File Title
1 Scientists Wary Of Shale Oil And Gas As US Energy Salvation
2 Stanford Researchers Say 'Peak Oil' Concerns Should Ease
3 Nanotechnology Advance: Electronic Whiskers For Robotics
4 Whiskers Were An Important Evolutionary Milestone For Mammals
5 Researchers Train Humans To Sense The World Like Rats
6 Survey Reveals Regulatory Agencies Viewed As Unprepared For Nanotechnology
7 Ballistic Transport In Graphene Could Provide Foundation For New Type Of Electronic Device
8 Stanford Research Moves Nanomedicine One Step Closer To Reality
9 Quantum Sensor Tracked In Human Cells Could Aid Drug Discovery
10 The Nose Knows--Electronic Nose Prototype Developed By Researchers
11 Nanoparticles, 'pH Phoresis' Could Improve Cancer Drug Delivery
12 UCLA Researcher Highlights Advances In Nanotechnology's Fight Against Cancer
13 Flaws In Diamonds Pave The Way For Nanoscale MRI
14 Huge Grains Of Copper Promote Better Graphene Growth
15 Researchers Invent 'Sideways' Approach To 2-D Hybrid Materials
16 New Boron Nanomaterial Could Be A Very Real Possibility
17 Mystery Behind Water's Role In Graphene Finally Tapped
18 Ancient Megacities Were Displaced Due To A Changing Climate: Study
19 Gauging What It Takes To Heal A Disaster-Ravaged Forest
20 Bacteria's Nitrogen-Rich Diet Helped Clean Up Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill
21 Ambitious New Pollution Targets Needed To Protect Lake Erie From Massive 'Dead Zone'
22 Tulane University Offering $1M Prize For 'Dead Zone' Solution
23 Local Factors Cause Dramatic Spikes In Coastal Ocean Acidity
24 Nutrients Are Important For Coral Reefs
25 DNA Brings Life To Materials
26 Neutrons, Electrons And Theory Expose Secrets Of Natural Gas Reserves
27 Using Chemical Dispersants To Treat Oil Spills Still Creates Problems
28 Unique Experiment Uses Huge Plastic Containers To Study Ocean Acidification
29 Port Valdez Invertebrates Stabilized 26 Years After Quake
30 Warm Water Causes Arctic Glaciers To Sizzle As They Melt
31 Poor Health Of Irish Immigrants In England May Be Linked To Childhood Abuse
32 University High School Wins Regional Science Bowl At JPL
33 Data-Driven Team Is Key To Sustaining Positive Behavior Framework In Schools
34 Study Challenges Claims Of Single-Sex Schooling Benefits
35 Parents Misled By Advocates Of Single-Sex Education
36 Childhood Obesity Often Starts As Early As Kindergarten, Says Study
37 Malaria Screening Unsuccessful In Some Schools
38 Breakthrough Announced In Treatment Of Patient With Rare Type Of Leukemia
39 Newly Discovered Molecular Targets May Treat Difficult Melanomas
40 FDA Approves Two New Melanoma Drugs
41 Genetic Mutation Responsible For Port-Wine Stain Birthmark Identified
42 Antidote Can Deactivate New Form Of Heparin
43 Tiny Device Gives Real-Time, 3D Imaging From Inside The Heart, Clogged Arteries
44 Point-Of-Care Ultrasound For Suspected Appendicitis In Kids Proves Accurate
45 Painting By Numbers
46 Genetic Variant Linked To Freckling, Sun Sensitivity Discovered
47 Gene Mutations In Rock Pigeon Pigmentation Have Implications For Human Medical Research
48 Chernobyl Radioactivity Reduced Number Of Birds With Orange Plumage
49 Jurassic Squid Ink Very Similar To Modern Squid Ink
50 Famous Orangutan's Death Caused By Newly-Discovered Tapeworm
51 Pheromone From Asian Longhorned Beetles Could Be Used To Manage Pest
52 Low Testorerone Therapies Could Be Putting Some Men At Heart Attack Risk
53 Researchers Send First Vodka-Based Text Message
54 Interaction Between RNA And DNA Of Fragile X Gene Causes The Disease
55 Personalized Medicine Has Finally Arrived--Or Has It?
56 How Well Did You Sequence That Genome?
57 New Technology Detect Cellular Memory
58 Virginia Tech Researcher Proposes New Genome-Based Naming System
59 The Lifespan Of The Worm Predicted With Accuracy In New Study
60 Racism May Accelerate Aging In African-American Men
61 Parasitic DNA Multiplies In Aging Tissues
62 Scientists Develop Chemical That May Stop Aging Process
63 Health Spending Is More Efficient For Men Than For Women
64 Malignant Cells Adopt A Different Pathway For Genome Duplication
65 How Genomes Are Copied
66 Scientists Show How Cells Protect Their DNA From Catastrophic Damage
67 Spanish Scientists Identify A New Ancestral Enzyme That Facilitates DNA Repair
68 Life, But Not As We Know It
69 Human Genetic Mutation Discovery Could Lead To New Treatments For Type 1 Diabetes
70 TomTato Plant Produces Tomatoes And Potatoes
71 The Brits Aim To Genetically Engineer Their Own Beans
72 New Discovery Of Ancient Diet Shatters Conventional Ideas Of How Agriculture Emerged
73 Resistant Starch Content Of Potatoes Varies Significantly By Preparation And Service Method
74 Brain Rewards Center Keeps Us From Eating Just One Potato Chip
75 Cows Are Smarter When Raised Together
76 Poorer Nations Threatened By Hidden Crop Pest
77 Obama Administration Announces Climate Hubs To Aid Farmers
78 Archaeologists Unearth Large Ancient Wine Cellar in Israel
79 Grape Said To Be Healthiest In The World Has Its Genome Sequenced
80 Prevent Alzheimer's Disease With A Glass Of Champagne
81 Microbial Fungi On Grapes Can Influence The Character Of Wine
82 Grapes' Ripeness Indicated Using Computer Imaging
83 Mayo Clinic Discovers African-Americans Respond Better To Rubella Vaccine
84 Control Annoying Pests With A Scoop Of Grapefruit
85 Nanoparticles Made From Grapefruit Could Be Safer Way To Administer Medicine
86 Grapefruit Juice Boosts Effect Of Common Cancer Fighting Drug
87 Clever Chemistry And A New Class Of Antibiotics
88 Advanced Approach Could Identify New Drug Candidates From Genome Sequence
89 Surge In Designer Drugs, Tainted 'E' Poses Lethal Risks
90 Kessler Foundation Researchers Study Impact Of Head Movement On fMRI Data
91 Understanding Hispanic/Latino Health
92 Tidy Desk Or Messy Desk? Each Has Its Benefits
93 Ex-Employer Tipped Off Police In Pressure-Cooker Bomb Debacle
94 Global Rise In Violence May Be Another Effect Of Climate Change
95 Can't We All Just Get Along? Evolution Says 'Yes We Can'
96 Common Osteoporosis Drug Slows Formation Of New Bone
97 Researchers Investigate Benefits Of Aquatic Exercise For Older Women
98 Men And Women Have Gender-specific Medical Needs
99 Pinpointing The Origin Of Bone Fractures
100 Study Shows Economic Benefits Of Dairy Consumption
101 3-D Microgels 'On-Demand' Offer New Potential For Cell Research
102 New Biological Scaffold Home, Sweet Home, For Stem Cells
103 Gene Therapy Could Possibly Grow Replacement Cartilage Inside The Body
104 First-Ever Lab-Grown Lungs
105 A Role Of Glucose Tolerance Could Make The Adaptor Protein p66Shc, A New Target For Cancer And Diabetes
106 Bison Populations Can Be Restored After Removal From Infected Herds
107 Shy Male Birds Likely To Flock Together And Have Fewer Friends
108 Pacific Island Birds Vanished Without A Trace After The Arrival Of Man
109 Research Suggests Eurasian Jays May Be Able To Determine Aspects Of The 'Internal Life' Of Their Mate
110 Named After Yoda, Newly Discovered Acorn Worm Species Is