File Title
1 When nanotechnology meets quantum physics in 1 dimension
2 Molecules as circuits
3 Mitochondrial ribosome revealed
4 New Microscopy Technique Improves Imaging at the Atomic Scale
5 Fur and Feathers Keep Animals Warm by Scattering Light
6 Looking for a 'superhabitable' world? Try Alpha Centauri B, says Astrobiology Journal
7 Scripps Florida Scientists Find Regulator of Amyloid Plaque Buildup in Alzheimer's Disease
8 A new wrinkle in the control of waves
9 More benefits emerging for one type of omega-3 fatty acid: DHA
10 Various microstructures fabricated by a solvent-cast 3-D printing technique
11 A Scientific First
12 Putting 'Adam' in his rightful place in evolutionary history
13 11,000-year-old living dog cancer reveals its secrets
14 Detecting Sickness By Smell
15 Changing climate: How dust changed the face of the earth
16 School drug tests don't work, but 'positive climate' might
17 Study finds MTV's '16 & Pregnant' and 'Teen Mom' contributed to record decline in US teen childbearing
18 2 players produce destructive cascade of diabetic retinopathy
19 Researchers Find Substantial Drop in Use of Affirmative Action in College Admissions
20 Living in fantasyland? Luck is more important than fantasy sports players think
21 Breakthrough announced in treatment of patient with rare type of leukemia
22 Researchers 'detune' a molecule
23 Findings bolster fiber's role in colon health
24 Study: University Rankings Influence Number and Competiveness of Applicants
25 Study: Kids teased in P.E. class exercise less a year later
26 KAIST participates in the 2014 Davos Forum on January 22-25 in Switzerland
27 IUPUI faculty and undergrad researchers evaluate peer-led team learning in cyberspace
28 Is Europe Equipped with Enough Medical Oncologists to Face the Increasing Cancer Burden? The Horizon is Still Unknown
29 25 years of DNA on the computer
30 The entropy of nations
31 Supercomputers join search for 'cheapium'
32 Cleveland Clinic researchers create online colorectal cancer risk calculator
33 How you practice matters for learning a skill quickly
34 New algorithm can dramatically streamline solutions to the 'max flow' problem
35 NREL finds a new cellulose digestion mechanism by a fast-eating enzyme
36 Penn researchers develop 'personalized advantage index,' a new decision-making tool
37 Researchers propose alternative way to allocate science funding
38 Negative feedback makes cells 'sensitive'
39 Designer 'swiss-army-knife' molecule captures RNA in single cells in their natural tissue environment
40 Tricky protein may help HIV vaccine development
41 Follow-up tests improve colorectal cancer recurrence detection
42 Natural selection can favor 'irrational' behavior
43 BYU's smart object recognition algorithm doesn't need humans
44 Research sheds new light on heritability of disease
45 Smooth sailing: Rough surfaces that can reduce drag
46 Access to guns increases risk of suicide, homicide
47 Dispersal patterns key to invasive species' success
48 McMaster University researchers find fever-reducing medications may aid spread of influenza
49 Fast eye movements: A possible indicator of more impulsive decision-making
50 Computer simulation of blood vessel growth
51 To stay a step ahead of breast cancer, make a map of the future
52 The rocky road to a better flu vaccine
53 Sickle cell trait in African-American dialysis patients affects dosing of anemia drugs
54 The evolution of drug resistance within a HIV population
55 Small size in early pregnancy linked to poor heart health later in life
56 Would criminalizing guilty healthcare professionals improve patient care?
57 Brain uses serotonin to perpetuate chronic pain signals in local nerves
58 Ultrasound training should be implemented early into medical education programs
59 Insulin-Producing Beta Cells from Stem Cells: Scientists Decipher Early Molecular Mechanisms of Differentiation
60 Better eating habits, not bad economy, stabilized obesity rates
61 NIH scientists map genetic changes that drive tumors in a common pediatric soft-tissue cancer
62 Physical activity significantly extends lives of cancer survivors
63 UGA researchers discover origin of unusual glands in the body
64 Salmonella infection mitigates asthma
65 National plan for preventing healthcare-associated infections shows progress
66 The lung microbiome: A new frontier in pulmonary medicine
67 Genetic counseling via telephone as effective as in-person counseling
68 Most high-risk cardiac devices in use today approved as modifications to previously-approved devices
69 All FDA drug approvals not created equal
70 White, Green or Black Roofs? Berkeley Lab Report Compares Economic Payoffs
71 'Surveillance minimisation' needed to restore trust
72 World's dangerous neighborhoods produce aggressive children
73 Are enough women included in medical device studies, as required by the FDA?
74 A Final Test of Conscience
75 Liars find it more rewarding to tell truth than fib when deceiving others
76 Can walkies tell who's the leader of the pack?
77 Study reveals how the brain links memories of sequential events
78 Even without a diagnosis, psychiatric symptoms affect work outcomes
79 Diabetes: We are in it together
80 Telling the whole truth may ease feelings of guilt
81 Researchers discover simple amoeba holds the key to better treatment for Alzheimer's
82 Generation blame: How age affects our views of anti-social behavior
83 Practice makes perfect if you have a partner's touch, according to new study
84 CWRU study finds depression symptoms and emotional support impact PTSD treatment progress
85 Patients receiving ADT should be counseled to improve mental and emotional well-being
86 First planet found around solar twin in star cluster
87 Himiko and the Cosmic Dawn
88 Space station MAXI-mizing our understanding of the universe
89 Distant quasar illuminates a filament of the cosmic web
90 Milky Way may have formed 'inside-out': Gaia provides new insight into Galactic evolution
91 Sneak Preview of Survey Telescope Treasure Trove
92 Lawrence Livermore 'space cops' to help control traffic in space
93 Galaxies on FIRE: Star Feedback Results in Less Massive Galaxies
94 European epilepsy consortium identifies new gene for severe childhood epilepsy
95 Cooling Microprocessors with Carbon Nanotubes
96 'Watch' cites concern about femoral neck fractures in long-necked modular implants
97 Experiments show hypothesis of microtubule steering accurate
98 Near error-free wireless detection made possible
99 Mars once had fresh water on surface
100 A frog's love song is a bat's dinner bell
101 Do plants feel Earth's magnetic field?
102 Laser looks under the surface of art
103 Polar drilling problems revealed
104 Sea drilling project launches
105 Rock's power to mop up carbon revisited
106 Yellowstone grizzlies face losing protected status
107 One-quarter of shark and ray species are in trouble
108 Quantum physics: Flawed to perfection
109 'Extreme' workloads plague scientists at the start of their careers
110 'Modest' EU climate targets criticized
111 Plant killers protect rainforest diversity
112 Massive asteroid seen steaming off
113 Supernova erupts in nearby galaxy
114 Mantis shrimp's super color vision debunked
115 How a contagious dog tumour went global
116 Old Mars rover finds signs of ancient water
117 El Nio monitoring system in failure mode
118 Stephen Hawking: 'There are no black holes'
119 Don't stop the quest to measure Big G
120 Don't rush to rehabilitate Hwang
121 A return to order
122 A question of time
123 Education: Embed social awareness in science curricula
124 Ecology: Protect the deep sea