File Title
1 Honoured researchers urge colleagues to fight anti-science
2 Nano-superstructures may bring safer chemo
3 Group walks reveal who's top dog
4 Jumping stars hold clues to Milky Way's past
5 Stone-Age Hunter Had Blue Eyes And Dark, African Skin
6 Ancient Hunter-Gatherer Discovery is First Pre-agricultural European Genome; Man Featured Dark Skin, Blue Eyes
7 7,000-year-old male, blue eyes, dark skin, likes hunting.
8 Ancient European hunter-gatherer was a blue-eyed boy
9 Ancient European hunter-gatherer had blue eyes, dark skin
10 Grand Canyon May be Younger Than We Thought
11 Arizona's Grand Canyon is Much Younger (And Older) Than Previously Thought
12 Modern Grand Canyon May Actually Be Fairly New
13 Grand Canyon is not so ancient
14 Debate Over Grand Canyon's Age May Finally Be Over
15 Astronauts repeat spacewalk to complete camera job
16 Russian astronauts repeat spacewalk to complete camera hookup, cables thwarted December attempt
17 Russian Astronauts Set Up Cameras During Spacewalk
18 Cosmonauts begin spacewalk to install HD cameras
19 UrtheCast Camera Installation Streamed Live From ISS
20 China Moon rover Jade Rabbit in trouble
21 Chinese Social Media Prays for 'Little Bunny' Moon Rover
22 China's moon rover breaks down, mission in jeopardy
23 China's Jade Rabbit moon rover is malfunctioning. Will it recover?
24 Stephen Hawking says black holes aren't really black
25 Stephen Hawking's Blunder on Black Holes Shows Danger of Listening to Scientists, Says Bachmann
26 Stephen Hawking says black holes don't exist
27 No Black Holes? More Like Grey Holes, Says Hawking
28 Polar bears are modifying their diets to adapt to climate change
29 Polar bears adapt diet to global warming
30 Research on polar bear poop reveals further inland hunting
31 As Arctic ice melts, polar bears switch diets to survive, studies say
32 China's First Lunar Rover is Experiencing Mechanical Problems
33 China's lunar rover has mechanical problems, may not finish mission
34 China's Lunar Rover Only Lasted a Month
35 Mars Was Mild And Wet Long Ago; Curiosity Rover Analyzes Tell-All Rocks For 10-Year Anniversary (SLIDESHOW)
36 Mars rover finds 'liveable' mud
37 NASA's Tragedies: Remembering Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia
38 NASA's week of tragedy: Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia remembered
39 NASA to remember fallen astronauts this week
40 Solar Wind Creates Water in Star Dust, Implications for Life
41 Interstellar Dust Particles Carry Water, Organic Compounds To Earth
42 Dust from Comets, Asteroids and Leftover Debris Showers Water and Organics
43 Saving the Monitor, A National Treasure
44 USS Monitor Restoration Threatened by Funding Cuts
45 USS Monitor work goes dark as US dollars dwindle
46 New Species of River Dolphin Found in Brazil
47 New dolphin species found in Brazil
48 Ocean waves help quake scientists make predictions for the Big One
49 'Virtual earthquake' study suggests LA would shake more than expected
50 Earthquakes in Southern California Worst to Come
51 Northrop Grumman team completes design review for James Webb Space Telescope
52 Mission Milestone Passed By NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
53 Northrop, NASA Move Webb Telescope Spacecraft Through Design Review
54 'Little Earth' Found In Ceres; Could This Be World's Backup Planet?
55 Telescope spies water plumes on dwarf planet Ceres
56 Hatteras Lighthouse foundation stones threatened
57 Residents push to move Hatteras Lighthouse foundation stones from original location
58 Hanauma Bay reopens day after box jellyfish forced closure
59 Box jellyfish invasion closes Hanauma Bay
60 Flies In Space Teach Us About Our Immune Systems; 'Weightlessness' Is A Fungus' Dream
61 Trip to space may weaken your immunity
62 Outer Space Adventures could be Bad for Immune System
63 Nearby supernova will light up the sky for a week, grant insight into dark energy
64 Supernova Reveals Dark Energy Breakthrough
65 Rare supernova SN2014J spotted at University of Alabama
66 A possible solution to China's smog: Giant vacuum cleaners
67 Smog-hit China's switch to high-grade raw materials to boost big miners
68 Delhi's air more polluted than Beijing's, reveals new study
69 On Bad Air Days in India, Staying Inside Doesn't Help
70 Firearms hospitalize about 20 U.S. kids a day: Study
71 Guns hospitalize more than 7,000 children per year in U.S.: study
72 Gun injuries prevalent in children
73 20 U.S. Kids Hospitalized Each Day for Gun Injuries
74 Illness Spreads on Another Cruise. What Makes Ships Sick?
75 Possible norovirus outbreak cuts Royal Caribbean cruise short
76 More than 300 fall ill aboard cruise ship
77 Royal Caribbean cruise cut short after more than 600 are sickened
78 Cruise ends after gastro illness
79 Music therapy helps young cancer patients, study finds
80 Young Cancer Patients Should Makes Music Videos, Study Suggests
81 Cancer Patients Cope Better With Music Therapy
82 Music Therapy May Help Teens With Cancer Cope
83 Brain-dead Texas woman taken off life support
84 Pregnant, Brain-Dead Texas Woman Removed from Life Support
85 Brain-Dead Texas Woman Taken Off Ventilator
86 Massachusetts to Issue Medical Marijuana Dispensary Permits Thursday
87 Mass. nearing decision on pot dispensaries
88 Mass. nearing decision on marijuana dispensaries
89 Britain proposes a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to aged under 18
90 Good Cholesterol Can Turn Bad, Clogging Arteries And Promoting Cardiovascular Disease
91 Good cholesterol may also cause heart diseases
92 When good cholesterol goes bad
93 Geron shares fall after cancer drug study update
94 Marlboro Man Eric Lawson Dies From Smoking-Related Disease
95 Marlboro Man Dead: Original Cigarette Spokesman Dies from Smoking Related Disease
96 Former Marlboro Man, Eric Lawson, dies at 72 from smoking-related disease
97 Ex-Marlboro Man Eric Lawson Dies at 72
98 Glaxosmithkline's Type 2 Diabetes Therapy Albiglutide Receives Positive Review from EU Committee
99 EMA gives nod to GlaxoSmithKline's diabetes drug Eperzan, final decision soon
100 GSK diabetes drug set for European approval
101 Yale study shows half of women don't talk to doctor about having babies
102 Study Shows Half of Women Don't Know Basic Facts About Baby-Making
103 Fertility 101: Study shows many women confused about reproductive health
104 Pfizer lung cancer drug fails in two large studies--UPDATE 2
105 Pfizer cancer drug fails in 2 late-stage studies
106 Pfizer Lung Cancer Treatment Misses Goals in Two Studies
107 Black media seek part of court-ordered tobacco ads
108 N.C. receives failing grade from American Lung Association
109 ALA gives Delaware mixed grades for tobacco-cessation efforts
110 Justice Department's Anti-Smoking Efforts Exclude Black Media