File Title
1 New vaccine delivery method 'boosts immune response'
2 Vaccine barriers: 30,000 adults die of preventable diseases each year
3 Dog and human brains have 'voice areas' in same places
4 Beauty of mathematics excites emotional brain
5 Men are more forgetful than women, study shows
6 Mediterranean diet 'better than low-fat diet' for cardiovascular risk
7 Bad version of 'good' cholesterol causes disease
8 New cream with silver nanoparticles could block HIV transmission
9 Scientists create computer chips that can 'listen' to bacteria
10 Phone device that 'sends' smells could help treat Alzheimer's
11 A supercomputer could change how diseases are treated
12 How does the FDA 'approve' medical products?
13 Caffeine is the most widely used drug, but little is known about helping those who depend on it
14 Fetal brain development jeopardized by cannabis use during pregnancy
15 Marijuana may protect the immune system against HIV and slow disease progression
16 Widespread adolescent energy drink/shot use strongly associated with substance use
17 Shivering 'as good as exercise' for producing brown fat
18 Starving melanoma cells may slow tumor growth
19 OCD dogs serve as model of the disorder in humans
20 Vitamin C may boost chemotherapy
21 Scientists aiming to prevent tumor spread
22 Researchers discover targeted way to treat ovarian cancer
23 Compounds in exhaled breath may identify early lung cancer
24 In death as in life, HM's brain reveals insights into memory
25 New radiation-free imaging method 'effectively diagnoses cancer'
26 Popularity of indoor tanning among younger people 'alarming'
27 Agent Orange exposure increases skin cancer risk in Vietnam veterans
28 Toddlers suffer 10 times as many burns and scalds as older children
29 Researchers find dermatologists overuse antibiotics in treatment of skin and soft tissue infections
30 Study shows vitamin D provides relief for those with chronic hives
31 Leukemia pill 'can melt away' cancer cells
32 Stomach and colorectal cancers may be treatable with existing drug
33 Leukemia: study of twin sisters leads to novel molecular discovery
34 No childhood leukemia risk from power lines
35 Leading brand soya products no longer guaranteed safe for people with nut allergies
36 Researchers say there is no such thing as pornography addiction
37 More children destined for the ER if pot decriminalized
38 Food bug toxin may trigger multiple sclerosis
39 Protein identified that has potential to repair damaged brain tissue in multiple sclerosis
40 A variety of auto-inflammatory diseases could be impacted by newly discovered signaling pathway
41 Newly discovered blood cells fight brain inflammation
42 Autologous stem cell transplant in multiple sclerosis leads to extensive renewal of the T cell repertoire
43 First map of core white matter connections reveals that not all brain connections are equally important
44 Change in brain anatomy shown in women with multiple sclerosis, depression
45 HPV vaccine 'does not lead to risky sexual behavior in teens'
46 HPV not eradicated by popular disinfectants
47 New technique developed to control cervical cancer
48 Three doses of HPV vaccine recommended to protect against genital warts
49 HIV drug used to reverse effects of virus that causes cervical cancer
50 Immune cell response triggered by vaccine used to treat cervical precancers
51 Promising new HIV therapy
52 Observing the evolution of drug resistance in HIV patients
53 HIV vaccine development necessary for a durable end to AIDS
54 New combined therapy proposed to treat cancer
55 Scientists discover deadly plague cause
56 High added sugar intake 'increases CVD mortality'
57 Low-level pesticide exposure linked to Parkinson's disease
58 CDC: kids' caffeine sources now coffee, energy drinks
59 First human case of new bird flu virus confirmed in China
60 A byproduct of the pesticide DDT increases risk of Alzheimer's
61 Greater experience causes older brains to slow down, study shows
62 Diabetes and high estrogen levels raise dementia risk for women
63 Alzheimer's may appear in early scans if both parents have the disease
64 Infections impair the brain's ability to make spatial memories
65 Dietary treatment shows potential in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
66 New Nutrition Reviews study shows cholesterol-lowering potential of certain probiotics
67 New strategy for cholesterol treatment
68 Taking statins to lower cholesterol? New guidelines provide opportunity to discuss options with your doctor
69 Researchers discover unexpected player in regulation of blood cholesterol levels
70 Amidst controversy, four new articles help physicians make sense of new cholesterol treatment guidelines
71 EU rules stop children with cancer benefiting from new drugs
72 FDA warns against using Uncle Ben's 5- and 25-pound bags of Infused Rice
73 New breast cancer treatment Kadcyla given green light by regulators, UK
74 Are enough women included in medical device studies, as required by the FDA?
75 Vitamin C and E supplements may hinder athletes' training
76 Health and fitness habits 'influence health over next two decades'
77 Women's weight loss may be aided by certain probiotics
78 Weight loss surgery: 'not everyone lives happily ever after'
79 Adopt a healthy lifestyle: your heart will love you for it
80 Long-term research confirms game-changing method for detecting spread of deadly skin cancer
81 Research looks at correlation between OCD, body dysmorphia and tanning addiction
82 Women more attracted to masculine mates during ovulation
83 Large-scale analysis of over 20 tumor types increases catalog of cancer genes by 25%
84 High stress levels 'increase frequency of headaches'
85 Giving up smoking can improve psychological quality of life
86 Stress reduces when shared
87 Scientists find new brain area for anxiety
88 Young female smokers at higher risk of common breast cancer type
89 Breast cancer survivors benefit from yoga
90 Dense breast tissue drives early stages of cancer, new study says
91 For women with BRCA gene mutation, 'double mastectomy better'
92 'Mammograms every 2 years, not annually,' suggest scientists
93 Whole-genome testing helps identify treatments for breast cancer
94 Annual screening does not reduce risk of death from breast cancer
95 Long-living breast stem cells give clues to cancer cells of origin
96 Thirdhand smoke linked to liver, lung and skin problems
97 Success reported in targeted therapy for common form of lung cancer
98 Brain scans of jazz musicians unveil language and music similarities
99 Are we living in the final days of the stethoscope?
100 New ultrasound technique provides alternate way to visualize tumors
101 Blood vessel plaques pinpointed by nanoparticle
102 3D mapping biopsy found pockets of prostate cancer previous technique had missed
103 Bullying affects children's long-term health, study shows
104 Pregnancy: overactive immune system linked to offspring brain damage
105 Lack of sleep and exercise, too much TV affects teens' mental health
106 Probe detects staph infection faster, more cheaply
107 Stimulating spinal cord protects against Parkinson's symptoms
108 In mouse model, novel compound keeps Parkinson's symptoms at bay
109 Stem cell research: New, major EU research grant focused on the development of stem cell-based therapies for neurodegenerative diseases
110 Astrocyte finding points to possible new Parkinson's therapy