File Title
1 New quantum droplet: The thrill lasts for 25 trillionths of a second
2 UAE Islamic affairs authority warns Muslims against a mission to Mars
3 No Muslims on Mars, if this fatwa comes to pass
4 UAE officials warn Muslims about Mars mission
5 Girl gets slapped on the head by whale's tail, becomes YouTube sensation
6 Video of Woman Hit in Head by Whale Goes Viral [VIDEO]
7 SpaceX Falcon Flight Counted Toward USAF Certification
8 SpaceX to test out landing legs on the Dragon Falcon 9 capsule in March
9 SpaceX One Step Closer To USAF Certification
10 Large South American lizard with sharp teeth and powerful jaws is the latest invasive species to wreak havoc in Florida
11 Exotic 4-Foot Lizards Invading Florida
12 Tegu lizards invade Florida
13 Large Black-And-White Tegu Invades Florida County And 'Eats Everything,' Where Did The Invasive Lizard Come From?
14 The Great Lakes haven't been this frozen since the '90s
15 Watch a time-lapse video of the ice forming on the Great Lakes
16 New DNA test could revolutionize pre-natal screening
17 A Better Test for Down Syndrome?
18 DNA screen for Down Syndrome improves accuracy in study
19 DNA Blood Tests Show Prenatal Screening Promise
20 Opposition to new pain pill growing
21 Dangers of a new pain pill
22 New pain pill, Zohydro is a very dangerous drug
23 New pain pill's approval: 'Genuinely frightening'
24 European Parliament Approves Tough Rules on Electronic Cigarettes
25 Huge study links older dads with kids' psych woes
26 Older Dads at Risk of Passing Along Mental Disorders, Study Says
27 More Hints That Dad's Age At Conception Helps Shape A Child's Brain
28 Children of Older Dads at Higher Risk for Mental, Academic Problems
29 Kids Born to Older Dads: Mental Health Risks?
30 Wellesley clinic warns of possible measles exposure
31 Person with measles visited Wellesley doctor
32 Patient in Framingham measles case visited physician in Wellesley
33 Tiny Northwest Biotherapeutics aims to dominate brain cancer
34 Northwest Biotherapeutics Aims To Develop Treatment For Brain Cancer
35 Northwest Biotherapeutics set its sights on developing treatment for brain cancer
36 A look at the changing obesity landscape for kids
37 Closer look at local efforts to stick with dropping obesity rates
38 First lady praises decline in childhood obesity
39 Sideline concussion test gets a new thumbs-up
40 Simple tests could improve sideline concussion diagnosis, study shows
41 Tiny Northwest Biotherapeutics aims to dominate brain cancer
42 N/A
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44 N/A
45 N/A
46 N/A
47 N/A
48 N/A
49 Quick Vision Test May Help Spot Concussions on Sidelines
50 U.S. teen indoor tanning linked to other risky health behaviors
51 Risky Behavior Among Teens who 'Fake Bake'
52 Are teens who tan more likely to binge-drink? New government research links artificial glows to other risky behaviors
53 Teens Who Indoor Tan Often Take Other Health Risks: Survey
54 Milwaukie medical marijuana dispensaries temporarily banned after council vote
55 Enforcement Concerns Raised Over San Diego Medical Marijuana Law
56 Prenatal acetaminophen exposure linked to ADHD risk
57 Acetaminophen in pregnancy linked to 'ADHD-like behaviors'
58 Study: Acetaminophen, ADHD link found for pregnant women
59 Family of Aidan Pankey, boy that died from a rat-bite fever infection, sues Petco
60 Infected rat: Keeping your kids safe with any pet
61 Must Watch: Seth Rogen Testifies Before The Senate About Alzheimer's Research
62 Comedian Seth Rogen and Tom Harkin share a laugh
63 Seth Rogen Testifies for Alzheimer's, Senators Don't Show Up
64 FDA Panel Weighs Controversial Assisted Reproduction Technique
65 FDA considering '3-parent babies'
66 Cannabis can kill, German study reveals
67 German study finds cannabis use triggered 2 deaths
68 New autism guidelines may reduce diagnoses by nearly one-third
69 New ASD Guidelines Could Decrease Diagnosis By 31 Percent, Leaving Thousands Without Benefits
70 Study: Revised APA autism guidelines result in 31% reduction of diagnosed cases
71 HIMSS Survey: Progress on mHealth, but Funding, ROI Obstacles Exist
72 Cost still a barrier for mobile adoption in healthcare
73 Man Claims Hospital Abandons His Laboring Wife for Another Patient
74 Dad Says He Delivered Baby After Doctor, Nurse Fled
75 Contra Costa County reports seventh flu-related death
76 Contra Costa woman latest Bay Area flu victim
77 3 flu-related deaths reported in San Diego County
78 A heart-healthy diet can include flavorful foods
79 For a healthy heart, avoid fatty foods, processed carbs
80 Kids Need to Be Heart Healthy!
81 Wine bug genome provides sweet insights
82 Receipts may be source of endocrine disruptor
83 Black widow stars devour their siblings
84 Scientists pinpoint exotic new particle
85 Black holes change galaxies more than thought
86 How billy goats put nannies in a sexual swoon
87 Women's brains more resilient
88 Badger culls were 'ineffective and failed humaneness test'
89 Storms and floods unearth unexploded wartime bombs
90 Rare Neolithic or Bronze Age rock art in Ross-shire
91 South American mummy ritually sacrificed
92 Rare songbird faces fire ant threat
93 Farmland butterflies bounce back
94 African tigerfish catch swallows in flight
95 Urban fox's record-breaking country walk
96 Douglas Mawson: An Australian hero's story of survival
97 Frolick and Yap to solve climate change?
98 Hidden history found beneath Alcatraz
99 UK site ready to destroy chemical weapons
100 Lotus F1 Team hopes technology will give it the edge
101 Ancient 10,000-year-old trees revealed by island storms
102 Guinness's new Irish rivals
103 Ukrainian ex-leader Viktor Yanukovych vows fightback
104 US economic growth rate revised down
105 MtGox bitcoin exchange files for bankruptcy
106 African migrants storm into Spanish enclave of Melilla
107 Academy Awards: What do voters look for in a film?
108 Fat in, sugar out: Label creates new food hierarchy
109 Ukraine crisis: 'Russians' occupy Crimea airports
110 'Landmark' crackdown on fake shares fraudsters