File Title
1 US Army boss: Afghan pullout talk may encourage Taliban
2 Arizona Governor Brewer weighs 'anti-gay' bill SB 1062
3 Lee Rigby murder: Adebolajo and Adebowale jailed
4 Credit Suisse boss tells Senate that he 'regrets' tax ploy
5 The hazards of urban skiing
6 Life after Guantanamo prison
7 Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia dies at 66
8 Saddle Ridge Hoard: Buried gold coin stash 'worth $10m'
9 Briton Polly McCourt gives birth in New York street
10 As I Lay Dying singer pleads guilty to murder plot
11 Top Gun frame-by-frame tweeter shot down by lawyers
12 Ukraine crisis: New government revealed at Kiev protest camp
13 How to cut noise in a plane cabin
14 Katy Perry Dark Horse video 'portrays blasphemy'
15 Peter Robinson quit threat over IRA Hyde Park bomb case
16 Syrian forces 'kill many rebels' in Eastern Ghouta
17 Met pair dismissed over 'Plebgate'
18 One Direction: Louis Tomlinson's Doncaster Rovers debut draws crowds
19 On the Runs--the key questions over secret IRA letters
20 Rebuilding broken High Street dreams
21 Would you hire a Parkshit?
22 The rich list: Where the world's wealthiest live
23 Survival instinct: Navigating the office jungle
24 World Cup 'threat' from web activists
25 Carpets and counting: Five of the web's oddest communities
26 Are most new technology products just fashion items?
27 Bitcoin's life-or-death moment
28 Remote recording tech helps artists make sweet music
29 'Treasure trove' of personal details found
30 'Contagious' wi-fi virus created by Liverpool researchers
31 Apple issues fix to reported OS X security hole
32 'Stolen' Twitter username 'returned'
33 Mark Zuckerberg octopus cartoon: Cartoonist apologises
34 LinkedIn testing Chinese language site
35 Rural broadband: How the money will be spent
36 Welsh supercomputer to help boost businesses
37 Facebook quietly ends email address system
38 Samsung adds biometrics to latest Galaxy smartphone
39 Sina Weibo: Profits at 'China's Twitter' surge
40 Fujitsu develops glove-style tech
41 Georgia court dismisses unsolicited 'sexting' case
42 Google removes unofficial Congestion Charge payment adverts
43 India's largest museum takes flight
44 California city police 'sold impounded vehicles'
45 Tough EU smoking rules approved
46 Virtual arm eases phantom limb pain
47 Is back, neck and muscle pain hurting the UK economy?
48 Child mortality levels 'still too high'
49 Could electroconvulsive therapy zap worst nightmares?
50 Uganda says healthcare is for all despite anti-gay law
51 New Jama study: US toddler obesity rate plummets
52 'Deepening' medical crisis in Afghanistan
53 Toronto doctor sentenced for abusing sedated patients
54 Domestic violence 'wake-up call' issued by watchdog
55 Cooking meat 'may be dementia risk'
56 Pancreatic cancer 'envy' campaigner Kerry Harvey dies
57 US court orders removal of anti-Islam film from YouTube
58 Qantas to cut 5,000 jobs after A$252m half-year loss
59 Breastfeeding tweet burns Delta Airlines
60 U.S. space telescope spots 715 more planets
61 NASA discovers 715 new planets
62 NASA's Kepler telescope discovers 'mother lode' of 715 planets
63 Migrating Whales In Bering Strait Could Be At Risk Of Ship Collision (AUDIO)
64 Increase in ships using Bering Strait raises risk of collisions with whales
65 More whales entering arctic waters newly free of ice, researchers say
66 Whales, ships more common through Bering Strait
67 Whales Moving Into Thawed Arctic Ocean
68 Waterworld Found! (No, Not the One With Kevin Costner)
69 Astronomers detect water in atmosphere of nearby exoplanet
70 Detection of Water Vapor in the Atmosphere of a Hot Jupiter
71 Scientists Detect Water On Exoplanet, Opening New Chapter In Search For Alien Life
72 Astronaut Nearly Drowned in Space Due to NASA's Poor Communication, Report Says
73 NASA could have prevented near-drowning of astronaut during July spacewalk, report reveals
74 NASA vows to fix problems that led to near-fatal spacesuit leak
75 Spacesuit Leak That Nearly Drowned Astronaut Could Have Been Avoided
76 'Melting' Quelccaya Ice Cap becomes sign for global climate change
77 Peru Ice Cap Shrinking Due To Warming Temps, Not Less Snowfall
78 Peru Glaciers Receding, Amounting Evidence of Climate Change
79 Study Links Temperature to a Peruvian Glacier's Growth and Retreat
80 Fukushima radiation reaches Canadian waters
81 Radiation from Fukushima begins to reach North America
82 Nuclear Reaction Byproduct Of Fukushima Found In Canada Not A Threat: Scientists
83 Fukushima radiation in Canadian waters is not a threat, scientists say (+video)
84 Sun belches X-class solar flare, most powerful of 2014
85 X4.9, the largest Solar Flare of 2014
86 Mass Whale Grave Mystery in Chile's Atacama Desert Solved
87 Chile: Scientists solve mystery of whales desert after studying fossilized skeleton graveyard
88 Ancient Whales Killed by Algae
89 Chilean highway project unearths amazing graveyard of fossilized whale skeletons
90 Scientists More Certain Than Ever on Climate Change, Report Says
91 Once upon a climate change
92 Heat extremes rising over land, confounding 'hiatus' claims, scientists say
93 Volcanoes are cooling Earth--Will steep rebound in global warming follow?
94 Pine Tree Particles: Scientists Explain Chemistry Behind Aerosols And Their Impact On Climate
95 Pine forest particles appear out of thin air, influence climate
96 NASA steps up to help California with devastating drought
97 NASA assists Calif. to manage water
98 See Just How Bad the California Drought Is, in One Alarming Image
99 Volcanic gasses keeping global warming at bay
100 Volcanic gases may have slowed down global warming: Study
101 Volcanoes, Trade Winds Have Led To Climate Warming Pause: Scientists
102 This zircon crystal is oldest known piece of Earth's crust
103 Crystal is oldest piece of Earth, study says
104 Inside China's pollution problems
105 The important thing missing in this video of Xi Jinping walking Chinese streets
106 Xi's Smogbound Hutong Tour Boosts Populist Image
107 Smog Debate Stirs as Beijing Holds Off on Red Alert
108 Meet the Dropleton--a "Quantum Droplet" That Acts Like a Liquid
109 Scientists pinpoint exotic new particle called quantum droplet
110 New particle 'quantum droplet' discovered