadvantaged later in life
107 Childhood nightmares may point to looming health issues
108 Deconstructing Saga: Inside the mind of the TV detective
109 Statin debate: A bitter pill to swallow?
110 Can Britain end its love affair with sugar?