File Title
1 Google's Android really isn't 'open' at all
2 Apple supplier audit tallies labor-rights violations
3 Apple patent application reveals system to stop, track down email spammers
4 Apple applies to patent curved flexible display techniques
5 Apple adds yet another leading biometric expert to substantial 'iWatch' team
6 How Apple can fix Apple TV
7 $45.2 billion Comcast, Time Warner merger could be good news for Apple
8 Apple in talks to revamp Apple TV set top box; scaled-back plans would rely on cable providers
9 Relax, Apple's level of smartphone innovation is fine
10 Google's enterprise value surpasses Apple's
11 Greenpeace praises Apple for reducing use of conflict minerals
12 This isn't the Apple TV that Steve Jobs 'finally cracked'--or is it?
13 Say goodbye to Apple's iPad 2
14 Gartner: Apple gained mobile phone share as smartphones overtook feature phone sales in 2013
15 Apple shifts to hardware-first TV strategy with revamped set-top box
16 78% of UK iPhone owners 'couldn't imagine having a different type of phone now'
17 How to survive the next wave of technology extinction: Buy Apple hardware
18 Why Apple University matters more than ever
19 Phil Schiller likely to retake stand, Forstall a possibility in second Apple v. Samsung trial
20 Apple's Macs assembled in Texas by Flextronics
21 Apple to sell iPhones at costliest $1,169 in Brazil retail store debut
22 Big surprise: Samsung and Apple CEOs fail to reach agreement at court-ordered mediation
23 Jawbone is now the startup Apple should fear most
24 Apple distributes $2.6 billion more in dividends to shareholders
25 Beleaguered Microsoft must bring Office to iPad
26 Self-replicating 'TheMoon' worm crawls into Belkin's Linksys routers
27 Apple supplier Japan Display set for Tokyo listing worth around US$3.8 billion
28 Why Apple TV and Netflix fans should be worried about the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal
29 Apple to dump Samsung, work with Intel on future 10nm A-series processors?
30 Smart diaper tells you when it's time to change your baby
31 Apple must fight back against Google
32 Will iBeacon alerts be a welcome way to add value to retail visits or just a new way to spam?
33 Analyst: Apple 'iWatch' to use optoelectronics to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels
34 Major League Baseball completes iBeacon installation at first two ballparks
35 IHS: Cloud spending to balloon to $235 billion by 2017
36 Judge calls Apple ads for Siri 'mere puffery,' throws out lawsuit claiming fraud
37 Apple needs more cash
38 Apple's iPad Air destroys competition in battery life tests
39 World's Oldest Flamingo 'Greater' Dies at Age 83 in Australia
40 Salamanders' C- Power Jump Decoded
41 Australian Government Approves Dumping Dredged Waste at Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
42 BPA Exposure in Womb Linked with Liver Tumors
43 Ice in Arctic Lakes Getting Thinner with Rising Temperatures
44 Gasoline-Like Fuel Synthesized from Plant Waste Could Spark New Green Fuel Markets
45 Polyvinyl Alcohol Could be Used to Store Blood for Longer Durations, Researchers Say
46 Huge Volcanic Eruptions Preserve Dinosaur Fossils for 120 Million Years
47 Brain Constantly Upgrades Memories
48 Bill Nye Argues Creationism Doesn't Tell Earth's Story in Debate
49 Mass Extinction of Large Ice Age Mammals Linked to Climate-Induced Vegetation Changes
50 Black Holes Heated Gas in Space Much Later than Previously Assumed
51 Prosthetic Hand Helps Danish Man "Feel" Again
52 Salmon Use Magnetic Field for Navigation, Study Confirms
53 Bizarre Cast of Marine Mammals Revealed in 8-Year California Fossil Excavation
54 Earth Looks Like 'the Evening Star' in Picture taken by Curiosity: NASA
55 800,000-Year-Old Footprints of Earliest Europeans Found
56 NASA Study Offers Correction for Mysterious Amazon Rainforest Data
57 Carnivorous, Pre-Dinosaur Predator was First to Evolve Steak Knife-like Teeth
58 Newfound Species of Pepper Plant Plays Host to Scores of Species
59 Mechanism Important for Photosynthesis was Present in Ancient Microbes 2.5 Billion Years Ago
60 Australian Researchers Find Ancient Star
61 Copenhagen Zoo Kills Young Giraffe, Feeds Body to Lions [Video]
62 Plants Fight over Ants for Seed Dispersal
63 A 'Hackable' Cube, the Future of Electronic Music?
64 Ants Can Support 5,000 Times Their Body Weight Before Losing Their Heads
65 Bottle Gourd Floated from Africa to Americas; Researchers Find
66 Certain Species of Crocodiles can Climb Trees
67 Permian Mass Extinction Happened in Geologic Blink of an Eye
68 Five-Year Poop Study Reveals Evolutionary History of Animal's Gut Microbes
69 Genetically Mutated Mice Capable of Avoiding HIV Infection
70 Seattle Construction Workers Find Mammoth Tusk
71 Researchers Find an Answer to Galileo's Illusion
72 Pod of Nine Killer Whales Found Dead on New Zealand Beach
73 Thousands of Fossils Found in New Field in Canada's Burgess Shale Formation
74 Ancient Fish was First to Have Two Nostrils, Leading the Way for Vertebrates with Faces
75 DNA from Clovis Boy Shows Native Americans Descended from Asians
76 ESA's High-Tech Solar Orbiter to be Coated in Prehistoric Pigment
77 Live Birth Captured in 250 Million-Year-Old Ichthyosaur Fossil
78 Genetic Evolution Allows Atlantic Killifish to Thrive in Polluted Waters of New Bedford Harbor
79 Invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle's Scent Could be Used Against them in New Pesticide
80 Researchers Build 3-D Model of Curly Hair
81 Harvard Researchers Develop Termite-Like Robotic Construction Crew [Video]
82 Tuna Study Explains Link Between Crude Oil and Heart Problems
83 Researchers Create Atlas of Human Gene Mixing
84 We Remember Unnattracitve Faces Better
85 Historical Evidence Supports Nazi Party's Involvement in Biological Weapons
86 Giant Pacific Octopus Wrestles with Divers for Camera [Video]
87 Protein in Tarantula Venom can Block Pain, Yale University Finds
88 Waste from Paper Industry Transformed into Viable Solid Fuel
89 Ganymede, Largest Moon in the Solar System, Mapped in Detail for First Time
90 Vitamin C Intake Linked with Lower Stroke Risk
91 Incense Smoke as Bad as Cigarette Smoke? New Study Warns of Potential Health Risks
92 Researchers Create Atlas of Human Gene Mixing
93 'Jelly Doughnut' Rock on Mars was Dislodged by Opportunity Rover, NASA Reports
94 As Warmest Winter Olympics Host City, Sochi Hoarded Snow For Two Years in Preparation
95 Mt. Kelud Erupts in Indonesia, 100,000 Forced to Evacuate as Ash Blankets Java
96 Mapping pinpoints turtles' danger zones
97 Medication: The smart-pill oversell
98 Scientific method: Statistical errors
99 India kicks off fellowship for top visiting scientists
100 UK rolls out terror-attack plan
101 Ancient genome stirs ethics debate
102 Lifespans predictable at early age
103 Laser fusion experiment extracts net energy from fuel
104 Atom circuits a step closer
105 AAAS announces open-access journal
106 Modern genes yield atlas of ancient inter-ethnic sex
107 Termite-inspired robots build castles
108 EU members protest proposed GM crop approval
109 Nations pledge to make poaching a 'serious crime'
110 Radioactive tracers map spread of HIV analogue
111 Oxford Nanopore unveils data from portable genome sequencer