File Title
1 Horse's Gait Controlled by Genetic Mutation Spread by Humans, New Study Reveals
2 Policymakers and scientists agree on top research questions
3 Mass extinction may not cause all organisms to 'shrink'
4 Researchers discover rare new species of deep-diving whale
5 Uncovering the Drivers of Honey Bee Colony Declines and Losses
6 Yale study: Forest emissions, wildfires explain why ancient Earth was so hot
7 How to tell when bubbly goes bad before popping the cork
8 Grasshoppers are what they eat
9 Whales and human-related activities overlap in African waters
10 UM Research Shows Converting Land to Agriculture Reduces Carbon Uptake
11 Pacific salmon inherit a magnetic sense of direction
12 How our immune system backfires and allows bacteria like Salmonella to grow
13 Link confirmed between salmon migration, magnetic field
14 RNA sequencing of 750-year-old barley virus sheds new light on the Crusades
15 US lead in science and technology shrinking
16 NASA Study Points to Infrared-Herring in Apparent Amazon Green-Up
17 Discovery opens up new areas of microbiology, evolutionary biology
18 Smithsonian reports GMO soybean pollen threatens Mexican honey sales
19 Fish biomass in the ocean is 10 times higher than estimated
20 The biomass of ocean mesopelagic fish is 10 times higher than estimated
21 New plant species a microcosm of biodiversity
22 Ice age's arctic tundra lush with wildflowers for woolly mammoths, study finds
23 Computer models help decode cells that sense light without seeing
24 First farmers and stockbreeders painted with the same pigments that their hunters ancestors
25 Mitochondrial genes matter!
26 New research on sauropod gigantism summarized in publicly available collection
27 Do cultural differences determine outcome of our activities?
28 Researchers target sea level rise to save years of archaeological evidence
29 Penn Museum team finds evidence for 3,000+-year-old 'Nordic grog' tradition
30 Sarcophagus leads Penn Museum team in Egypt to the tomb of a previously unknown pharaoh
31 Calcium absorption not the cause of evolution of milk digestion in Europeans
32 Seashells inspire new way to preserve bones for archeologists, paleontologists
33 Cultural connections with Europe found in ancient Jordanian settlement
34 10 years on Mars leads to livable mud
35 Scientists reveal cause of one of the most devastating pandemics in human history
36 300,000-Year-Old Hearth Found
37 More Nanodiamonds in Recent Millenia Found
38 Neanderthals' genetic legacy
39 Greenhouse "Time Machine" Sheds Light on Corn Domestication
40 Finding Israel's First Camels
41 Who Owns the Bones? Should Bodies in Museum Exhibits be Returned Home?
42 A 'smoking gun' on the Ice Age megafauna extinctions
43 'Severe reduction' in killer whale numbers during last Ice Age
44 Climate change threatens to cause trillions in damage to world's coastal regions
45 Inducing climate-smart global supply networks: Nature Commentary
46 Tree roots in the mountains 'acted like a thermostat' for millions of years
47 Water supply availability 'to dominate US natural resource management'
48 World temperature records available via Google Earth
49 Unique new dataset CLIMBER: Climatic niche characteristics of the butterflies in Europe
50 A Look Back and Ahead at Greenland's Changing Climate
51 Scientists reprogram skin cells into insulin-producing pancreas cells
52 Powerful bacterial immune response defined by new study
53 A key facilitator of mRNA editing, required for proper gene expression, uncovered by IU researchers
54 Nutritional supplement improves cognitive performance in older adults, USF researchers find
55 Source of chlamydia reinfections may be GI tract
56 Rett syndrome genetic variants now available for advance testing, diagnosis & research
57 Huntington disease prevention trial shows creatine safe, suggests slowing of progression
58 'Steak-knife' teeth reveal ecology of oldest land predators
59 Researchers at UGent and VIB, discovered potential novel treatment against septic shock
60 Dating is refined for the Atapuerca site where Homo antecessor appeared
61 Peering into the transit pore
62 New method developed for ranking disease-causal mutations within whole genome sequences
63 Researchers use genetic signals affecting lipid levels to probe heart disease risk
64 Shape-sifting: NIST categorizes bio scaffolds by characteristic cell shapes
65 Panel issues report on gray wolf science
66 New application of physics tools used in biology
67 Social or Stinky? New study reveals how animal defenses evolve
68 Diaphragm pacing in spinal cord injury successful in weaning patients from ventilators
69 Science teaching goes viral
70 Tricks of the Trade: Study Suggests How Freelancers Can Land More Jobs
71 The case for tele-emergency services
72 Study finds high Rx burden for bipolar patients
73 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Model Predicts Growth, Death of Facebook and Other Membership-based Websites
74 Are you Big Pharma's new target market?
75 Dartmouth study provides first evidence of common brain code for space, time, distance
76 Predicting stock prices
77 Research: It's more than just the science
78 Telemedicine Can Reduce Hospitalizations For Nursing Home Residents
79 Social media analysis shows the Garment District still rules New York fashion
80 Study untangles divergent US job-tenure patterns
81 Health Affairs examines successes and missing links in connected health
82 New evidence shows increase in obesity may be slowing, but not by much
83 Columbia study finds hospitals don't follow infection prevention rules
84 Want brand loyalty? Scare your customers
85 Why do young people fail to thrive?
86 Intervention in first 1,000 days vital to fulfilling childhood potential
87 Quick test finds signs of diarrheal disease
88 Study shows drop in crime rates are less where Wal-Mart builds
89 Female mice prefer unfamiliar male songs
90 Scientists create potential vaccine ingredient for childhood respiratory disease
91 Quarks in the looking glass
92 Time is of the Essence
93 Towards tailor-made adhesives
94 Obesity treatment using stem cells is the topic of 2013's most-visited news release on EurekAlert!
95 Monkeys that eat omega-3 rich diet show more developed brain networks
96 Bundles of nerves and arteries provide wealth of new stem cell information
97 The ultimate decoy: Scientists find protein that helps bacteria misdirect immune system
98 Prostate development discovery could lead to new treatments
99 CNIO researchers propose a new combined therapy to treat cancer
100 Theorists predict new forms of exotic insulating materials
101 Critical Factor (BRG1) Identified for Maintaining Stem Cell Pluripotency
102 Molecular Traffic Jam Makes Water Move Faster through Nanochannels
103 New Insight into an Emerging Genome-Editing Tool
104 Credit card-sized device could analyze biopsy, help diagnose pancreatic cancer in minutes
105 Nanoparticle pinpoints blood vessel plaques
106 Bottom-up insight into crowd dynamics
107 Crossover Sound: Researchers Find Unambiguous Evidence for Coherent Phonons in Superlattices
108 Birds of a different color
109 Research on pigeon color reveals mutation hotspot
110 DNA reveals new clues: Why did mammoths die out?