File Title
1 Song Is Louder For A Cuckolded Male
2 Volcanoes Contribute To Global Warming Slow Down
3 Wildfires Could Help Explain A Warm Ancient Earth
4 Can Nature Selectively Buffer Human-caused Global Warming?
5 Greenhouse Gases Turned Into Useful Chemicals
6 Picture Of How Our Climate Is Affected By Greenhouse Gases Is A 'Cloudy' One
7 Computer Scientists Design New Keyboard Layout On Touch Screen Devices
8 Voice Recognition Saves The Day!
9 ZoomBoard Lets You Type On A Smartwatch
10 Juggling Reveals Clues On Role Of Sensory Feedback In Running
11 New 3D Glasses Offer 6D Perspective
12 Is This The First Case Of Cybernetic Hate-Crime?
13 Vibrating Steering Wheel Guides Drivers While Keeping Their Eyes On The Road
14 'Virtual Reality Hands' May Help Stroke Survivors Recover Hand Function
15 Role-Playing Games Desensitize Us To Real-World Experience, Says Study
16 6 Months Of Computing Time Generates Detailed Portrait Of Cloth Behavior
17 Google Dances The Tango With New Project
18 Researchers Create New Augmented Reality Chip For Head-Mounted Display
19 Microsoft's Kinect Sensor Utilized For South Korean Border Monitoring
20 Tobii, SteelSeries To Co-Develop Eye-Tracking Video Game Controller
21 New Google Glass App Can Transmit Diagnostic Tests For Analysis
22 Apple's Mac OS Suffers Same Security Flaw As Its Mobile Version
23 Spider Silk Not Great Heat Conductor, Despite 2012 Study's Findings
24 Carbon Nanotubes Promise Improved Flame-resistant Coating
25 Motion Capture Breakthrough: Persons Filmed Outdoors Can Now Be Easily Transformed Into Virtual Characters
26 3-D Imaging Technique Utilizes Famous Mathematician's Theory
27 Disney Researchers Reconstruct Detailed 3D Scenes From Hundreds Of High-Resolution 2D Images
28 Conventional Video Cameras Capture Movements Of Actors And Athletes In Real Time
29 New Imaging System Generates 3-D Models Using Unmanned Aircraft
30 Black Hole Observations Reveal Contents Of Mysterious Jets
31 Rensselaer Researchers Identify Cause Of LED "Efficiency Droop"
32 Scientists Working To Unlock The Mysteries Of Promising Electronic Material
33 Heating Up In The Nanoelectric Universe May Keep Things Cool
34 Single Copper Atom Controls 2-proton Bit
35 Transporting Diluted Bitumen Through Pipelines Does Not Increase Likelihood Of Release
36 Self-Employment Growth Does Not Bank On Access To Capital
37 Facebook Buys Messaging Start-Up WhatsApp For $16 Billion
38 Ad Agencies Disheartened That Apple, Amazon Protect User Privacy
39 Japanese Online Retailer Rakuten Acquires Viber Messaging Service
40 US Emissions Of Methane Are Considerably Higher Than Official Estimates
41 Rats Take High-Speed Multisensory Snapshots
42 Cure For Baldness? Scientists Grow Hair Follicles On Mice
43 Evolution Of Mammals: Large-Scale Study Reconstructs Earliest Mammal Ancestor
44 Fossil Shows That Ernanodon Was A Closer Relative Of The Pangolin
45 Eye Size Determined By Maximum Running Speed In Mammals
46 Researchers Re-Discover Elephant's Long-Lost Sixth Toe
47 Best Food Chosen By Dominant Deer Hinds
48 Research Maze Projects Images On The Floor Where Rodents Look
49 Seeing Is Better Than Hearing When It Comes To Retaining Memories
50 Beautiful, Sad Music Can Really Make The Blues Go Away: Study
51 Learning To See Better In Life And Baseball
52 New Hearing Implant Uses Less Power, No External Hardware
53 Carbon Nanotube Forests Have Low Stiffness Due To Waviness
54 Scientists Reach The Ultimate Goal--Controlling Chirality In Carbon Nanotubes
55 UK University To Study Technology's Risk To Humanity
56 Mammalian Cells Prefer Nanodiscs Over Nanorods
57 Scientists Recycle Plastic Bags Into Carbon Nanotubes
58 Ion Beams Used To Create New Kinds Of Valves For Use In Spintronics
59 Another Feature Of High-temperature Superconductivity Reaveled By X-rays
60 Grand Unified Theory Of Exotic Superconductivity?
61 A Fresh Step Towards Quantum Computing
62 Evolution Remained Stuck In Slime For A Billion Years
63 Extreme Weather Caused By Climate Change Decides Distribution Of Insects
64 Surveys Find That Despite Economic Challenges Malagasy Fishers Support Fishing Regulations
65 Ancient Herring Catch Nets Fisheries Weakness
66 A Quarter Of Sharks And Rays Are Threatened By Extinction
67 Seaweed Transplant Gives Bald Reef New Growth
68 Ancient Oxygen-Free, Hydrogen Sulfide-Rich Ocean May Foreshadow The Future
69 Satellite Data Reveals Slight Shrinking Of Antarctic Ozone Hole
70 Life-Bearing Oxygen Appeared On Earth Three Billion Years Ago
71 Flights Over South Pacific Create The Most Ozone
72 Changing Climate Pushes Mangrove Forests North Along Atlantic Coast
73 Vast Freshwater Reserves Discovered Beneath Ocean Floor
74 NASA To Fund Eight New Microgravity-Related Studies
75 Google-Owned Meka Robotics Work To Advance Human-Robot Interaction
76 Role Potential Carbon Capture Has For New CO2 Absorbing Material
77 'Watermark Ink' Device Identifies Unknown Liquids Instantly
78 Capturing The Fugitive--In Art
79 New Forensic Technique For Identifying Cloth Fibers
80 Size Matters In The Ability For Nanocrystals To Adsorb And Release Gases
81 Deep Ocean Management Needed To Protect Earth's Last Frontier
82 Fish Biomass Is 10 Times Higher Than Estimated, According To Malaspina Expedition Observations
83 Deep-diving Research Sub Alvin Cleared To Return To Work
84 Carbon Dioxide Emissions Keep Conch Snails From Escaping Predation
85 Nature-Inspired Carving Technique Used To Create Unbreakable Glass
86 Scientist Creates Morphing Material That Has Huge Potential
87 Apple To Open Arizona Plant To Produce Sapphire Components
88 Magnesium In Plankton Shells Serves As Record Of Ancient Climate Change
89 What Happened To The Debris From The 2011 Tsunami In Japan?
90 Winter Olympics In Sochi, Russia Highlights Dangers Of Climate Change
91 Faroe Island's First Colonizers Were Not The Vikings
92 New Power Elite Emerged In Medieval Iceland As The Island Became Norwegian
93 Global Climate Change Will Induce Large Changes To The Plant Communities On Earth
94 Europe's Wet Summers Blamed On Atlantic Ocean Warming
95 Hitchhiking Marine Species Invading Arctic Waters
96 Study Identifies High Level Of 'Food Insecurity' Among College Students
97 Balance Atlanta BrainCore Therapy Offers FDA-Approved Brain Test to Diagnose and Treat ADHD Symptoms
98 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Treatment: Genetic Predictor Of Response To Exposure Therapy
99 Brain's Visual Cortex Activates For Reward Even When Stimulus Is Removed
100 Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself, And A Bad Attitude
101 Study Examines Why Girls Do Better Than Boys In School
102 Ancient Chinese Mummies Carry Evidence Of Oldest Known Cheese
103 New Analysis Shows Cheese Has Been Around For 7,000 Years
104 What Matters For Making Milk
105 N/A
106 Viewing Obesity As A Disease May Lead To Apathy
107 Screen Some Patients With Acute Pancreatitis For Pancreatic Cancer
108 Exercise, Surgically Removing Belly Fat Improves Cognition In Obese, Diabetic Mice
109 Children In The EU Denied Cancer Treatments Due To Regulations
110 Surgery Beats Chemotherapy For Tongue Cancer