File Title
1 Research gives new insight into diet of large ancient mammals
2 Targeted tutoring can reduce 'achievement gap' for CPS students, study finds
3 Intuitive number games boost children's math performance
4 New Study Shows Partnership Between University of Maryland School of Medicine and Eastern Shore Area Health Education Center May Help Address Cancer and Health Disparity Issues
5 January/February ER Publishes New Studies on the Arts and Critical Thinking
6 Nitrogen management studied in greenhouse pepper production
7 Campus police officers' role in sex assault cases
8 Gardening provides high-to-moderate physical activity for children
9 Well-watered citrus tested in cold-acclimating temperatures
10 Three native aromatics indicated for use in Mediterranean extensive green roofs
11 Can workshops on household water use impact consumer behavior?
12 Trees' diminished resistance to tropical cyclone winds attributed to insect invasions
13 Transcendental Meditation reduces teacher stress and burnout, new research shows
14 Positive feelings about race, ethnicity tied to stronger development in minority youth
15 For young African-Americans, emotional support buffers the biological toll of racial discrimination
16 'I know it but I won't say it'
17 Adolescents' salt intake correlates with obesity, inflammation
18 Perceived control reduces mortality risk at low, not high, education levels
19 Diamond film possible without the pressure
20 Study challenges claims of single-sex schooling benefits
21 Data-driven team is key to sustaining positive behavior framework in schools
22 BYU's smart object recognition algorithm doesn't need humans
23 Research sheds new light on heritability of disease
24 Smooth sailing: Rough surfaces that can reduce drag
25 Access to guns increases risk of suicide, homicide
26 Dispersal patterns key to invasive species' success
27 McMaster University researchers find fever-reducing medications may aid spread of influenza
28 Fast eye movements: A possible indicator of more impulsive decision-making
29 Bigger (data) is better and can improve decision making
30 Computer simulation of blood vessel growth
31 To stay a step ahead of breast cancer, make a map of the future
32 Tracing unique cells with mathematics
33 Sensitivity of carbon cycle to tropical temperature variations has doubled, research shows
34 Study shows researchers' status helps some scientific papers gain popularity
35 Rewards facilitate human cooperation under natural selection
36 Modeling buildings by the millions: Building codes in China tested for energy savings
37 When populations collide
38 Flying the not-so-friendly skies
39 What's behind a #1 ranking?
40 Researchers develop 'envy-free' algorithm for settling disputes
41 Appearance of Lyme disease rash can help predict how bacteria spreads through body
42 Finding the hidden zombie in your network
43 New fruitfly sleep gene promotes the need to sleep
44 Study reveals record rise in insulin use
45 Vanderbilt scientists contribute to finding that could lead to the first effective RSV vaccine
46 New investigational drug holds promise for combatting deadly mucormycosis infections
47 Finding could explain age-related decline in motor function
48 Gender influences symptoms of genetic disorder
49 Stroke trigger more deadly for African-Americans
50 Women fare worse than men following stroke
51 Beta Blockers and Perioperative Care: European Heart Journal Editorial addresses controversy
52 The fatality rate among hard drug users is 14 times higher than for the general population
53 Analysis of calls to IBD clinic predicts emergency visits and hospitalizations, Pitt finds
54 Study Identifies Protein to Repair Damaged Brain Tissue in MS
55 Study provides surprising new clue to the roots of hunger
56 Variability of contact precaution policies in US emergency departments
57 Endocrine Society calls for large-scale studies to evaluate testosterone therapy risks
58 Thinking skills take biggest hit from anxiety in midlife women with HIV
59 Study reveals South Africa has world's highest rate of high blood pressure
60 Experts issue 'blueprint for action' to combat shortages of life-saving drugs
61 Murderers Who Killed During Robberies More Likely to Return to Crime When Paroled
62 New scientific field looks at the big picture
63 Economic Crisis Has Made Europeans and Americans Less Likely to Visit the Doctor
64 Time to stub out misguided e-cigarette regulation
65 How states can encourage web-based health care in hospitals
66 National poll shows public divided on genetic testing to predict cancer risk
67 Is the Male or Female Brain More Vulnerable to Triggers of Violent Behavior?
68 Scientists use 'voting' and 'penalties' to overcome errors in quantum optimization
69 Pinpointing the Brain's Arbitrator
70 Reduce the chloride to restore the switch
71 The 'entrance exam' that is key to a successful pregnancy
72 Early treatment with AED reduces duration of febrile seizures
73 Autism: Birth hormone may control the expression of the syndrome in animals
74 Heart Disease Risk Linked With Spouses' Social Support
75 Researchers pinpoint protein associated with canine hereditary ataxia
76 What's Love Got to do With It? Plenty, Finds New George Mason University Study, When It Comes to Sex
77 Scientific Review Points to Dietary Supplement Users Engaging in a Pattern of Healthy Habits
78 One planet, 2 stars: New research shows how circumbinary planets form
79 Space flies offer clues about microgravity's impact on astronauts
80 Satellites Show 'Total' California Water Storage at Near-Decade Low
81 Dramatic thinning of Arctic lake ice cuts winter ice season by 24 days
82 New Technique Could Be Used to Search Space Dust for Life's Ingredients
83 The Anatomy of an Asteroid
84 Heavy Metal in the Early Cosmos
85 New Study Finds the Early Universe "Warmed Up" Later than Previously Believed
86 UI researchers evaluate best weather forecasting models
87 WASP Gives NASA's Planetary Scientists New Observation Platform
88 Amputee feels in real-time with bionic hand
89 New analysis of endometriosis could help diagnoses, treatments
90 Vanadium Dioxide Research Opens Door to New, Multifunctional Spintronic Smart Sensors
91 Graphene 'sandwich' improves imaging of biomolecules
92 A microchip for metastasis
93 Short-cut to produce hydrogen seen as step to cleaner fuel
94 Scientists find water plumes shooting off Jupiter moon
95 Scientists still waiting for clear signs of ozone hole healing
96 Scientists prove deadly human MERS virus also infects camels
97 China to expand presence in Antarctica with new research bases
98 Finnish city Oulu sees light at end of Nokia tunnel
99 Australian scientists microchip bees to map movements, halt diseases
100 Scientists find ancient plague DNA in teeth
101 Scientists hail breakthrough in embryonic-like stem cells
102 Scientists find 800,000-year-old footprints in UK
103 Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 found
104 Classes give W. Va. students crime scene experience
105 NY foresters wary of oak wilt, latest tree threat
106 New rodent lab could advance PTSD research
107 Educators attend science-math conference
108 Panel says federal wolf plan used unproven science
109 Calif. company recalls 8.7 million pounds of meat
110 Lakeland man gets stem cells from NYC firefighter
111 House voting on bill expanding background checks
112 Men, women often ignore signs of heart disease
113 Northern New England tackles growing drug problem
114 Vulnerable Democrats try straddle on health law
115 Suit challenging Ariz. gov's Medicaid plan tossed
116 Medical marijuana gains traction in the Deep South