File Title
1 What's That Bird? Check Your Smart Phone
2 Calling All Girls: Coding Is Cool!
3 Researchers Rethink Massive Iceberg Shifts That Have Occurred In North Atlantic
4 Key Species of Algae Shows Effects of Climate Change Over Time
5 European Parliament Takes Powerful Action Against Illegal Wildlife Trade by Calling for Moratoria on All Ivory Sales
6 UD-Developed Smart Gels Deliver Medicine on Demand
7 Joslin Finds Metabolic Clues to Diabetic Kidney Failure
8 Researchers' Work Helps U.S. Military Deliver Fresher MREs
9 Glaciers, Streamflow Changes Are Focus of New Columbia River Study
10 Boise State Part of NSF Grant to Study Critical Zone Observatory in the Owyhees
11 Next-Gen. Reappraisal of Interactions Within a Cancer-Associated Protein Complex
12 Hugging Hemes Help Electrons Hop
13 13 Interesting Facts About America's Eating Habits
14 Top-10 Brookhaven Lab Breakthroughs of 2013
15 IFT Urges 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to Seek Guidance from Food Scientists
16 Food Science: A Paycheck with a Purpose
17 Food Industry is Coming Up With Salt(less) Solutions
18 DNA Detectives Able to 'Count' Thousands of Fish Using as Little as a Glass of Water
19 Spirituality and Religion May Protect Against Major Depression By Thickening Brain Cortex
20 The Symphony of Life, Revealed
21 Reading the Tea Leaves: Impact of Climate Change on World Favorite Drink
22 Euler Book Prize Goes to Strogatz's Joy of x
23 Three Exemplars of Mathematical Exposition Honored
24 Mathematical Association of America Honors Outstanding Educators
25 Human Arm Sensors Make Robot Smarter
26 Researchers Target Sea Level Rise to Save Years of Archaeological Evidence
27 'Standing on a Comet': Rosetta Mission Will Contribute to Space Weather Research
28 Alternative Energy Patent Issued to Kansas State University
29 Soil Microbes Alter DNA in Response to Warming
30 ANDRILL Team Discovers Ice-Loving Sea Anemone Beneath the Ross Ice Shelf
31 Preventing Cell Death from Infection: Scientists Demonstrate Powerful Method to Find New Therapies
32 Texas A&M Biologist, Former Student Develop A Longer, Stronger Cotton Fiber
33 Renewable Chemical Ready for Biofuels Scale-Up
34 Violence, Infectious Disease and Climate Change Contributed to Indus Civilization Collapse
35 National Park Service and Outside Experts Collaborate on Initiative to Conserve Migratory Wildlife
36 Optimizing Energy: $2.9 Million Award Will Help Reduce Fuel Use in Forward Operating Bases
37 Genomes of Modern Dogs and Wolves Provide New Insights on Domestication
38 Dogs and Wolves Diverged From Common Ancestor
39 Omnibus Federal Spending Bill Creates New $45 Million Fund to Combat Wildlife Trafficking
40 Energy Storage in Miniaturized Capacitors May Boost Green Energy Technology
41 Smooth Sailing: Rough Surfaces That Can Reduce Drag
42 Evidence of Biological Basis for Religion in Human Evolution
43 Expert: With Contact Lenses, Google Joins Quest for Noninvasive Glucose Measurement
44 Missouri S&T Names 'Signature' Areas of Manufacturing, Infrastructure
45 Extreme El Nino events set to double
46 Astronomers 'see' strands of cosmic web
47 Hookworm gets the genome treatment
48 Cosmic 'web' seen for first time
49 Rosetta: Earth waits for comet-chaser signal
50 Iran nuclear: Curbs on uranium enrichment begin
51 Study doubts quantum computer speed
52 Key wildlife sites hit in flooding
53 EU's first Sentinel to launch 'in April'
54 Worst year ever for SA rhino poaching
55 Row over 'agonising' Ohio execution of killer Denis McGuire
56 For peat's sake use other composts, RHS urges gardeners
57 Giant US trade deal might weaken shark fin ban
58 Ministers clarify flood defense spending figures
59 Back-to-nature flood schemes need 'government leadership'
60 Bone fragment 'could be King Alfred or son Edward'
61 British bat makes incredible journey
62 Fridge sends spam emails as attack hits smart gadgets
63 Is our Sun falling silent?
64 How wildlife copes with winter in the Cairngorms
65 Why are India's tigers killing humans?
66 The Minnesota starvation experiment
67 Worries over new roads in Tanzania's Serengeti
68 Satellite will 'chase' tropical storms
69 Secrets of the sengi: the world's fastest small mammal
70 The puppet show that reveals how you read minds
71 Edward Snowden 'may have been working with Russia'
72 Rogers Questions Obama Call to End U.S. Record Custody
73 Edward Snowden 'may have been working with Russians' claims US intelligence committee chairman
74 Intelligence chair: NSA leaker Edward Snowden may have had Russian help
75 Rogers Questions Obama Plan to End U.S. Custody of Phone Records
76 Syria crisis: Iran cannot go to Geneva peace talks--US
77 Credit card details on 20 million South Koreans stolen
78 Lions and donkeys: 10 big myths about World War One debunked
79 Detroit: The branding of a bankrupt city
80 Nun who gave birth in Italy 'unaware of pregnancy'
81 A Point of View: Sex and the French
82 Vietnam sentences 30 to death over drug smuggling
83 Hong Kong arrests employer of 'tortured Indonesian maid'
84 Barack Obama: 'Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol'
85 Central African Republic MPs elect Catherine Samba-Panza
86 Tennis top guns driving ATP revenues
87 Professor Green on how his dad's suicide affects him
88 How do you say Hyundai?
89 Police Federation must change, says independent review
90 New Jersey governor's deputy denies storm ultimatum
91 How to fix a car--without a mechanic
92 S Sudan troops recapture key oil town Malakal
93 North Korea: Jailed man Kenneth Bae calls for US action
94 Chrome extensions targeted by spam firms
95 Nintendo shares plunge 18% on loss warning
96 Zombie botnets: Why some crime networks refuse to die
97 Ivory Coast cracks down on cyber crime
98 Barack Obama 'to end hoarding of NSA phone data'
99 EE rushes to fix broadband box security risk
100 Google unveils 'smart contact lens' to measure glucose levels
101 Silk Road forfeits Bitcoins worth $28m
102 Microsoft extends virus warnings for Windows XP to 2015
103 'Scratch-and-sniff' jeans launched by Brandon Svarc
104 Email backlash at the office?
105 Driven to success by anger or rivalry
106 Measuring success beyond the bottom line
107 Brain blow leaves life-long dangers
108 Loneliness and periods of crisis 'affect many in UK'
109 Rates of gout in UK 'soaring'
110 Are you a lark or an owl?
111 Can anti-smoking tactics solve obesity crisis?