File Title
1 The structure of a protein identified that helps dengue and West Nile replicate and spread infection
2 Intranasal vaccine protects mice against West Nile infection
3 Acidic tumour pH inhibits chloroquine drug effect
4 Discovery may advance development of vaccines to fight dengue virus
5 Limited success for malaria screening in schools
6 Some of the ancient mysteries of leprosy revealed
7 Mouse retinal tissue repaired by lab-grown, virus-free stem cells
8 New approach prevents thrombosis without increasing the risk of bleeding
9 Treatment discovered for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinemia, a rare blood cancer
10 A metabolic molecule inhibits blood vessel growth in patients with diabetes, leading to impaired wound healing
11 Newly identified cell population described that helps maintain normal body function
12 Task Force evidence reviews suggests that one-time screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms could benefit older men
13 Daily multivitamin use could reduce cataract risk for men
14 Globally, cancer kills 50% more men than women
15 Eye movement speed linked to impulsive decision making
16 Brain-training game improves vision and success of baseball players
17 Novel contact lenses 'enable more effective glaucoma drug delivery'
18 Age-related macular degeneration may be delayed by exercise
19 For billions of years chemical chaperones have helped proteins do their jobs
20 Quality of voice and speech affected post-treatment in patients with oropharyngeal cancer
21 Double the survival rate for HPV-positive OPSCC patients compared to HPV-negative patients
22 Identifying men with advanced prostate cancer through genetic screening
23 Better wound healing with bioengineered growth factors
24 Limiting radiation to major salivary glands in head and neck cancer patients
25 HPV-positive SCCOP patients' recurrence differs from HPV-negative patients
26 Effective markers of improved patient outcome: MATH, HPV status in HNSCC
27 During RT for head and neck cancer, humidification of the mouth, throat reduces mucositis, hospital stay
28 Cortisol, the stress hormone, linked to frailty
29 Thyroid activity within normal range tied to depression in older adults
30 Greater survival rate from recurrent mouth and throat cancers caused by HPV virus
31 Color vision abnormalities found in 40% of older adults
32 Some children are more resilient than others to post-traumatic stress
33 'Lending a hand' in diabetes treatment
34 Coping with stress in criminal justice careers
35 Physicians in rural primary care are committed to professionalism, quality improvement
36 Lower cancer incidence rate in patients with central nervous system disease explained
37 Association between high cost of fruits, vegetables and higher body fat in young children
38 High potency statins linked to better outcome following a heart attack
39 Vitamin D and calcium disparities found among American subpopulations
40 Robot 'REX' helping wheelchair patients walk
41 New breakthrough for women with advanced cervical cancer, Avastin (bevacizumab) can extend lives
42 Seasonal flu vaccine may cut stroke risk
43 When feeling poor makes you sick--Subjective poverty massively affects older people's health
44 Dyspnea during daily activities predicts all-cause mortality
45 Researchers look for culprit behind oral health problems in HIV-positive patients
46 Idiopathic anaphylaxis: The hidden allergy?
47 Accurate diagnosis of rare diseases remains difficult despite strong physician interest
48 CEOi and Academy launch development of Global Alzheimer's Platform (GAP)
49 Long non-coding RNAs help genes get out of the starting block faster
50 Tissue-penetrating light releases chemotherapy inside cancer cells
51 Peer pressured to "sext"--a new study from media psychology
52 New drug 'selectively kills dormant cancer cells'
53 Immune cells regulate blood stem cells
54 Early warning system for epidemics
55 The Royal College of General Practitioners announces continued opposition to change in law on assisted dying, UK
56 Culturally-tailored education about nicotine replacement therapy needed, study says
57 Stem cells from fat tissue show promise in reconstructive surgeries for face and skull
58 New study finds link between slow reaction time and early death
59 A new initiative improves asthma control in teenagers
60 What is pulmonary hypertension? What causes high blood pressure in the lungs?
61 Obesity linked to increased inhalation of air pollutants
62 Lung disease patients may no longer require biopsies for diagnosis
63 Mother's illness during pregnancy, allergen exposure may predict child's risk of asthma and allergy
64 Short course immunotherapy effective in reducing ragweed pollen allergy
65 First ever genome-wide association study of combined phenotype may allow for improved identification of variants associated with asthma-with-hay fever
66 Passive smoking impairs children's responses to asthma treatment
67 Opsumit approved by SwissMedic for pulmonary arterial hypertension
68 Monkey controls limb movements of 'avatar' using its mind
69 Delusions: faulty 'reality testing' to blame, study suggests
70 Selenium and vitamin E supplements 'increase prostate cancer risk'
71 Is PTSD influenced by immune cells in the spleen?
72 Brain region involved in social memory discovered by scientists
73 Mature, functioning liver cells made from skin cells
74 Rare polio-like disease strikes five kids in California
75 Drinking age of 21: review confirms it saves lives
76 Nanoparticles used to target inflammation-causing immune cells
77 Acupuncture 'could treat inflammation and save lives'
78 A new treatment for eating disorders that do not respond to standard therapies
79 How to handle anxiety disorders in primary care: Suggestions from a trial
80 How can adolescent shyness be helped?
81 Independent quality mark for complementary therapists in the UK
82 Quality of acupuncture needles is less than perfect and must improve
83 Make communication a basic human right, says global campaign
84 How smell and hunger work together is explained in a new study
85 Surprising new clue to the roots of hunger
86 How your mindset about the future may impact your eating habits
87 Teaching children to pay less attention to food might help them eat less
88 Independent association between diabetes and depression and impulse control disorders including binge-eating and bulimia
89 Star-forming cloud seen from Antarctica
90 Astronomer spots asteroid smashing into Moon
91 Reducing the greenhouse cost of steak
92 Desert cane toads no longer nocturnal
93 Flowers bloom red for honeyeaters
94 Wine bug genome provides sweet insights
95 Kepler telescope bags huge haul of planets
96 Smell of forest pine can limit climate change--researchers
97 Roman 'gladiator school' recreated virtually
98 Chile's stunning fossil whale graveyard explained
99 Ancient woodland losses 'not accounted for,' say campaigners
100 Key food crops head to Arctic 'doomsday vault'
101 Crystal is 'oldest scrap of Earth crust'
102 North American scientists track incoming Fukushima plume
103 Most snow in hills in 69 years, says Hamish MacInnes
104 Grant to help Glasgow Uni hunt for gravitational waves
105 Bloodhound Diary: Stopping is compulsory
106 Letter from Africa: Elephant in the room
107 World War One: Scientist John Haldane tested gas on himself
108 Blue lagoons and higher roads to curb flood threat?
109 Canada's wild frontier: Where glaciers and rainforests meet
110 Ukraine Crimea: Rival rallies confront one another