File Title
1 How Well Do Football Helmets Protect Players From Concussions?
2 Researcher Uncovers Some of the Ancient Mysteries of Leprosy
3 CHOP Researcher Co-Leads Study Finding Genes that Affect Blood Pressure
4 Gene Sequencing Project Discovers Common Driver of a Childhood Brain Tumor
5 Graphene 'Sandwich' Improves Imaging of Biomolecules
6 Presence of Humans and Urban Landscapes Increase Illness in Songbirds, Researchers Discover
7 Mechanism Discovered for How Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Mutations Damage Nerve Function
8 Ballistic Transport in Graphene Suggests New Type of Electronic Device
9 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Create Potential Vaccine Ingredient for Childhood Respiratory Disease
10 Whales and Human-Related Activities Overlap in African Waters
11 Expert Pitch: Drought a Sign of the Future
12 Birds of a Different Color
13 LA's Vulnerability to Future Sea Level Rise Projected
14 The Ultimate Decoy: Scientists Find Protein that Helps Bacteria Misdirect Immune System
15 Toxin from Brain Cells Triggers Neuron Loss in Human ALS Model
16 Upper Michigan Was 'Coldest' Spot on the Globe in January
17 Credit Card-Sized Device Could Analyze Biopsy, Help Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer in Minutes
18 Scholars Offer Scientific Solution To "Persistent" Bias in Academia
19 Substance in Photosynthesis Was in Play in Ancient, Methane-Producing Microbes
20 Ice Age's Arctic Tundra Lush with Wildflowers for Woolly Mammoths, Study Finds
21 Study Provides Surprising New Clue to the Roots of Hunger
22 Expert Pitch: Reptile Researcher Available to Comment on Discovery of Large Burmese Python in Florida Everglades
23 Will Your Child Be an Overweight Adult?
24 Scripps Florida Scientists Invent Breakthrough Approach to Quickly Identify New Drug Candidates from Genome Sequence
25 The Genetic Origins of High-Altitude Adaptations in Tibetans
26 Uganda Develops Database For Wildlife Crime Offenders
27 Conserved Nuclear Envelope Protein Uses a Shuttle Service to Travel Between Job Sites
28 Defect in Ikaros Gene Mimics Human B Cell Leukemia
29 Experts from the Mount Sinai Health System Discuss Eight Ways to Help Reduce and Prevent Your Risk for Colorectal Cancer
30 How Do Polar Bears Stay Warm? Research Finds an Answer in Their Genes
31 Researchers Discover Immune Signature That Predicts Poor Outcome in Influenza Patients
32 California Drought Similar To Historic Drought In Texas, Says Texas A&M Expert
33 Flowing Water on Mars Appears Likely But Hard to Prove
34 With Their Amazing Necks, Ants Don't Need "High Hopes" to Do Heavy Lifting
35 New Live-Cell Printing Technology Works Like Ancient Chinese Woodblocking
36 Chips That Listen to Bacteria
37 University of Tennessee Study Finds Crocodiles Climb Trees
38 Smelling with Our Eyes: Descriptions Affect Odour Perception
39 Blinded by Speed, Tiger Beetles Use Antennae to 'See' While Running
40 WCS Conservationist Lauds "Smart" Protection for Thailand's Tigers & Elephants
41 Image Processing Scientists Find Love on a Turkish Salt Lake
42 No Clowning Around: Juggling Sheds Light on How We Run
43 New Way to Measure Electron Pair Interactions
44 Texas Tech Biologist, Climate Scientist Begin Painting Macro-Portrait of Future Bird/Wetland Scenarios Under Climate Change
45 Study Shows Promise for Castor Crop Planting in Florida
46 Scents that are Sent by Phone
47 National Consortium for Data Science White Paper Points to Challenges and Solutions for Genomics in the Age of Big Data
48 What Makes Memories Last?
49 WCS Applauds Unprecedented and Historic National Strategy to Address Wildlife Trafficking
50 Researchers Find Source of New Lineage of Immune Cells
51 City of Hope Researcher Receives Five Grants Totaling $450,000 to Fight Pediatric Brain Tumors
52 Iowa State's Icing Wind Tunnel Blows Cold and Hard to Study Ice on Wings, Turbine Blades
53 New Data Shows Continued Decline of African Forest Elephants
54 Physicists Reveal Novel Magnetoelectric Effect
55 Earwax: A New Frontier of Human Odor Information
56 What's on the Consumer's Mind?
57 US Ignite Recognizes RENCI and NC State for Innovative App for Monitoring Power Grids
58 National Consortium Aims to Make U.S. And North Carolina Leaders of Global, Data-Driven Economy
59 New Tool Matches Medical Treatment Data to New Cancer Cases to Improve Prostate Cancer Treatment
60 RENCI-Duke Project Aims to Use Data to Improve Medical Treatment Decisions
61 Carolina Team Tackles the Challenge of Securing Sensitive Medical Research Data
62 Madagascar Sells First Forest Carbon Credits to Microsoft
63 IFT Wellness 14 Conference to Focus on Healthy Snacking
64 First Global Geologic Map of Largest Moon in the Solar System Details an Icy World
65 Stirring-Up Atomtronics in a Quantum Circuit: What's So 'Super' About This Superfluid
66 Testing of Ancient Skeleton Proves First Americans Came From Asia
67 Relocating 'Nuisance' Animals Often Unhealthy for Wildlife
68 New Study of Fossil Teeth Shows That Environment, as Well as Diet, May Impact Dental Wear
69 Understanding the Basic Biology of Bipolar Disorder
70 Expert Pitch: University of Louisville Professor Says Sinkholes, Like the One That Swallowed Eight Corvettes in Bowling Green This Week, Are Common in Kentucky
71 Patented Airflow System Decreases Pollutants From Large Piston Engines
72 Treating Stroke Patients with Intravenous Magnesium within an Hour of Symptom Onset Fails to Improve Stroke Outcome
73 A Global Crackdown on Wildlife Crime
74 Scripps Florida Team Awarded $2.3 Million to Unlock Mysteries of Long-Term Memory
75 Energy Harvesting Takes Wing in Merger of Engineering and Biology
76 Superconductivity in Orbit: Scientists Find New Path to Loss-Free Electricity
77 Sex Cells
78 Drought Contributed to Typhus Epidemics in Mexico from 1655 to 1918, Study Shows
79 Researchers Find Brain's 'Sweet Spot' for Love in Neurological Patient
80 Grape Seed Promise in Fight Against Bowel Cancer
81 Virginia Tech to Design Framework for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
82 MSU Researchers Find Rice Seed Treatments Effective, Worth Investment
83 Superbright and Fast X-Rays Image Single Layer of Proteins
84 Scientists Chip Away at the Mystery of What Lives in Our Mouths
85 Uncovering the Secrets of Tularemia, the "Rabbit Fever"
86 Battery Development May Extend Range of Electric Cars
87 New Technology Targets Slick Winter Highways
88 Process Holds Promise for Production of Synthetic Gasoline
89 Boise State Researcher Aims to Use Waste Heat to Make Cars More Efficient
90 Three Projects Aim to Improve Fuel Efficiency, Reduce Emissions on the Highway
91 Bacterial Superbug Protein Structure Solved
92 Better Batters Result From Brain-Training Research
93 Tulane University Announces $1 Million Grand Challenge Prize for Solutions to "Dead Zones"
94 Harvesting Light, the Single-Molecule Way
95 Finding Ways to Detect and Treat Alzheimer's Disease
96 Mechanism of Dengue Virus Entry into Cells
97 ORNL, CINCINNATI Partner to Develop Commercial Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing System
98 It's Alive! Bacteria-filled Liquid Crystals Could Improve Biosensing
99 Research Leads to 20 Percent Cuts in Energy Consumption in Buildings
100 Undergraduate Invention Aims to Lower Costs of Organ Cell Printing
101 Missouri S&T Names 'Signature' Areas of Manufacturing, Infrastructure
102 Hubble Images Become Tactile 3-D Experience for the Blind
103 Video: Loudspeaker Is First-Ever 3D-Printed Consumer Electronic
104 University of Tennessee Professor Receives Gates Foundation Award to Reinvent Condom, Improve Global Health
105 Video: Students Invent 'Aura' Musical Instrument Using Gloves
106 A Battery Small Enough to Be Injected, Energetic Enough to Track Salmon
107 Solar-Induced Hybrid Fuel Cell Produces Electricity Directly from Biomass
108 Single Chip Device to Provide Real-Time 3-D Images from Inside the Heart and Blood Vessels
109 Silicon-Germanium Chip Sets New Speed Record
110 The Natural Inspiration of Mathematics