File Title
1 Nerve growth factor halts mitochondrial degeneration in Parkinson's disease
2 New method increases supply of embryonic stem cells
3 What is H7N9 bird flu? What is the pandemic risk?
4 Tracking avian flu as it stalks Egypt
5 Zoonotic diseases and global viral pandemics
6 Conventional wisdom challenged and some of the mysteries surrounding flu outbreaks of historical significance solved
7 Loneliness increases risk of premature death in seniors
8 Exercise may slow diseases that cause blindness
9 Cognitive performance improved in older adults by nutritional supplement
10 Sitting too much linked to major disability after 60, regardless of exercise
11 E-cigarettes: new evidence on thirdhand smoke risk
12 By 2050, WHO smoking controls could prevent 13 million deaths in China
13 Smoking causes earlier menopause in some white women
14 Mental health of smokers may improve if they quit
15 Smokers lack motivation, feel more tired and are less physically active than non-smokers, new study reveals
16 New discovery could uncover 'missing link' in genetics
17 Advanced prostate cancer risk could be identified by genetic screening
18 Radiotherapy plus hormone therapy cuts prostate cancer death in half, shows long-term study
19 Proton therapy for prostate cancer results in long-term patient survival and excellent quality of life
20 Final results from the Phase 3 PREVAIL trial of enzalutamide
21 Prostate development discovery could lead to new treatments
22 Researchers advance findings on key gene related to cancer metastasis
23 NICE gives go ahead to NeoTract's groundbreaking UroLift prostate implant
24 Feeling powerless 'makes tasks more physically challenging'
25 More evidence that childhood trauma can lead to psychosis
26 Being mindful online shown to dramatically reduce stress, anxiety and depression
27 Cognitive therapy 'an effective treatment option' for schizophrenia
28 Crowdfunding is all the rage, but can it work for medical research?
29 Human lungs successfully grown in a lab for the first time
30 Genetic testing may soon be able to identify what diet each individual should consume for a longer, healthier life
31 Schizophrenia risk increases 10-fold with genetic mutation
32 Seven new genetic regions for type 2 diabetes found
33 Why do men and women differ in height? X chromosome is key
34 Earwax contains ethnicity-specific data, according to a new study
35 High-protein diets may increase risk of kidney disease
36 Dialysis for chronic kidney disease can be delayed: new guideline recommendation
37 Live kidney donors 'have small increased risk for kidney disease'
38 Scientists find new strategy to combat bacterial infections
39 FDA may need to reconsider what levels of domoic acid in shellfish and fish are safe
40 Important mechanism which plays a role in urinary tract infections decoded
41 Paranoia increases when experiencing situations from a lower height
42 Stress can make the brain more susceptible to mental illness
43 Stress can be contagious: infants can catch it from their mothers
44 Gene identified that links brain structure to intelligence
45 New finding has implications for autism and schizophrenia
46 Schizophrenia enters the molecular diagnostics era
47 The connection between memory and schizophrenia
48 Mental health professionals' outlook improved by personal experience, work seniority
49 EnVivo Pharmaceuticals initiates COGNITIV AD, a Phase 3 clinical trial program of encenicline (EVP-6124) in Alzheimer's disease
50 Creatine safe in Huntington disease prevention trial, may slow progression of disease
51 Skin with blood and lymphatic capillaries grown for the first time
52 Treating autoimmune and transplant patients with the vitamin A used in acne medicines
53 Kidney donation and other altruistic acts more common in states with high well-being
54 Process for allocation of scarce organs for liver transplantation likely to be influenced by new findings
55 Long-term survival possible for pediatric heart transplant patients
56 Metabolic syndrome linked to poor breakfast habits in childhood
57 Yogurt consumption reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
58 Surprising research results for one type of omega-3 fatty acid: DHA
59 Motivational health coaching empowers diabetic patients, improves dental health
60 Increasing incidence of oropharyngeal cancer in young adults
61 Growth of vestibular schwannomas/acoustic neuromas may be halted by aspirin
62 Slim, attractive men have less nasal bacteria than heavy men
63 Researchers develop cochlear implant that can be wirelessly recharged
64 After rhinoplasty, patients perceive differences in voice quality, but not in function
65 Industrial chemicals 'may cause global neurodevelopmental epidemic'
66 Delayed language development 'a result of gender and genes'
67 New insight into similarity of complex brain networks in monkeys, humans
68 Early autism detection: Speech disrupts facial attention in 6-month-old infants who later develop autism
69 Study offers possible explanation for "withdrawal into self," a characteristic of autism
70 First sensory-enhanced artificial hand enables amputee to 'feel'
71 Concussion risk for football players 'dependent on helmet type'
72 Football helmets 'may do little to protect against concussion'
73 Formation of toxic protein fragments prevented by exon skipping in Huntington's disease
74 Exon skipping prevents formation of toxic protein fragments in Huntington's disease
75 Hot on the trail of misfolded proteins' toxic modus operandi in Huntington's disease
76 For older women with breast cancer, brachytherapy offers lower rate of breast preservation compared to standard radiation
77 New 3-D imaging technique helps to avoid facelift complications
78 Study finds more women receiving breast reconstruction after mastectomy
79 AMSilk advances silicone breast implant coating made from spider silk
80 Large skin flaps developed to reconstruct severe facial defects
81 Consensus guideline on margins for breast-conserving surgery with whole-breast irradiation issued by ASTRO and SSO
82 Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy 'increases preeclampsia risk'
83 First biomarker discovered for depression in teenage boys
84 Gene therapy may be possible cure for Hurler syndrome
85 Improving communication in ADHD
86 ADHD medication saves lives on the road
87 From music to medicine
88 Childhood viewing of violent media linked to genes
89 Surprising research results reveal brain regions thought to be uniquely human share many similarities with monkeys
90 No increased risk of stroke found in children taking ADHD drugs
91 Stroke prevention in women: guidelines set for the first time
92 IVF: risks may outweigh benefits, say experts
93 Having a baby after fertility problems 'strengthens relationship'
94 Premature babies 'at higher risk for asthma'
95 Increased blood clot risk in women for at least 12 weeks after birth
96 Room lighting affects decision making, study suggests
97 Schema Therapy for personality disorders proven more effective than other major treatments
98 Worldwide, 1 in 14 women sexually assaulted by someone other than a partner
99 Endometriosis: new findings may lead to better treatment and care
100 Scientists crack open 'black box' of embryo development
101 Novel simplified IVF procedure leads to first live births
102 New findings could lead to novel diagnostic tests and treatments for male infertility
103 New model can isolate the effects of nutrients on gene expression and physiology
104 Post-surgery heart attack: '85% undetected due to lack of symptoms'
105 Malaria: 57% of African population live in high-risk infection areas
106 New stent for aortic aneurysms
107 What is the average penis size?
108 When it comes to sex, what's love got to do with it?
109 Research shows women trying hard to avoid unwanted pregnancy
110 Previous costs associated with West Nile virus disease have been substantially underestimated