File Title
1 Astronomers create first map of weather on nearby brown dwarf star
2 'Dwarf planet' in deep space has water
3 First planet found around solar twin in star cluster
4 SF State astronomers discover new planet in Pisces constellation
5 New kind of planet or failed star? Astrophysicists discover category-defying celestial object
6 NASA Kepler Provides Insight About Enigmatic But Ubiquitous Planets, Five New Rocky Planets
7 Newfound planet is Earth-mass but gassy
8 Earth appears to be an oddity, astronomers say
9 NASA-Sponsored 'Disk Detective' Lets Public Search for New Planetary Nurseries
10 NASA Boards the 3-D-Manufacturing Train
11 3D printing poised to shake up shopping
12 3D-printed components flown in British fighter jet
13 New system allows for high-accuracy, through-wall, 3-D motion tracking
14 Study Finds Natural Compound Can Be Used for 3-D Printing of Medical Implants
15 Mass extinction may not cause all organisms to 'shrink'
16 Mass extinction happened fast: study
17 Strange marine mammals of ancient North Pacific revealed
18 Largest evolutionary study of sponges sheds new light on animal evolution
19 Pompeii-style volcano gave China its dinosaur trove
20 University of Hawaii scientists make a big splash
21 Scientists reveal why life got big in the Earth's early oceans
22 Discovery of new Tiktaalik roseae fossils reveals key link in evolution of hind limbs
23 Mapping Amino Acids to Understand Life's Origins
24 Fossil pigments reveal the colors of ancient sea monsters
25 After a 49-million-year hiatus, a cockroach reappears in North America
26 Fossil in amber shows ancient reproduction process of flowering plants
27 Mapping the demise of the dinosaurs
28 Ancient 'fig wasp' lived tens of millions of years before figs
29 Iron preserves, hides ancient tissues in fossilized remains
30 First US missile shield destroyer arrives in Europe
31 Israeli leaders step up warnings of growing missile threat
32 Israel shoots down rocket fired from Gaza: reports
33 Israel to start Arrow 3 production although key test still to come
34 Israel's Rafael and Raytheon to co-produce Iron Dome
35 Raytheon resumes work on US Navy Air and Missile Defense Radar
36 How to make the wonder material graphene superconducting
37 Vernier and KidWind Bring Sensor Technology to Turbines and Panel Kits
38 Getting a charge from changes in humidity
39 Atomic-Scale Catalysts May Produce Cheap Hydrogen
40 Energy storage in miniaturized capacitors may boost green energy technology
41 Superlens Extends Range of Wireless Power Transfer
42 Charge Order competes with superconductivity
43 'Universal ripple' could hold the secret to high-temperature superconductivity
44 50th anniversary of Beatles on Ed Sullivan celebrated with new Apple TV channel
45 Apple's Arizona sapphire plant spurs construction of new renewable energy projects
46 Apple begins international rollout for iTunes Radio, launches in Australia
47 Shazam for iPhone gets redesigned, Chaatz enters the iOS messaging fray with profiles
48 AirPlay configuration files in iOS 7 hint at next-gen Apple TV hardware
49 Apple's average Mac selling price steady at $1300 as iPad eats away at PC sales
50 Rumor: Apple's 'iWatch' team grows to 200 people, device won't be regulated by FDA
51 Steve Jobs featured in new 'American Cool' exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery
52 Court shoots down Apple motion to rein in e-books antitrust monitor
53 Google's collaboration with Foxconn sheds light on robotics ambitions
54 'Flappy Bird' developer says game was 'addictive product'
55 Rumor: Apple to use same manufacturer, processing method for Touch ID in next iPhone
56 Apple rumored to use sapphire screen for 'iWatch,' but not next-gen iPhone
57 Apple hints at unannounced 'new platforms' in job listing
58 App Store growth makes Apple's iTunes business alone more valuable than Xerox, CBS
59 Rumors: Apple prepping bezel-free design, Sony FaceTime camera for 'iPhone 6'
60 Apple promotes from within for new company-wide human resources leader
61 Apple issues new Boot Camp Support Software, updates Compressor with bug fixes
62 Whole Foods to roll out iPad-based Square Stands
63 Mac Pro ship times slip to April as demand continues to outstrip supply
64 Latest sketchy rumor claims Apple to launch two 'iPhone 6' models with 4.7" & 5.5" displays in Sept.
65 J.P. Morgan predicts new, separate & converged 'iAnywhere' computing platform in Apple's future
66 Apple Lisa mouse personally donated by Steve Jobs unearthed in Colorado time capsule
67 Apple's iPad continues to dominate tablet usage, peaks in late evening
68 Apple's iPad takes 91.4% share of enterprise tablets; iOS takes 73% share overall
69 Apple's iPhone earned 87.4% of global handset profits in December quarter
70 Angry Birds maker Rovio teases new fowl-featuring title on Twitter
71 Apple readying April unveiling of new Apple TV, may partner with Time Warner
72 Microsoft considering allowing Android apps to run on Windows--report
73 IDC critical of Apple for not selling profitless, sub $200 iPhones in market share
74 Highly suspect photos claim to show 'iPhone 6' chassis [u x2]
75 Apple seeds sixth OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers
76 iPhone upgraders leave nearly $13.5B in old hardware to collect dust
77 Comcast to purchase Time Warner Cable, future Apple TV partnership uncertain
78 Google's strict policies for 'open' Android OS revealed in newly public documents
79 Apple releases 2014 Supplier Responsibility report, pushes against 'conflict minerals'
80 Apple wants to stop, track down spammers with automated disposable email addresses
81 Apple hires yet another medical sensor expert as 'iWatch' hype grows
82 Rovio's 'Angry Birds Stella' to debut this fall with female protagonist
83 Apple set to discontinue legacy, non-Retina iPad 2
84 Apple gained overall share as smartphones outsold feature phones for first time in 2013
85 Greenpeace praises Apple for reducing use of conflict minerals
86 Developers experiencing issues with Apple iTunes Connect
87 Apple, Inc. sold more computers than all of Microsoft's Windows PC partners in December quarter
88 Apple's Schiller to retake stand in second Apple v. Samsung trial, Forstall waits in wings
89 Proposed federal law would require smartphone 'kill switches'
90 Apple distributed another $2.6 billion in dividends to shareholders on Thursday
91 BlackBerry adds voice calling to BBM, goes temporarily free with IFTTT integration
92 Apple's Tim Cook met with Samsung CEO in failed attempt to resolve patent dispute
93 Apple's 'iWatch' rumored to use optoelectronics to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels
94 MetaWatch adds step counter for iPhone 5s users, Taco Bell working on mobile ordering system
95 Court grants Apple's motion to dismiss Siri misrepresentation lawsuit
96 MLB rolls out iBeacons in first two of over 20 parks ahead of 2014 season
97 Microsoft Office may come to iPad before Windows 8
98 Briefly: Apple takes 30th anniversary Mac homepage, mini-site international
99 Using the Oakley Airwave 1.5 heads-up display with Apple's iPhone
100 Apple to debut new set top box in April for Christmas launch; currently negotiating with Time Warner Cable, others
101 Microsoft considering allowing Android apps to run on both Windows and Windows Phone, sources say
102 IDC: iOS and 'Android' continue to dominate with combined 95.7% worldwide smartphone market share
103 Milestone: Apple computers outsold Windows PCs in Q4 2013
104 Carl Icahn calls for return of Glass-Steagall; says 'Apple is one of the cheapest stocks around'
105 Consumers hoard $13 billion in older Apple iPhones
106 Bluefin: Apple iPhone, iPad sales 'strong'; may beat Wall Street expectations this year
107 Apple's Eddy Cue back in the news, cutting deals in Hollywood
108 New photos, by way of Sonny Dickson, claim to show off Apple's iPhone 6
109 Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable in $44.2 billion all-stock deal
110 Apple confirms suppliers use conflict-free minerals