File Title
1 Genetically-modified purple tomatoes heading for shops
2 Citizen science charts horse chestnut tree pest spread
3 Space travel vital to our survival, says UK astronaut
4 World's oldest-known living cancer '11,000 years old'
5 Dream Chaser mini-shuttle given 2016 launch date
6 Davos: Fracking to boost UK economy, David Cameron says
7 Genetic clue to how limbs evolved from fins
8 Brazil dolphin is first new river species since 1918
9 Nearby supernova dazzles astronomers
10 Central heating may make you fat, say researchers
11 Should walkers worry about magnetic north shifting?
12 Opportunity rover clocks 10 years on Mars
13 'Lame duck versus laggards' in battle for EU climate future
14 Electric car attempts London-to-Edinburgh in a day
15 In today's Paris, cutting-edge art, culture and cuisine
16 Ukraine crisis: Opposition rejects offer of PM post
17 Thailand protesters block early election vote
18 Quebec fire home search: Many people still missing
19 Egypt to hold presidential poll before parliamentary vote
20 Mandla Maseko: The first black African heading into space
21 Khaled Khalifeh's cafe society: Damascus life 'must go on'
22 Hollande-Trierweiler split: A bachelor in the Elysee
23 HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals
24 China court sentences Xu Zhiyong to four years in jail
25 Chobham 'mini-tornado lifted cats in air'
26 Tata Motors chief Karl Slym dies
27 Japan NHK boss Momii sparks WWII 'comfort women' row
28 Pope's peace doves attacked by crow and seagull
29 'Super-rare' Nintendo game hits eBay
30 Japan food pesticide scare: Factory worker arrested
31 Channel Tunnel workers suffer carbon monoxide poisoning
32 Tourist boat capsizes in Andaman Sea, 'killing 21'
33 Lions and donkeys: 10 big myths about World War One debunked
34 UK weather: More rain hits already flooded areas
35 UK 'working on' Syria refugee plan, Hague says
36 A Point of View: The ethics of the driverless car
37 Coen Brothers on Llewyn Davis, losers and live music
38 How to sweeten the Syrian peace pill
39 How do you find a ghost ship?
40 Google patents ad tech linking restaurant to taxi ride
41 FBI warns shops to watch for checkout thefts
42 Smart racquet on hand to transform tennis coaching
43 Facebook v. academia: The gloves are off
44 Easter egg hunt: Seven secrets of the world wide web
45 Bitcoins and virtual currency--how do businesses cope?
46 Former BBC technology boss sacked over failed project
47 Pair jailed over abusive tweets to feminist campaigner
48 'Revenge porn' website former owner Hunter Moore arrested
49 Samsung Electronics quarterly profit declines
50 Edward Snowden: 'No chance' of a fair US trial
51 Developer finds Chrome eavesdropping bug
52 Davos 2014: Google's Schmidt warning on jobs
53 Bitcloud developers plan to decentralise internet
54 Microsoft reports better-than-expected earnings
55 Avegant Glyph headset hits Kickstarter funding target
56 US privacy watchdog advises NSA spying is illegal
57 Syria talks: Civilians to be allowed out of Homs old city
58 Ukraine protests 'spread' into Russia-influenced east
59 Grand Canyon 'formed recently'
60 Good cholesterol 'can turn nasty and clog arteries'
61 Splendour in the vines: How to buy a vineyard
62 Productivity hack: Secrets of getting more done at work
63 Texas judge orders removal of pregnant Marlise Munoz life support
64 The village where half the people are at risk of blindness
65 Trusty stethoscope faces threat from portable hi-tech
66 Grin and bare it: buttock cupping & other health 'cures'
67 Plants Use Hormones to Choose Growth Over Pathogen Defense
68 Nature and Narcotics: Dolphins use Puffer Fish Toxin to Achieve Trance-like State
69 DNA Barcoding Makes New Inroads in Species Identification
70 Advanced GPS System Will Improve Natural Disaster Warnings
71 Atlas Mountain Range Floats on Layer of Molten Rock
72 Circumstances Around Rare Earthquake Lights Illuminated by New Study
73 Pompeii's Poor Ate Well, Ancient Remains of Human Waste Reveal
74 Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier Vulnerable to La Nia Events, Researchers Find
75 Remarkable Extinct Flower Specimen Found in Ancient Amber from Myanmar
76 Sweetpotato Weevils' Favorite Color Switches When it Moves Indoors
77 Transgenic Plants Produce 'Fish Oils': Study
78 Ancient Palace Floor Designed to Both Impress and Instruct Visitors
79 Pilot Whales Stranded on New Zealand Beach Euthanized
80 Supervolcanoes Erupt without External Triggers
81 Four Ancient Cockroach Species Found in Colorado
82 Australian Researchers Create a Database of World's Winegrape Varieties and Regions
83 Car Exhaust, Grilling Generate Mutagenic Compounds Previously Unknown to Science
84 Rising Carbon dioxide Levels Preventing Sea Snails from Jumping
85 'Nutcracker Man' Feasted on Tiger Nuts 2 Million Years Ago
86 Lives of Gigantic Sauropods Explored in New Body of Research
87 375 million-year-old Fish Fossil Sheds Light on Evolution From Fins to Limbs [VIDEO]
88 New System Harnesses Sun's Energy for Nighttime Use
89 Tooth Decay in Ancient Humans Linked with Starchy Food
90 Genetically Modified Crops can be Detected with One Simple, Comprehensive Test
91 East Asia to Experience More Catastrophic Cyclones in Future, Researchers Say
92 Older Trees Grow Faster, Take Up More Carbon
93 Human Brain Can Process an Image in Just 13 Milliseconds, Study Confirms
94 Sixth Sense Really Just Subconscious Observations, Researchers Argue
95 Dogs, Wolves Not as Close as Assumed
96 Study Shows Plants can Learn, Remember
97 Discovery of Previously Unknown Pharaoh Confirms Existence of Lost Dynasty
98 New Toad Rhinella yunga Found in 'Warm Valleys' of Peruvian Andes
99 Toxic Metal-Breathing Bacteria May Bring New Solutions to Industry
100 Megafloods May Have Formed Strange Rock Formations on Earth and Mars
101 Researchers Create Rough Surfaces That Reduce Drag
102 Global Warming to Accelerate Strong El Nino Events in the Future
103 Astronomers Find Strands of 'Cosmic Web' that Hold Galaxies
104 Pyrethroid Pesticide Use Linked with Reduced Size of Worker Bumble Bees
105 Climate Change, Violence and Disease Contributed to Indus Civilization Demise
106 Honeybees Can Spread Viruses by Transporting Infected Pollen
107 Robots with Whiskers; Berkeley Scientists Create Highly Sensitive Tactile Sensors
108 New Zealand Scientists Find Fossil of Ancient Relative of Dolphins, Whales
109 Famine Contributed to Milk Tolerance in Europeans, Study Suggests
110 Experimental Strontium Atomic Clock Sets New Records, But Officially Can't Tell Time
111 Adam Lived About 209,000 Years Ago, Study Says
112 Genome of 11,000-Year-Old Dog Cancer Decoded
113 Furred and Feathered Animals Stay Warm by Reflecting Infrared Light
114 Los Angeles Faces Bigger Earthquake Threat Than Anticipated, Study Confirms