File Title
1 Finding Common Ground Fosters Understanding Of Climate Change
2 Oxygen 'Sponge' Presents Path To Better Catalysts, Energy Materials
3 Perfecting A Functional Artificial Leaf
4 A Cavity That You Want
5 Fukushima's Radioactive Waters Reach Canada, Pose No Radiological Threat
6 Dental Plaque Bacteria Hasn't Changed In More Than A Thousand Years
7 Marine Archaea Can Supply Essential B-12 Vitamins In The Ocean
8 DEA Bans Five Synthetic Marijuana Chemicals
9 High Potency And Synthetic Marijuana Use Dangerous In Early Pregnancy
10 Imported Spices Contaminated With Salmonella And Rat Filth, Says FDA
11 Freeze Them Or Cook Them, Blueberries Are Still Packed Full Of Nutrients
12 Pepper Spice May Offer Treatment For People With Chronic Pain
13 Florida Looks To Higher Education With America's First Cannabis College
14 Flower Power--Researchers Breed New Varieties Of Chamomile
15 Unlisted Ingredients In Teas And Herbal Brews Revealed In DNA Tests By High School Students
16 Speeding Ticket Spurs Debate Over Legality Of Driving While Using Google Glass
17 Nanoscale Freezing Leads To Better Imaging
18 Materials Documenting Birth Of Nuclear Age To Be Digitized
19 Superfast Adaptive Optics Algorithms Developed For The E-ELT
20 Engineers Teach Old Chemical New Tricks To Make Cleaner Fuels, Fertilizers
21 Scientists Discover New Surprising Details About Table Salt
22 Superabsorbing Design May Lower Manufacturing Cost Of Thin Film Solar Cells
23 New, Inexpensive Production Materials Boost Promise Of Hydrogen Fuel
24 Improving Electronic Devices Using Holograms
25 World's First Acoustic Field Rotator May Help Improve Imaging Capabilities Of Medical Ultrasound Devices
26 Nanoscale Pillars Could Radically Improve Thermoelectric Materials
27 Blending Synthetic Air To Measure Climate Change
28 Origin Of Deadly Human Malaria Parasite Linked To Primates In Africa
29 Rutgers Scientists Identify Structure Of Virus That Could Lead To Hepatitis C Vaccine
30 'Microplastic' Waste Poisoning Marine Ecosystems
31 Finding Common Ground Fosters Understanding Of Climate Change
32 Scientists Create Global Atlas On Oceanic Plankton
33 Sanjay Gupta Apologizes For Stance On Medical Marijuana
34 Teens Using Less Synthetic Marijuana And More Of The Real Stuff
35 Smoking Pot Can Raise Your Risk Of Stroke, Even For Young Adults
36 Marijuana Use In Washington State Nearly Twice As 'High' As Estimated
37 French Team Pinpoints Natural Defense Against Cannabis Intoxication
38 New Study Offers Insights On Invasive Fly Threatening US Fruit Crops
39 Nonalcoholic Berry Wine Concoction Could Possibly Benefit Diabetics
40 Berries May Help Keep Your Brain Sharp
41 Summer's Superfruit Challenged: Latin American Blueberries Found To Be 'Extreme Superfruits'
42 A Review Of The Wild Relatives Of Some Favorite Food Plants
43 The Fatality Rate Among Hard Drug Users Is 14 Times Higher Than For The General Population
44 Health Care Savings: Reducing Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescriptions
45 FDA Urges Doctors To Stop Prescribing Combination Drugs Containing More Than 325mg Acetaminophen
46 Caffeine-Based Gold Compounds Are Potential Tools In The Fight Against Cancer
47 Beta-Catenin Alters T Cells In Lasting And Harmful Ways
48 MU Researchers Develop Advanced Three-Dimensional "Force Microscope"
49 Despite Stereotypes, Male Lions Actually Do A Little Work After All
50 Recycling Valuable Materials Used In TVs, Car Batteries, Cell Phones
51 iPhone 5S Users Are The Biggest Data Hogs: JDSU Report
52 Image Transport Through New Fiber Architecture Rivals That Of Current Endoscopy Imaging Fibers
53 Charge Management Device Would Help Keep Plug-in Cars From Crashing The Electric Grid
54 New Laser Speeds Up Internet By 'Orders Of Magnitude'
55 A Step Closer To A Photonic Future
56 First Circuit With Stretchable Optical Interconnections Built By Belgian Researchers
57 Nanotracer Tester Tells About Wells
58 Making The Most Of Small Nanoparticle Samples
59 Sticky Nanoparticles Can Help Mend Broken Hearts
60 Silk And Diamonds Makes New Imaging And Drug Delivery Tool
61 NASA Working On Better Water Resource Management For California
62 Wind Turbines Could Tame Hurricanes
63 New Hurricane Model Can More Accurately Predict Storm Path, Intensity
64 UCLA Report Urges New Global Policy Effort To Tackle Crisis Of Plastic Litter In Oceans
65 Discovery Of The 'Plastisphere'--A New Marine Ecological Community
66 Glass Treated With Common Detergent Ingredient Could Limit Environmental Damage From Oil Spills
67 Rapid Warming Threatens Rich Seafloor Communities In Antarctica
68 Understanding Marine Life's Ability To Adapt To Climate Change
69 Prolonged Sitting Doubles Risk Of Disability For Senior Citizens
70 Gay-Straight Alliances In Schools Reduce Suicide Risk For All Students
71 Sunburns Strike Twice
72 Better Cancer Treatments May Follow Research In Outer Space
73 Skin Cancer Risk May Have Driven Evolution Of Black Skin
74 Antidote Can Deactivate New Form Of Heparin
75 Mayo Clinic Discovers African-Americans Respond Better To Rubella Vaccine
76 Female Goats Go GaGa Over Males' Hairy Head Stench
77 Relatively 'New' Genes Can Quickly Become Essential To Life
78 Bonding Together To Fight HIV
79 Protein In The Brain Linked To Increased Longevity
80 Random Walks On DNA
81 New Study Validates Longevity Pathway
82 Broadband Internet Not Widely Accessed By African Americans: Poll
83 Edible Coatings For Fruits And Veggies Get More Popular And Sophisticated
84 Red Delicious Or Wolf Apple? Brazilian Savanna Fruits High In Antioxidants
85 Cotton Candy Now Comes In Unique Package: A Green Grape
86 Bite-Sized Fruit More Appealing To Kids Than Whole Servings
87 Negative Affects Due To Interactions Of Some Prescription Drugs With Grapefruit
88 Biases In Animal Studies May Differ From Those In Clinical Trials
89 MIT-Developed Robot Could Reduce Cost, Time Of Clinical Trials
90 Researchers Develop Traffic Light-Inspired Caffeine Detector
91 Discovery May Lead To New Drugs For Osteoporosis
92 Researchers Identify Key Proteins Responsible For Electrical Communication In The Heart
93 Genes Involved In Birth Defects May Also Lead To Mental Illness
94 La Jolla Institute Discovers New Player Critical To Unleashing T Cells Against Disease
95 Ships On A Collision Course With Whales In The Bering Strait
96 Swimming Birds Evolved Rudder-like Tail To Dive For Food
97 Researchers Use Plant-produced Sex Pheromone To Trap Moths
98 Researchers Warn Against Abrupt Stop To Geoengineering Method
99 Is Your Brain On Autopilot When You Type?
100 Disney Research Develops Tactile Touch Displays
101 UltraHaptics--It's Magic In The Air
102 Crowd-Funding May Help Transform iPad Into 3D Scanner
103 With Haptix, Every Surface Is A 3D Multitouch Controller
104 Internet Is Turning 25, But Not Everyone Is Celebrating
105 New Record Set For Data Transmission
106 Penn Researchers 'Design For Failure' With Model Material
107 Using An App To Create 3D Images
108 Major Enigma Solved In Atmospheric Chemistry
109 Quantum Droplet Discovered In Semiconductor
110 Co-Catalyst System Could Help Encourage Synthetic Gasoline Production