File Title
1 Controlling Your Emotions May Be Difficult Even Under Mild Stress
2 Hospital Screening Tool For Suicide Risk Among Self-Harmers Should Be Ditched
3 Teachers' Assessments Not Always Conducive To Fair Education
4 Harrisburg Preschool Program Improves Standardized Test Scores
5 Bullying May Contribute To Lower Test Scores
6 US Students And Science: AAAS Testing Gives New Insight On What They Know And Their Misconceptions
7 Rematch! Girls Can Perform As Good As Boys At Math Competitions
8 Pediatricians Urge Milk Should Be Pasteurized, Never Consumed Raw
9 Tweaking The Recipe To Turn Junk Food Pizza Into A Healthy Snack
10 Researchers Reveal Spread Of Farming And Origin Of Lactase Persistence In The Neolithic Age
11 Cheese Made From Human Foot And Armpit Bacteria
12 Study Shows Potential Breakthrough In Hearing Technology
13 New Strategy Allows Cochlear Implant Users To Hear Music
14 HIV Causes Structural Heart Disease
15 International Study Finds Heart Disease Similar In Men And Women
16 Clearer Picture On African Human Expansion Revealed
17 Cloned Horses Can Race, Says Texas Court
18 Overweight Dogs Found To Have Reduced Life Expectancies
19 Tweaking A 'Hybrid Vigor' Gene Could Generate Higher Crop Yields
20 Nevada Rock Carvings Found To Be Oldest Petroglyphs In North America
21 Prehistoric Rock Art In The Appalachian Mountains Maps Cosmological Belief
22 Anthropologists Discover World's Earliest Known Wall Art
23 Archaeologists Discover Several Thousand Ancient Cave Paintings In Mexico
24 Hunt For Peccary Trails Yields New Cave Paintings In Brazil
25 Archaeologists Discover Several Thousand Ancient Cave Paintings In Mexico
26 N/A
27 Cavemen Drew Animals Better Than Modern Artists
28 Aboriginal Rock Drawing Found To Be Australia's Oldest
29 University Of Tennessee Lecturer Investigates Response To 'Bad' Art
30 Researchers Solve The Mystery Of Horse Domestication
31 Team Converts Sugarcane To A Cold-Tolerant, Oil-Producing Crop
32 Duckweed Has Potential As Biofuel Source
33 Mood And Future Thinking Determines Food Choices: Study
34 'Electric Skin' Helps Squid Camouflage Themselves
35 Humboldt Squid Stranding Themselves In Santa Cruz County
36 Large Humboldt Squid Invading Coastal California In Record Numbers
37 DNA Sleuths Reveal That Giant Squid Around The World Are One Single Species
38 Not So Sinister After All, Vampire Squid Only Consume Marine Snow
39 Marine Fossils Discovered In Upper Part Of The Permian Linxi Formation, China
40 Plankton Microfossils Found In 3 billion-year-old Rocks
41 New Excavations Indicate Use Of Fertilizers During The Scandinavian Stone Age
42 Mystery Of The Flatfish Head Solved
43 100-Million-Year-Old Fossil From Texas Is New Fish Species
44 First Land Animal Didn't Walk On Land Using Four Legs
45 Researchers Find New Species Of Ancient Predatory Fish
46 New Evolutionary Link Between Australopiths And Humans
47 Fossils Suggest Snake Evolution Occurred On Land, Not Sea
48 Kraft To Remove Additives From Some Types Of Macaroni And Cheese
49 Curcumin May Protect Premature Infants' Lungs
50 One Of America's Most Popular Vegetables Improved
51 Trials Will Test Curry's Effect On Bowel Cancer Patients
52 A List Of GMO Foods: The Basics
53 Where We Are Raised Defines Our Taste For Food
54 Queen's University Puts Over 2,400 Food Scares Under The Microscope
55 Chinese Consumers View Starbucks As Status Symbol
56 Where Did All The Codfish Go?
57 Manta Rays Found Congregating During Moon Phase
58 Hawkmoths Can Actually See Humidity
59 Hawaiian Researchers Need The Public's Help To Save The Kamehameha Butterfly
60 Plastic Waste Being Utilized As Nesting Material By Canada's Urban Bees
61 Migrating Monarch Butterfly Numbers Are At A Record Low
62 Out Of Africa--How The Fruit Fly Made Its Way In The World
63 Flu Virus Wipes Out Immune System's First Responders To Establish Infection
64 Bigger Really Was Better For Early Prehistoric Life
65 Team Discovers First Ever Dinosaur Fossils In Saudi Arabia
66 Humanlike Features Discovered In 4.4M-Year-Old Ardipithecus Skull
67 Newly Discovered Fossils Shed New Light On Origin Of Carnivoraforms
68 Research Touts Benefits Of Taking Blood Pressure In Both Arms
69 Elevated Blood Pressure While At Home Increases Heart Attack Risk
70 Sewage Treatment Removes Widely Used Home And Garden Insecticides From Wastewater
71 New Drug Stops People From Waking Up In Middle Of Night
72 iPhone Uers Can Create Their Own Dreams
73 Hoop Dreams Achieved Through Snoozing
74 Bad Dreams And Nightmares Not Always Driven By Fear
75 Recurring Memory Traces Boost Long-Lasting Memories
76 Even People With Auto-Activation Disorder Can Still Dream
77 Google Searches Get Deeper
78 Hawaiian Seafood Menus Detail Plight Of Fisheries
79 New Microscope Decodes Complex Eye Circuitry
80 Finding Could Explain Age-Related Decline In Motor Function
81 Researchers Create New Neurons In Brains And Spinal Cords Of Living Adult Mammals
82 How Social Understanding Is Performed By The Brain
83 Using 'Good' And 'Bad' Cholesterol To Fight Alzheimer's Disease
84 Unexpected Optical Mechanism Behind Insulating Power Of Polar Bear Fur
85 Future Submarines May Draw Inspiration From Stingray Mobility
86 US Army Aims To Create Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit For Soldiers
87 New Raptor Species Announced
88 Professors, Nobel Winners Seeking Global Ban On Robotic Soldiers
89 Floor Of Pacific Reveals Treasure Of Rare Earth Elements
90 Abandoned Mine May Offer Clues About Permanent CO2 Sequestration
91 Yin-Yang Effect Of Sodium And Chloride Presents Salt Conundrum
92 Meteorite Impacts Brought Life-Producing Phosphorus To Early Earth
93 Zinc Sulfate, Sugar Alcohol Zinc Sprays Improve Apple Quality
94 Mantis Shrimp Eye Could Improve High-def CDs, DVDs
95 Light Efficiency Almost Doubled In LC Projectors
96 Subtle Distortions May Reveal Clues To The Early Universe
97 American Museum Of Natural History To Preserve Lonesome George
98 Japanese Volcano Produces Largest Eruption In Nearly A Century
99 Biggest Volcano On Earth At Bottom Of Pacific
100 Brazilian Researchers Discover New Species Of Labrisomidae Fish
101 When Science And Religion Collide, It's Not Always A Bad Thing
102 Americans And Religion Increasingly Parting Ways
103 Education Affects Americans' Religiosity--But Not How You Might Think
104 More Than 20 Percent Of Atheist Scientists Are Spiritual
105 'Spiritual' Young People More Likely To Commit Crimes Than 'Religious' Ones
106 Study Claims Human Predecessors Used Fire 1 Million Years Ago
107 Fossils Of Horse Teeth Indicate 'You Are What You Eat'
108 Frogs Make Horses Faster--Say What?
109 Modern Racehorses Got Their 'Speed Gene' From British Mare 300 Years Ago
110 Endangered Horse Has Ancient Origins And High Genetic Diversity