File Title
1 Kenyan parliament to spend nearly $350k on iPads for members, staff
2 Apple may have sold upwards of 60 million iPhones over holiday quarter
3 Apple provides iOS 7.1 beta 4 to developers
4 Apple offers Samsung patent settlement deal tied to anti-cloning provision
5 Apple extends in-store display repairs to iPhone 5c
6 iPad Air takes top tablet spot in December, reversing Apple's tablet price erosion
7 Rumor: Large-screen iPhone 6 in June, 'iWatch' to use flexible LG OLED display
8 VLC for iOS gets Google Drive downloads, Dropbox streaming in update
9 Nest's Fadell backtracks on data privacy, will be transparent about future changes
10 Review: Underwater Audio's waterproof iPod shuffle
11 Beats Music subscription Internet radio service launches with iOS app
12 Apple patents automatic 'station tuning' for broadcast and streaming audio, video content
13 Apple's new trackpad patent replaces 'click button' with force sensors, adds tactile feedback
14 Apple expands educational iBooks to new markets in Asia, Latin America & Europe
15 AppleInsider's ads-free iPad app now available on the App Store
16 Verizon Wireless adds 1.7M subscribers in Q4, 70% now have smartphones
17 Apple wins temporary reprieve from monitor in e-books antitrust case
18 China 3G subscribers grew 79% in 2013 with Apple poised to benefit from booming market
19 Apple's Phil Schiller plugs security report showing 99% of mobile malware targets Android
20 Amazon seeks licenses for new pay-TV service with live channels--report
21 Apple seeds OS X Server 3.1 Preview to developers
22 Apple's iOS edges out Android in mobile ad traffic, dominates in revenue
23 Apple, Google commuter shuttles to be charged fee for using San Francisco bus stops
24 Judge finds Samsung to infringe Apple patent, invalidates Samsung patent in second California trial
25 Glass panel at Fifth Ave Apple Store shattered by snowblower
26 Apple projected to have sold 25M iPads in record holiday quarter
27 Belgian retailer claims Apple planning to release Mac mini update soon
28 Carl Icahn calls Apple a 'no brainer' investment as his stake grows to over $3B
29 Apple rumored to be planning new European data center in the Netherlands
30 Foxconn executives jailed on suspicion of taking kickbacks from iPhone parts suppliers
31 Analyst: Apple's 'iPhone 6' design 'locked down' with 4.8" display, 802.11ac Wi-Fi
32 Pocket adds AirPlay support, Facebook tests mobile ads in third-party apps
33 Apple releases iTunes update with Wish List, language enhancements
34 Users may be weakest link in Apple ID, iOS security chain
35 Apple says working on fix for random iOS 7 crashing issue
36 Study: iPhone, iPad users most voracious data consumers in developed and developing markets
37 Apple releases two 'Your Verse' iPad Air ads
38 Apple investigating mood-based ad delivery system
39 Apple patent filing offers peek at future sapphire applications
40 Apple's iPhone 5c boasts most available advertised memory, Samsung Galaxy S4 declared 'biggest memory hog'
41 Photos show painstaking building restorations completed at Apple's new Brisbane, Australia store
42 Pixelmator 3.1 gains dual-GPU & 16-bit image support with Apple's new Mac Pro
43 WSJ: Apple to launch two larger iPhones this year, scrap iPhone 5c
44 Update may bring games, controller support to Apple TV this spring
45 Apps: 5by video suggestions, Moodies emotion analysis, SwiftKey gesture note taking
46 Carl Icahn invests another $500M in Apple, promotes increased buyback in letter to shareholders
47 iWork for iCloud gets iOS 7-inspired look, new document and security features
48 Apple seeds third OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 beta to developers
49 Apple updates iWork suite for OS X and iOS with new features, bug fixes
50 Apple executives discuss future of Mac on platform's 30th anniversary
51 Zoom launches iQ5 Lightning-connected professional-grade microphone for iPhone, iPad
52 ABC to interview Tim Cook for 30th anniversary of Mac
53 Apple addresses iMovie crashing issue in latest update
54 Samsung whiffs on earnings thanks to iPhone and Asian rivals
55 Apple celebrates 30 years of Mac with special webpage, video
56 Apple's Macintosh has forced the world to change for 30 years
57 Apple's Tim Cook jokes about secrecy, sapphire glass, and a mythical 'iRing'
58 Foxconn completes assembly testing for sapphire-covered iPhone--report
59 Incipio unveils NFC-based Cashwrap mobile wallet case for Apple's iPhone
60 iFixit goes back to the future, tears down original 128k Mac
61 Nest's Tony Fadell says it's 'up to Apple' if company wants to keep ties following Google buyout
62 Tim Cook will 'absolutely' press Congress for more transparency over surveillance
63 US DOJ argues against Apple motion to remove e-book antitrust monitor
64 WSJ: Apple 'laying groundwork' for mobile payments system
65 Users report iTunes Radio popping up in Australia, UK, and Canada
66 Apple celebrates 30 years of Mac with live concert at company HQ
67 Review: Nomad ChargeKey, a keychain-sized Lightning cable
68 Operator error: Snowblower shatters $450,000 pane in Apple Store Fifth Avenue's glass cube (with video)
69 Apple up as Carl Icahn lashes out at board
70 Innovative Display Technologies sues Apple claiming patent infringement in all products with an LCD display
71 Analyst: Apple's iPhone 6 'locked down' with 4.8-inch Retina display
72 Foxconn managers arrested for allegedly demanding kickbacks from iPhone component makers
73 Exploit for Google's Chrome browser can secretly listen to oblivious users
74 Apple releases iTunes 11.1.4
75 Apple debuts two new iPad Air ads: 'Light Verse' and 'Sound Verse'
76 Apple patent application details uses for synthetic sapphire glass
77 Pixelmator 3.1 Marble released; fully optimized for new Mac Pro
78 Apple to hold Q114 earnings results conference call on Monday, January 27th
79 Cramer: Carl Icahn wants change on Apple's 'imperial' board of directors
80 iPhone 5s users consume unprecedented data levels; large screen smartphones drive heavy data use
81 Bad news abounds for Google's patent lawsuits as Apple, SimpleAir and Vringo are winning
82 Huawei settles with Apple-led Rockstar, will pay for Android's patent infringement
83 Why Apple is ignoring Google's tactics
84 Microsoft's beleaguered Nokia sees smartphone sales, profits plunge in Q4
85 Apple plans pair of iPhone with bigger screens; 4.5-inch and over 5-inch models coming, sources say
86 All-new Apple TV set top box coming soon with App Store possible, sources say
87 12 sneaky Easter eggs hiding in your Mac
88 iPhone user reviews Android after 6 months of use: Samsung Galaxy S4 not as good as Apple iPhone
89 Apple updates iWork for iCloud beta with new, flatter iOS 7-style UI elements
90 Apple's 100-day Macintosh marketing blitz: After the applause, confusion
91 Carl Icahn issues open letter to Apple Shareholders
92 Apple releases ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.4
93 Apple's holiday quarter net income will be close to Google's net income for the entire year
94 30 years on, Apple's revolutionary Mac still influences
95 Apple the world's top semiconductor buyer in 2013 by a large margin
96 ABC News to interview Apple CEO Cook about Mac's 30th anniversary on January 24
97 Happy 30th Birthday, Apple Macintosh!
98 Samsung misses earnings estimates; profits decline as as Apple iPhones win sales
99 Carl Icahn ups Apple stake to $3.6 billion, reiterates calls for larger stock buyback
100 Apple invites website visitors to celebrate 30 years of Macintosh
101 Why Google Android software is not as free or open as some think
102 20 ways Apple's revolutionary, astonishing Mac changed everything
103 20 Ways Apple's Mac Changed Everything (Other Than the Most Obvious Ones)
104 Steven Levy: The Macintosh is 30, and I was there for its birth
105 An App Store for Apple TV could significantly boost Apple profits
106 Apple's Macintosh: 'Doomed' for 30 years and counting
107 The Apple Inquisition: An appeals court looks at the extra-judicial mugging of the tech firm
108 Macintosh 128K teardown
109 Mavericks Update: OS X 10.9.2 Beta 3, Safari for Mountain Lion and Lion seeded
110 Honda's 'HondaLink' offers partial iPhone-vehicle integration ahead of Apple's 'iOS in the Car'
111 Apple's 16,210% rally as Macintosh turns 30
112 New Mac App Store section celebrates 30 years of Macintosh with great apps and games
113 Take a peek at a few key patents that Apple gained with PrimeSense acquisition
114 Apple's Tim Cook on U.S government surveillance: 'There is no back door, the government doesn't have access to our servers'
115 Apple is about to do something brilliant
116 Apple makes at least 100 prototype next-generation iPhone units with sapphire-covered displays
117 Study: Apple has most secure password protection out of top 100 e-commerce websites
118 iWallet: Apple exploring expansion of mobile payments, sources say