File Title
1 Tiny tweezers made from bowtie of light
2 'Life as we know it' unlikely on super Earths
3 Fish depth limited by biochemistry
4 Decrease in diet diversity threatens food security
5 Leg hairs hold secret to walking on water
6 Songbirds give clues to babies' babble
7 Diamond days as laser singles out an atom
8 Black hole on fast spin cycle
9 Single gene controls butterfly wing pattern
10 Europe's meanest meat-eater
11 Plasma plume defends Earth
12 Skeletons reveal early settlers' diet
13 Music doesn't ring everyone's bell
14 Asteroid break-up seen for first time
15 Hubble 'scope scans 200,000-ton CHUNKY CRUMBLE ENIGMA
16 Hubble witnesses an asteroid mysteriously disintegrating
17 Asteroid's 'bizarre' disintegration captured by Hubble
18 Hubble Witnesses Mysterious Breakup of Asteroid
19 Hubble Telescope captures shattering asteroid
20 Asteroid Disintegrates Before Our Eyes In First-Of-Their-Kind NASA Images (VIDEO)
21 'Cosmos' Is Back With New Host for New Generation
22 Rebooted 'Cosmos' has universal appeal
23 Neil deGrasse Tyson on Why Cosmos Will Be Better Than Ever
24 Do we really need a 'Cosmos' reboot?
25 California bill would ban SeaWorld orca shows
26 SeaWorld Sinks 5% on Bill to Ban California Orca Shows
27 'Blackfish' Documentary Inspires California Lawmaker to Draft Bill Prohibiting Orca Whale Shows at SeaWorld
28 Santa Monica Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Killer Whale Shows
29 Mystery of planet-forming disks explained by magnetism
30 Infrared Stellar Mystery Solved With Magnetic Fuzz
31 Magnetism could help explain mystery of planet-forming disks
32 Rapid-fire Comet Collisions Create Planetary System With The Potential For Life
33 Alien Comet Swarms Hint at Mysterious Undiscovered Exoplanet (Video, Images)
34 Beta Pictoris: One of the most violent solar systems ever discovered
35 Comet Swarm Smash-Up Spied Around Nearby Star
36 NASA Plots Daring Robotic Mission to Jupiter's Watery Moon
37 NASA planning to send robotic mission to Europa, Jupiter's watery moon that may harbor life
38 A Footstep to Mars--and Beyond
39 Most Mars meteorites may be from same giant crater
40 Mars Meteorites Originated from a Cosmic Impact 5 Million Years Ago
41 Meteorites on Earth Believed to be from Mars Crater
42 Mysterious Meteorites On Earth Came From Big Mars Impact Five Million Years Ago, Study Suggests
43 T. gurneyi dinosaur was largest predator in Europe 150M years ago
44 Scientists find dinosaur that was scourge of Jurassic Europe
45 Largest known meat-eating dinosaur in Europe found
46 Global warming debunked
47 Britain's climate change secretary tells sceptics to "shut it"
48 Latest News on the Climate Change Collapse
49 Q&A: How to Make Money From Climate Change
50 Chandra and XMM-Newton provide direct measurement of distant black hole's spin
51 Monster Black Hole Spinning at over Half the Speed of Light
52 Monster black hole RX J1131-1231 spins at over half the speed of light
53 ADAPTATION: Infrastructure threatened by climate change poses a 'national crisis'
54 Obama Proposes $1 Billion Resiliency Fund for Climate Change
55 New Government Report Warns of 'Cascading System Failures' Caused By Climate Change
56 Obama Seeks to Boost Resilience to Climate-Driven Drought, Fires
57 Infrastructure Threatened by Climate Change Poses a National Crisis
58 One dolphin dies, four survive stranding on Cape beach
59 IFAW rescuers release four stranded dolphins off Provincetown Thursday
60 Magnetic Material To Make Future Computers 1000 Times More Efficient
61 Multiferroic Materials to Increase Energy Efficiency for Computer Processors
62 'Multiferroics' Could Very Well Be the Future of Battery Power for Our Smartphones and Laptops
63 NASA Fires A Rocket into An Aurora
64 Pine Tree Bark is a New Water Filtration System
65 Pine Tree Branches Turned Into Effective Water Filtration Systems
66 To Clean Drinking Water, All You Need Is A Stick
67 Doublesex gene controls wing mimicry in butterflies
68 Female Mormon Butterflies Mimic Toxic Butterflies To Fool Predators, Why Can't The Males?
69 Mormon Butterfly's 'Super Gene' Mimics Poisonous Species
70 Ancient Native American City Of Cahokia Is America's First Melting Pot, Archaeologists Say
71 Finding Answers to New Mysteries at Cahokia
72 Arctic Sea Ice Melt Fueled By Warm Rivers
73 Warm River Water Contributes To Arctic Sea Ice Melt: NASA
74 Denial River: How Warm Waters Melted Arctic Ice and Froze Reality
75 Space radar could predict massive sinkholes a month before they collapse
76 Foreseeing Sinkholes with NASA Tech
77 NASA can now forecast sinkholes
78 Feds designate areas of southern Arizona critical habitat for jaguars
79 Fish and Wildlife Service Creates Crucial Habitat for Endangered Jaguars
80 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Designates Critical Habitat for Jaguars for Recovery
81 Admit It: Daylight Saving Time Is This Weekend And You Don't Know What It Is, Either
82 Set clocks ahead for daylight saving time
83 Daylight Saving Time 2014 Starts On Sunday, March 9
84 Daylight Saving Time May Disrupt Your Sleep
85 FDA Advises of Adverse Effects from New Cholesterol Drugs
86 U.S. FDA asks Sanofi, Regeneron to assess cholesterol drug's cognitive risks--UPDATE 2
87 FDA Sprinkles Some Rain On the PCSK9 Inhibitor Parade
88 Sanofi, Regeneron Must Assess Brain Risk in Cholesterol Drug (2)
89 Antibiotics May Be Linked to Serious Infections in Children
90 Antibiotics May Cause Serious Bacterial Infections In Children
91 Diarrhea linked to antibiotics prescribed in doctor's offices
92 Younger Skin Cancer Survivors at Higher Risk for Other Cancers Later
93 Young skin cancer survivors may be more likely to develop other cancers in future
94 Young Skin Cancer Survivors At Higher Risk Of Other Cancers Such As Pancreas And Lung
95 Younger Skin Cancer Survivors May Be at Risk
96 Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Raises Risk Of Developing Other Cancers, Study Finds
97 Sleeping pill use rises as risky patterns emerge
98 After Kerry Kennedy case, a prescription for common sense
99 A problem in need of a correction
100 New York City investigates measles outbreak
101 Sixteen cases of measles reported in New York City--Manhattan, Bronx
102 Measles Outbreak Confirmed In New York City
103 Health Dept: Measles outbreak in Manhattan, Bronx
104 Rash of Measles Cases Are Making New Yorkers Itch
105 Young Using E-Cigarettes Smoke Too, Study Finds
106 E-Cigarettes May Encourage Traditional Smoking Among Youth Says New Study
107 Teens Are Using E-Cigs to Quit Smoking, and Failing Miserably
108 Teens who 'vape' are more likely to smoke real cigs, less likely to quit, study finds
109 Medical Marijuana Maintains Support Amidst Controversy
110 Will Big Marijuana Crowd Out the Little Guy?