File Title
1 Texting makes you walk 'like a robot'
2 'Dwarf planet' in deep space has water
3 Exposure to cold may help shed kilos
4 Mars once had fresh water on surface
5 DNA barcodes change our view on how nature is structured
6 Micropredators dictate occurrence of deadly amphibian disease
7 Pathogenic plant virus jumps to honeybees
8 Micropredators dictate occurrence of deadly amphibian disease
9 Ivory Burning and Cartels: Are Anti-Poaching Efforts Repeating the Mistakes of the 'War on Drugs'?
10 Arctic Warmth Unprecedented in 44,000 Years, Reveals Samples of Ancient Moss
11 Princeton model anticipates ecological impacts of human responses to climate
12 UM Study Finds Wolf Predation of Cattle Affects Calf Weight in Montana
13 Salamander Population Size Helps Predict Health of Forest Ecosystems and Inform Forest Management Decisions, MU Study Finds
14 New test targets salmonella
15 No-till soybean fields give (even some rare) birds a foothold in Illinois
16 Meet the rainforest 'diversity police'
17 A guppy's spots formed by layers of color cells
18 The moth versus the crowd--Tracking an alien invader of conker trees using people power
19 Halting crop destruction in India saves up to $309 million
20 U-Michigan ecologists: No magic bullet for coffee rust eradication
21 War on lionfish shows first promise of success
22 Leaf study needs photos and lab analysis
23 Study: sharks/rays globally overfished
24 Increase in Hemlock Forest Offsetting the Effect of Invasive Hemlock Woolly Adelgid--at Least for Now
25 Wisconsin researchers identify key pathway for plant cell growth
26 Sniffed out--The 'gas detectors' of the plant world
27 Bats use water ripples to hunt frogs
28 Large and in charge
29 Palau's coral reefs surprisingly resistant to ocean acidification
30 Money talks when ancient Antioch meets Google Earth
31 No scrounging for scraps: UC research uncovers the diets of the middle and lower class in Pompeii
32 UC research uncovers how ancient artists used palace floor as a creative canvas
33 Reconstructing the New World monkey family tree
34 2 million years ago, human relative 'Nutcracker Man' lived on tiger nuts
35 Ancient Cambodian city's intensive land use led to extensive environmental impacts
36 Neolithic mural may depict ancient eruption
37 First farmers and stockbreeders painted with the same pigments that their hunters ancestors
38 Mitochondrial genes matter!
39 New research on sauropod gigantism summarized in publicly available collection
40 Do cultural differences determine outcome of our activities?
41 Researchers target sea level rise to save years of archaeological evidence
42 New Biomolecular Archaeological Evidence for Nordic "Grog," Expansion of Wine Trade, Discovered in Ancient Scandinavia
43 Giant Sarcophagus Leads Penn Museum Team in Egypt To the Tomb of a Previously Unknown Pharaoh
44 Calcium absorption not the cause of evolution of milk digestion in Europeans
45 Seashells inspire new way to preserve bones for archeologists, paleontologists
46 Cultural connections with Europe found in ancient Jordanian settlement
47 Great Lakes evaporation study dispels misconceptions, need for expanded monitoring program
48 Study: Electric Drive Vehicles Have Little Impact on U.S. Pollutant Emissions
49 Obese children more susceptible to asthma from air pollution
50 Polar bear diet changes as sea ice melts
51 Exposure to cold temperatures can help boost weight loss
52 North and Tropical Atlantic Ocean bringing climate change to Antarctica, NYU researchers find
53 More diseases from air pollution uncovered by improved data material
54 Particulate Air Pollution Leads to Increased Heart Attack Risk
55 Compact device has sensitive nose for greenhouse gases
56 Suburban sprawl accounts for 50% of US household carbon footprint
57 New CU-Boulder study shows differences in mammal responses to climate change
58 Ancient forests stabilised Earth's CO2 and climate
59 Climate change threatens Winter Olympics
60 Analysis indicates that North and tropical Atlantic warming affects Antarctic climate
61 World's first magma-enhanced geothermal system created in Iceland
62 Happy 10th anniversary Opportunity!
63 Are developing heart valves sensitive to environmental chemicals?
64 Mother's high-fat diet alters metabolism in offspring, leading to higher obesity risk
65 Can walkies tell who's the leader of the pack?
66 Risky ripples: Frog's love song may summon kiss of death
67 What makes cell division accurate?
68 Islands in the brain: New circuit shapes memory formation
69 Does it pay to be a lover or a fighter? It depends on how you woo females
70 A time for memories
71 Long-term spinal cord stimulation stalls symptoms of Parkinson's-like disease
72 Donors should have access to their own raw data provided to biobanks
73 New genes spring and spread from non-coding DNA
74 Probing hydrogen catalyst assembly
75 NCCS scientists discover gene regulation is dependent on protein ANP32E
76 Choose your love--Sexual selection enhances ability of offspring to cope with infection
77 Central Europeans already digested milk as well as us 1,000 years ago
78 Statistical methods improve biological single-cell analysis
79 Using engineering plus evolutionary analyses to answer natural selection questions
80 Researchers Discover Potential Drug Targets for Early Onset Glaucoma
81 Moderate doses of radiation therapy to unaffected breast may prevent second breast cancers
82 Johns Hopkins Scientists Identify a Key To Body's Use of Free Calcium
83 Putting a brake on tumor spread
84 Exploring the roots of the problem: How a South American tree adapts to volcanic soils
85 Uninsured patients less likely to be transferred between hospitals, Pitt researchers find
86 Made in China for us: Air pollution tied to exports
87 Lasting consequences of World War II means more illness, less education for survivors
88 Peekaboo...I see through!
89 Students remember more with personalized review, even after classes end
90 Bigger (Data) Is Better and Can Improve Decision Making
91 New poll finds diabetes top health concern for Latino families
92 CU-built software uses big data to battle forgetting with personalized content review
93 Nothing to declare: Researchers find disclosure leads to avoiding conflicts of interest
94 UH researcher finds anonymity makes a difference with online comments
95 Research Backs More Strategies for Children with Autism
96 Study Finds Paid Search Ads Don't Always Pay Off
97 Drug alternatives to antibiotics may not be perfect, study shows
98 Carsey Institute: 39% of unemployed Americans are seeking work for 6+ months
99 Who's to blame for obesity? Policymakers, the food industry, or individuals?
100 The Unexpected Power of Baby Math
101 Health Disparities Among U.S. African-American and Hispanic Men Cost Economy More Than $450 Billion Over Four Years
102 Better protein capture a boon for drug manufacturers
103 Nighttime smartphone use zaps workers' energy
104 Interventions work to stem freshman drinking
105 The $125 billion question: How will the ACA affect cancer survivors?
106 Bright star reveals new exoplanet
107 From a carpet of nanorods to a thin film solar cell absorber within a few seconds
108 Atomic-Scale Catalysts May Produce Cheap Hydrogen
109 Stanford scientists use 'virtual earthquakes' to forecast Los Angeles quake risk
110 Watching molecules morph into memories