File Title
1 'Pinnacle Island' Rock Studies Continue
2 Work on Mystery Rock Continues As Rover Marks 10
3 Happy Tenth anniversary Opportunity
4 Mars 'jelly doughnut' rock intrigues scientists
5 Oppy Encounters A Surprise At Solander Point
6 A Decade in the Dust
7 Ten-Years Roving About On Mars
8 Decade-Old Rover Adventure Continues on Mars and Earth
9 NASA Moves Longest-Serving Mars Spacecraft for New Observations
10 Mars orbiter back online after system swap
11 Four new galaxy clusters take researchers further back in time
12 A global map of Jupiter's biggest moon
13 Scientists reveal cosmic roadmap to galactic magnetic field
14 ASU Mars camera to get new views of Red Planet
15 Molecular Traffic Jam Makes Water Move Faster through Nanochannels
16 Physicists at Mainz University build pilot prototype of a single ion heat engine
17 Quantum dots provide complete control of photons
18 New boron nanomaterial may be possible
19 Molecular nano-spies to make light work of disease detection
20 No nano-dust danger from facade paint
21 Extraordinary sensors pushed to their boundaries
22 Discovery at nanoscale has major implications for manufacturers
23 New magnetic behavior in nanoparticles could lead to even smaller digital memories
24 Microprinting leads to low-cost artificial cells
25 Graphene-based nano-antennas may enable networks of tiny machines
26 Less is more with adding graphene to nanofibers
27 New way to measure electron pair interactions
28 Ballistic transport in graphene suggests new type of electronic device
29 Diamond defect boosts quantum technology
30 Integration brings quantum computer a step closer
31 New quantum dots herald a new era of electronics operating on a single-atom level
32 New Technique for Probing Subsurface Electronic Structure
33 Fastest organic transistor heralds new generation of see-through electronics
34 Ultra-flexible chip can be wrapped around a hair
35 Exfoliation method paves way for 2D materials to be used in printable photonics and electronics
36 Theorists Predict New State of Quantum Matter May Have Big Impact on Electronics
37 Low-power tunneling transistor for high-performance devices at low voltage
38 Bio-inspired method to grow high-quality graphene for high-end electronic devices
39 Next-generation semiconductors synthesis
40 Super-thin membranes clear the way for chip-sized pumps
41 Scientists use 'voting' and 'penalties' to overcome quantum errors
42 Google mystery barge may be homeless
43 Fujitsu returns to profit with healthy sales
44 Lenovo to buy IBM's low-end server business for $2.3bn
45 Iran says will not negotiate missile programme
46 Raytheon marks delivery of 2000th Griffin missile
47 Qualification Tests of GMLRS Alternative Warhead Continue
48 Raytheon receives contract for Ground Based Air Defense System for Oman
49 Longbow Missiles Demonstrate Littoral Attack Capability
50 Lockheed Martin Tests LRASM MK 41 Vertical Launch System Interface
51 Iran mulls replacement for Russian S-300 missile system
52 Lockheed Martin Receives Contracts for JASSM Production
53 Israel successfully tests Arrow space missile interceptor
54 No immediate signs of DPRK's nuclear test
55 N. Korea scraps US envoy's invite as tensions mount
56 Former US contractor admits N. Korea nuclear leak
57 N. Korea threatens to renege on reunions with South
58 Israel FM slams 'warmongering' Iran's missile tests
59 San Francisco's big 1906 quake was third of a series on San Andreas Fault
60 Large landmasses existed 2.7 billion years ago
61 Atlas Mountains in Morocco are buoyed up by superhot rock
62 Earth's crust was unstable in the Archean eon and dripped down into the mantle
63 Rising mountains dried out Central Asia
64 Deep-sea study reveals cause of 2011 tsunami
65 Slippery fault unleashed destructive Tohoku-Oki earthquake and tsunami
66 Meeting the eye-witnesses of ocean change
67 Threatened eels disappear in the deep on their way to the Sargasso Sea
68 Link confirmed between salmon migration, magnetic field
69 Experiment proves salmon use Earth's magnetic field to navigate
70 Mystery giant jellyfish washes up in Australia
71 Smithsonian reports fiery-red coral species discovered in the Peruvian Pacific
72 Australia claims 'substantial' progress on reef protection
73 Ocean acidification research should increase focus on species' ability to adapt
74 UN warns climate change is drowning Senegal
75 War on lionfish shows first promise of success
76 WTO sets up panel to rule on Mexico-US tuna label feud
77 China's Antarctic explorations peacefully intended, cooperative
78 Chinese sailors throw bottles into Antarctic Ocean: report
79 China opens fourth Antarctic research station
80 Disappearing snow increases risk of collapsing ice shelves in Antarctica
81 North and Tropical Atlantic Ocean bringing climate change to Antarctica
82 Threatened eels disappear in the deep on their way to the Sargasso Sea
83 Fish living near the equator will not thrive in the warmer oceans of the future
84 Study highlights indigenous response to natural disaster
85 Bottom-up insight into crowd dynamics
86 With billboards, tweets, Philippines thanks world for typhoon aid
87 Italy pledges to improve conditions at migrant detention centers
88 Hollande on Silicon Valley charm offensive
89 Tech products can turn uncool when they become too popular
90 Source of 'Moon Curse' Revealed by Eclipse
91 NASA bets on private companies to exploit moon's resources
92 China's Jade Rabbit rover comes 'back to life'
93 Yutu Awakes
94 Moon plays trick on Jade Rabbit
95 Mars rover successfully negotiates risky move over sand dune
96 The Curiosity Mars rover vehicle has damaged a wheel
97 Russia proposes water-hunting instrument for future Mars rover
98 Russian Scientists Propose Water Probe for NASA Mars Rover
99 1Ten years on Mars leads to liveable mud
100 Megafloods: What They Leave Behind
101 Ancient fresh water lake on Mars could have sustained life
102 NASA Technology to Help Develop Noninvasive Medical Treatments
103 Report: U.S. science and technology lead diminishing as Asia competes
104 New scientific field looks at the big picture
105 New patent mapping system helps find innovation pathways
106 Kids coached to pitch world-changing ideas
107 Internet of Things poses new security risks
108 Kepler Finds a Very Wobbly Planet
109 One planet, two stars: new research shows how circumbinary planets form
110 First Weather Map of Brown Dwarf