File Title
1 Will Quantum Dot Technology Find Its Way Into Apple's Displays?
2 Rumors Suggest iWatch Will Mark Apple's Entry Into Mobile Health Market
3 Scientists Designing Robot For Inspecting Tunnels
4 Bodies Provide Important Cues For Recognizing People
5 Simplified Artificial Brain Allows iCub Robot To Learn Language
6 Miniature Robotic Avatar Is The Newest Japanese Robotic Invention
7 Virtual Possessions Have Powerful Hold On Teenagers
8 Vapors Turned Into Foam-like Polymer Coatings
9 Math Helps Crack The Mystery Behind Bubbles
10 Ways To Improve Common Furniture Fire Test
11 Science Of Blasting Beer Finally Explained
12 Non-Toxic Flame Retardants
13 Holographic 3D Telepods May Revolutionize Videoconferencing
14 3D TV Sales Could Soar Almost 500 Percent In 2011 (from archive)
15 New Techniques Magnify Images Without Requiring Bulky Zoom Lenses
16 Theorists Predict New Forms Of Exotic Insulating Materials
17 Researchers Find Clear Evidence For Coherent Phonons In Superlattices
18 Plastic Bags Make A Fine Diesel Fuel, Researchers Report
19 California's Two Largest River Basins At Near-Record Low Water Levels
20 Disturbingly High Levels Of Carcinogen Found In Diet Sodas
21 Researchers Grow Liquid Crystal 'Flowers' That Can Be Used As Lenses
22 Loopholes In Health Care Law Could Result In Employee Harassment
23 Samsung Says Factory Doesn't Have Underage Employees
24 Moms Who Work Feel Better
25 Split Of Mammals, Marsupials Began Earlier Than Thought
26 Fossils Found Of Earliest Squirrel-Like Proto-Mammal
27 Mammal Diversity Faltered When Flowering Plants Arrived
28 Researchers Re-Discover Elephant's Long-Lost Sixth Toe
29 Ancient Hyper-carnivore Species Survived For 35 Million Years
30 Cheetah vs. Greyhound: Which One Is Faster?
31 Lions Are Not A Cheetah Cub's Worst Enemy After All
32 For Some Young Lizards, Their First Meal Is A Real Life Changer
33 Parenting Styles Among Seals Differ
34 Vocal Cues Help Male Deer Decide To Fight Or Keep Their Distance During Mating Season
35 Study Shows How Dense Deer Populations Damage Plant Diversity
36 Safe Sugar Dose In Humans Proves Toxic To Mice
37 Rats Sniff To Show Who's The Boss--Breakthrough Study Finds New Form of Animal Communication
38 Study Claims Most Important Memories Made Prior To Age 25
39 Psychologists Explain How Attractiveness Prevents The Recognition Of Faces
40 Taking Pictures Can Hurt, Not Help Your Memory
41 Your Brain 'Geotags' Memories, Linking Them To Specific Places
42 One In Four American Workers Say They Go To Work When Sick
43 North Dakota Ranks Number One On 2013 Well-Being Index
44 New Technique For Repair Work From A Distance
45 How Do Honeybees Taste?
46 Humans Can Use Smell To Detect Levels Of Dietary Fat
47 How Do Fruit Flies Detect Sweet Foods?
48 Your Eyes May Tell The Tale Of Alzheimer's Onset
49 Carbon Nanotube Sponge Shows Improved Water Clean-Up
50 Engineers Show How To Optimize Carbon Nanotube Arrays For Use In Hot Spots
51 Researchers Develop Technique For Imaging Individual Carbon Nanotubes
52 NSF Brings Together Leading Brains To Explore Artificial Intelligence
53 Mathematicians Help To Unlock Brain Function
54 Google Creates Learning Brain, Turns It Loose On The Internet
55 Single-atom Bit Forms Smallest Memory In The World
56 Grocery Store Experience Enhanced With Philips' Intelligent Lighting
57 Lithium-ion Battery Problems Solved Using Pomegranate Inspired Design
58 Pacific Salmon Rely On The Earth's Magnetic Field To Navigate
59 Long-awaited Synthetic Particle Discovered By Scientists
60 Predictions Of Climate Impacts On Fisheries Can Be A Mirage
61 Atlantic Herring Population Trends Linked To Egg Predation By Haddock
62 Sardines And Horse Mackerel Identified Using Forensic Techniques
63 Where Did All The Codfish Go?
64 Adjustments To Operation Of Pacific Northwest Dam Triple Salmon Numbers
65 New Marine Species Discovered In Papua New Guinea
66 Naive Fish Make Easy Targets For Spear Fishers
67 Marine Protection Gets Local Boost In Fiji
68 Ancient Civilizations Reveal Ways To Manage Fisheries For Sustainability
69 Sharks More Prevalent In Protected Areas, Study Claims
70 New Recipe Will Allow For Faster Production Of Hydrogen
71 Eastern US Water Supplies Affected By Changing River Chemistry
72 Size Matters For Creatures Of Cold Polar Waters
73 H2O Reveals New Secret
74 Energy Production From Natural Gas More Efficient With New Mechanism
75 Predictions For Climate Change Effects On Savanna Vegetation Best Done By Continent
76 Origins Of Life On Earth May Help Hunt For Life On Other Planets
77 CyberDeviance In Teenagers Peaks By The Age Of 18: Survey
78 Spammers Beware! FTC Continues Crusade Against SMS Spam Scams
79 New Construction Robots Inspired By Building Habits Of Termites
80 Army Could Be Replacing Some Soldiers With Robots
81 Drones And Robots, The Beginning Of The End?
82 Carbon Dioxide Emissions Keep Conch Snails From Escaping Predation
83 Atlantic Amphipods Spreading Into The Arctic Ocean
84 Local Foods Offer Tangible Economic Benefits In Some Regions
85 Checking In To A Hotel With Just Your Smartphone?
86 U.S. Government To Test "Talking" Cars
87 Swimming Jellyfish May Influence Global Climate
88 Study: Microbes Consumed Oil In Gulf Slick At Unexpected Rates
89 Why Do Right Whales Linger In The Gulf Of Maine
90 Eddies Found To Be Deep, Powerful Modes Of Ocean Transport
91 Fishing Off Fukushima For Answers
92 Legacy Of Acid Rain Threatens Eastern US Water Supplies
93 Botanist Discovers Cave Dwelling Nettle In China
94 Bacteria Plays Role In Formation Of Dolomite
95 Structure Of Tough Sea Urchin Spines May Inspire Engineers
96 The Next Generation Of School Desks
97 Viking Sun Stone Not A Myth
98 Sunstone Found In British Shipwreck Confirms Ancient Viking Navigation
99 Island Living Makes Animals Tamer
100 Decline Of Large Predators Affects Ecosystems
101 How Does Soil Store Carbon Dioxide?
102 Tropics Are Main Source Of Global Mammal Diversity
103 Global Surface Warming Stalled By Pacific Trade Winds--For Now
104 Could Global Warming Be Hiding Underwater?
105 Are Christians Becoming More 'Green'?
106 Your Primary School Language Reveals If You Move Away Or Stay Behind
107 Bechstein's Bat Is Forest Specialist
108 Less Than Half Of Children Treated For Anxiety Achieve Long-Term Relief
109 Primary Care Practitioners Hesitate To Prescribe Antidepressants For Depressed Teens
110 'Living Room' Offers Alternative Treatment For Emotional Distress