File Title
1 Scientists Discover 4M-Year-Old Horse Fossil In Ethiopia
2 Western Black Rhino Of Africa Declared Extinct
3 How A South American Tree Adapts To Volcanic Soils
4 Iconic Australasian Tree Fossils Found In South America
5 New Insight Into Evolution Offered From Unusual Anal Fin
6 Mystery Of The 25-Foot Ancient Spiral-Toothed Shark Solved?
7 The Bacon Craze: Enough Already
8 Eat Up! There's Plenty Of Bacon For Everyone
9 How Food Order In Buffet Lines Biases Food Selection
10 Processed Meats May Be Killing You Softly
11 Starbucks Goes Google
12 World's Coffee Supply In Danger Due To Roya Fungus
13 Starbucks To Offer Wireless Charging In Their Stores
14 Waste From Starbucks Turned In To Laundry Detergents And Plastics
15 King Of The Coffee Shop
16 Researchers Identify Ray Species Used For Their Filters In Asian Medical Trade
17 For Disappointed Sports Fans, Defeats Increase Consumption Of Fat And Sugar
18 Oven-baking Fish Fingers Generates Fewer Furanic Compounds Than When Fried
19 Do Parents Try To Fulfill Broken Dreams Through Their Kids?
20 Study: Sexually Active Women Don't Make For Friends, Mates
21 Uninsured Parents Don't Take Breastfeeding Classes, Even Though Breast Is Best
22 Why Are Breastfed Babies So Smart?
23 Keeping It Local: Protecting The Brain Starts At The Synapse
24 Male And Female Dinos Shared Nesting Duties, Says New Study
25 Fossilized Toe Prints Identified As Belonging To Large Ancient Bird
26 Fossil Dinosaur Egg Reveals Unusual Incubation Technique And Evolutionary Link To Birds
27 New Hell Creek, Montana Raptor Species Named, Described
28 Flying Microraptor Feasted On Fish, Say Paleontologists
29 Dinosaur Abdominal Analysis Reveals Wolf-Like Hunting Prowess
30 Microraptor Had Black, Iridescent Feathers, Scientists Report
31 Velociraptors Didn't Turn Down Free Meals
32 Invisible Light Patterns Help Bees Find Food Even On Cloudy Days
33 Eating Red Meat Associated With Increased Risk Of Diabetes
34 Higher Levels Of Bacteria Found In Raw Chicken Bought At Farmers Markets
35 Understanding Humanity's Infatuation With Chickens
36 Coffee Could Be Extinct Before The End Of The Century
37 Study Shows Pest-eating Birds Mean Money For Coffee Growers
38 Brain Waves May Tell How Much We Would Pay For A Cup Of Coffee
39 Chinese Study Provides Evidence That Early Birds Had Four Wings Instead Of Two
40 River-Bottom Claw Marks Provide Evidence Of Dinosaurs' Swimming Prowess
41 Revision To Rules To Decipher Color In Dinosaurs Suggests Connection Between Color And Physiology
42 Partial Skeleton Discovery Suggests Ruggedly Built, Tree-climbing Human Ancestor
43 Epic Burgess Shale Site Found In Canada's Kootenay National Park
44 Penn Researchers Describe Newly Discovered Colossal Dinosaur
45 Evolution Of Giants: Why Did Sauropods Get So Big?
46 Massive Sauropod Dinosaurs Ate More To Get Much Needed Nitrogen
47 Researchers Unearth Antarctic Fossil Of A Giant, Plant-Eating Dinosaur
48 North America's Biggest Dinosaur Revealed
49 Wind Tunnel Helps Explore Origins Of Dinosaur Flight
50 Ancient Fossilized Sea Creatures Contain Oldest Biomolecules Taken Directly From A Fossil
51 Earliest Known Scorpion Fossil Discovered In South Africa
52 Researchers Discover Ancient Tulip-like Creature In The Canadian Rockies
53 New Fossils Reveal Anatomy Of One Of Earth's Earliest Creatures
54 Bone-Headed Dinosaur Is The Oldest Known Pachycephalosaur In North America
55 Fossilized Teeth Help Lead To 20 Dinosaur Identifications
56 Eating Habits Of The Jurassic Age Diplodocus Discovered
57 Researchers Find Earliest Known Animal Life
58 World's Largest Dinosaur Takes Its First Digital Steps
59 'Skin Bones' Helped Large Dinosaurs Survive
60 Killer Claws Help Provide New Theory On Evolution Of Flight
61 Montana State University Team Surprised By Results Of Lung, Mold Study
62 New Geology Research Explores Intriguing Questions
63 Marine Fossils Discovered In Upper Part Of The Permian Linxi Formation, China
64 From Swimming To Walking, The Evolution Of Hips Simpler Than Thought
65 Bizarre Mass Die-Off Of Starfish Baffles Experts
66 Can You Stomach This? Starfish Feeding Secrets Revealed
67 Seeing Starfish: The Missing Link In Eye Evolution?
68 Atlantic Ocean Gets Hit With Invasive Brittle Star Species
69 Sea Star Evolution
70 Ups And Downs Of Early Atmospheric Oxygen
71 Scientific Treasure Trove From South Polar Sea Sediment Cores
72 No Single Factor Behind Cambrian Explosion Of Animal Life
73 How The Mollusc Got Its Teeth Revealed By Ancient Fossils
74 505 Million Year Old Fossil Linked To Humans
75 Oldest Super Predator Had Highly-acute Vision
76 Researchers Track Half-billion Year Old Predator
77 End-Permian Extinction Was Nearly Instantaneous, According To MIT Researchers
78 Minerals Were Scarce When Life First Formed On Earth: Study
79 Acid Rain From Volcanic Eruptions, Depleting Ozone Contributed To End-Permian Extinction Event
80 Remnants Of Complex Ecosystem Found In A 3.5 Billion-Year-Old Sedimentary Rock Sequence In Australia
81 High Diversity Of Flying Reptiles 110 million Years Ago In England
82 Dinosaur Fossil Analysis Reveals Three Species Are Actually The Same
83 King Of Gore: Super Predator Cousin Of T. Rex Found In Utah
84 Domed Dine Was The King Of The Head Butt
85 Study: Allosaurus Ate Less Like A Crocodile, More Like A Falcon
86 Ostrich Necks Reveal Sauropod Movements, Food Habits
87 Sauropod 'Missing Link' Discovered In Argentina
88 Teeth Continuously Replaced In Large Sauropod Dinosaurs
89 Bird Fingers: Understanding Evolution Of Wings In Our Avian Friends
90 Ancient Crickets Hint At The Origins Of Insect Hearing
91 The Wondrous World Of Insects
92 Scientists Discover World's Deepest-Living Creature
93 Giant Insects Ruled The Sky Until Evolution Of Birds Kicked In
94 Rainforest Study Reveals Insects Outnumber Mammals 300 To 1
95 Researchers Track Half-billion Year Old Predator
96 Global Efforts Needed To Protect Leatherback Sea Turtles From Industrialized Fishing Zones
97 Early Hominids Developed A Dexterous Hand Before An Agile Foot
98 Why Do We Gesticulate?
99 Lengths Of Ring Finger Linked To Male Attractiveness
100 Majority Of Ancient Cave Wall Handprints Were Made By Women
101 How The Mole Got Its Twelve Fingers
102 Wrinkled Fingers And Toes Help Us Get A Grip
103 Dexterity Is Not The Only Reason Are Hands Evolved The Way They Did
104 1.4 Million Year-old Fossil Lends A Hand In Closing Evolutionary Gap
105 Insects Found To Have Similar Hearing System To That Of Dolphins
106 Tiny Grasshopper-like Insect Found Roaming Around In Belize
107 Researchers Recreate Fossil Cricket Love Song
108 Grasshoppers Alter Their Courtship Song Around Traffic Noise
109 Phallus-Shaped Creature Found In The Burgess Shale Fossil Beds
110 Ancient Turtles Made Love, Embraced Death
111 Scientists Discover Ancient Fossils Of A New Ostracod Species
112 Study Shows That Height Matters For A Woman
113 British Antarctic Survey Team Counts Whales Using Satellites
114 The Rules Of Modern Development Also Applied To Ancient Settlements
115 Shrimp Fight Club: 'Holy Grail For Materials Engineers'
116 Spearing Mantis Shrimp Uses Muscle Power To Attack Enemy
117 Well-Endowed Barnacles Reignite Hot Tub Pregnancy Myths