File Title
1 Skin with blood and lymphatic capillaries grown for the first time
2 How the brain recognizes speech sounds is revealed
3 Probe detects staph infection faster, more cheaply
4 Immune system kills spontaneous blood cancer cells every day
5 HPV vaccine 'does not lead to risky sexual behavior in teens'
6 Low-level pesticide exposure linked to Parkinson's disease
7 Hot weather deaths in UK 'will increase by over 250% by 2050'
8 CDC announce 2014 adult immunization schedule
9 Scientists find new brain area for anxiety
10 WHO: cancer growing at 'alarming pace'
11 Stem cells to treat lung disease in preterm infants
12 Increased risk of pregnancy and delivery complications in women with schizophrenia
13 Most parents fail to recognize if their child is overweight
14 Blue light exposure may be a countermeasure for fatigue, during the day and night
15 Different approaches to restoring mental functioning showcased in NeuroRehabilitation
16 A variety of auto-inflammatory diseases could be impacted by newly discovered signaling pathway
17 Study of proteins opens a new avenue for cancer researchers
18 Researchers use a naturally occurring HIV variant to trace a T cell lineage for 17 years
19 Radiation's association with higher mortality highlighted by largest-ever study of 20-year survival among pediatric low-grade glioma patients
20 Data-driven team is key to sustaining positive behavior framework in schools
21 Mechanism discovered that helps HIV evade antibodies, stabilize key proteins
22 How a shape-shifting DNA-repair machine fights cancer
23 Insight into why cancer incidence increases with age
24 In screening mammography, novel technique increases detection rate
25 Novel simplified IVF procedure leads to first live births
26 Is it time to stub out misguided e-cigarette regulation?
27 Psychologists explain how attractiveness prevents the recognition of faces
28 A metabolic molecule inhibits blood vessel growth in patients with diabetes, leading to impaired wound healing
29 Lower risk of heart disease among young US workers who adhere to a Mediterranean diet
30 Memory is not like a video camera; it edits the past with present experiences
31 Studying concussion in college ice hockey players using susceptibility-weighted imaging
32 How cancer cells thrive in oxygen-starved tumors
33 New mathematical model shows that appearance of rash may determine how Lyme disease spreads through body
34 Educational toolkit for treating patients with diabetes did not improve quality of care or outcomes
35 Predicting cardiovascular events in sleep apnea
36 Sjogren's syndrome may not impede function, despite burden
37 Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to memory
38 A model for studying cancer and immune diseases
39 Paracetamol overdose and liver failure
40 Psychological mechanisms involved in home field advantage and 'choking'
41 First evidence of common brain code for space, time, distance
42 Taking a cue from Apple and Coca-Cola, pharmaceutical firms are humanizing their brands
43 Nanomedicine testing with blood cells on a microchip
44 Increased reliance on polypharmacy for bipolar patients
45 Correctly defining fear to understand it
46 Tele-emergency system's ability to improve patient care
47 Connection discovered in pathogenesis of neurological diseases, HIV
48 New approach prevents thrombosis without increasing the risk of bleeding
49 New drug treatment reduces chronic pain following shingles
50 New sensor system improves indoor air quality while making building ventilation more energy efficient
51 Ten genes show the way
52 Faces we don't forget
53 Early treatment with AED reduces duration of febrile seizures
54 Violent video games delay the development of moral judgement in teens
55 What does 'whole grain' really mean?
56 Dispelling myths can help prevent cancer deaths
57 Taking statins to lower cholesterol? New guidelines provide opportunity to discuss options with your doctor
58 Scripps Research Institute scientists create potential vaccine ingredient for childhood respiratory disease
59 Data on more than 10,000 cancer genomes released by the International Cancer Genome Consortium
60 Unique High throughput sequencing of RNA structure in human cells provide the first generation RNA architecture map
61 Is this the next vaccine revolution?
62 Being mindful online shown to dramatically reduce stress, anxiety and depression
63 False memories--the hidden side of our good memory
64 The 'entrance exam' that is key to a successful pregnancy
65 High added sugar intake 'increases CVD mortality'
66 Toddlers suffer 10 times as many burns and scalds as older children
67 'Mammograms every 2 years, not annually,' suggest scientists
68 Depression is 'a causal risk of coronary heart disease'
69 First human case of new bird flu virus confirmed in China
70 Atherosclerosis may be predicted by high blood pressure in early adulthood
71 Pain sensitivity may be alterable
72 Lack of sleep and exercise, too much TV affects teens' mental health
73 Stomach and colorectal cancers may be treatable with existing drug
74 Crowdfunding is all the rage, but can it work for medical research?
75 Cognitive therapy 'an effective treatment option' for schizophrenia
76 Endometriosis: new findings may lead to better treatment and care
77 Vaccine barriers: 30,000 adults die of preventable diseases each year
78 Brain updates memory with current experience
79 Short stays in darkness can boost hearing, study shows
80 Vitamin D Blog: Protection Is Futile
81 Statins Linked to Less Delirium in the ICU
82 Tackling Concussion Head On in the NFL
83 Team Doctor: Can the NFL Do More?
84 NFL-GE Award $20 Million for Brain Imaging
85 Concussions: Numbers Game or Gaming the Numbers?
86 Mixed Results for Brachytherapy in Breast Cancer
87 CVS Quits Tobacco
88 Vitamin D Blog: No Threshold for Calcium Absorption
89 Melatonin Curbs Cell Growth in Mice
90 Prostate Cancer: 10 Years of Progress
91 Morning Break: Legal Pot Lands More Kids in ER
92 Striking a Nerve: Allergy Drug Tested for MS
93 H7N9 Bird Flu Tied to Poultry, Not People
94 Attractiveness a key to Le Tour success
95 Bumblebees master high-altitude flight
96 Genes shed light on central Africans
97 Emoticon language is 'shaping the brain'
98 Yoghurt linked to lower diabetes risk
99 Early universe heated slower than thought
100 Elsevier opens its papers to text-mining
101 Scientists may be reaching a peak in reading habits
102 India to build world's largest solar plant
103 UK visa problems worry scientists
104 Phosphorene excites materials scientists
105 Faulty forensic science under fire
106 Computer sharing loses momentum
107 Winter Olympics: Downhill forecast
108 Pharma firms join NIH on drug development
109 US to restore El Nino monitoring array, but seeks international collaboration
110 Himalayan heights pose no problem for bees
111 Grapevine gene bank under threat
112 Biomedicine: The changing face of primate research
113 Vitamin C injections ease ovarian-cancer treatments
114 Darkness sharpens hearing in adult mice
115 UK politicians demand action over dearth of female scientists
116 Graphene conducts electricity ten times better than expected
117 Policy: Crystallography needs a governing body
118 History: Women in crystallography
119 Climate economics: Make supply chains climate-smart
120 Dark-matter search considers exotic possibilities
121 Nature takes a look at what is in store for science in the new year
122 Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram
123 Giant viruses open Pandora's box