File Title
1 Making frozen smoke: Commercializing aerogel fabrication process
2 Making color: When two red photons make a blue photon
3 Quantum dots provide complete control of photons
4 New catalyst to convert greenhouse gases into chemicals
5 Diagnosis just a breath away with new laser that advances breath analysis for disease diagnosis
6 What companies can learn from NASA tragedies
7 Thyroid cancer cells become less aggressive in outer space
8 'Rogue' asteroids may be the norm
9 First weather map of brown dwarf: Surface of nearest brown dwarf charted
10 Universe's early galaxies grew massive through collisions
11 Active supermassive black holes revealed in merging galaxies
12 River of hydrogen flowing through space observed
13 Solving a 30-year-old problem in massive star formation
14 Exceptionally close stellar explosion discovered
15 Space-raised flies show weakened immunity to fungus
16 NSA pursues quantum technology
17 New instrument to study complex molecules invented
18 New computer, Edison, electrifies scientific computing
19 Researchers develop new tool to identify genetic risk factors
20 Storage system for 'big data' dramatically speeds access to information
21 Integration brings quantum computer a step closer
22 Self-aligning DNA wires for application in nanoelectronics
23 Robot with a taste for beer? Electronic tongue can identify brands of beer
24 Physicists create synthetic magnetic monopoles in the lab
25 Researchers take magnetic waves for a spin
26 Two papers unraveled the mystery of sex determination and benthic adaptation of the flatfish
27 White silk wrappings key to female spider's heart
28 Vulnerability to future phosphorus shortage: Key ingredient to modern farming
29 Nine steps to save waterways and fisheries identified by researchers
30 Lemur lovers sync their scents: Strength of a lemur couple's bond is reflected in the similarity of their scents
31 Secrets of potato blight evolution could help farmers fight back
32 Vibrations influence circadian clock of fruit fly
33 Gastric bypass improves insulin secretion in pigs
34 One of the major genes responsible for female differentiation discovered
35 Detailed look at HIV in action: Researchers gain a better understanding of the virus through electron microscopy
36 Satellites show 'total' California water storage at near-decade low
37 Nature can, selectively, buffer human-caused global warming, say scientists
38 To calculate long-term conservation pay off, factor in people
39 Enhancing mussel conservation, pearl production
40 Effects of catch-and-release fishing on sharks studied
41 Savanna vegetation predictions best done by continent
42 Drug trafficking leads to deforestation in Central America
43 Climate study projects major changes in vegetation distribution by 2100
44 Mysterious ocean circles off the Baltic coast explained
45 Wallaby's perception of color is more similar to a dog than a quokka
46 ADHD medication saves lives on the road
47 Modeling buildings by the millions: Building codes in China tested for energy savings
48 Infection control practices not adequately implemented at many U.S. hospital ICUs, study finds
49 Lighting up in uniform: Study looks at what makes soldiers reach for a pack of cigarettes or not
50 Parents less likely to spank after reading briefly about its links to problems in children
51 Agent Orange linked to skin cancer risk, report suggests
52 Asian ozone pollution in Hawaii is tied to climate variability
53 Belief in immortality hard-wired? Study examines development of children's 'prelife' reasoning
54 Health care savings: Reducing inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions
55 Crowdsourced RNA designs outperform computer algorithms
56 Interplanetary dust particles could deliver water and organics to jump-start life on Earth
57 Abortion bill finds Spain a changed country
58 Material developed could speed up underwater communications by orders of magnitude
59 40% of parents learn how to use technology from their children
60 Mining no shortcut for economic independence for Greenland, report suggests
61 3-D Graphene: Super-capacitors from sugar bubbles
62 Evolution of drug resistance within a HIV population
63 When nanotechnology meets quantum physics in one dimension: New experiment supports long-predicted 'Luttinger liquid' model
64 A new wrinkle in the control of waves: Flexible materials could provide new ways to control sound and light
65 Carbon dioxide paves the way to unique nanomaterials
66 Sticks and stones: Using curriculum to stop bullying
67 Psychologists document the age our earliest memories fade
68 Research shows gap in care for childhood cancer survivors
69 Timing is everything: How the brain links memories of sequential events
70 Interventions work to stem freshman drinking
71 Texting changes the way we walk: Walkers swerve and slow down while texting
72 Disappointing Alzheimer's trial yields new ideas
73 Can fish oil help preserve brain cells?
74 The unexpected power of baby math: Adults still think about numbers like kids
75 Just how do our brains control our arms?
76 Hydrogen gets a boost from proton flow
77 Searching for life in all the wrong places?
78 HPV vaccine doesn't promote risky sex
79 Bizarre Magnetic Particle Revealed in Ultra-Cold Lab Experiment
80 First-Ever Weather Map of Failed Star Reveals Patchy Alien Clouds
81 2 Poems by Greek Writer Sappho Discovered on Papyrus
82 Alaska Heat & Atlanta Snow: What Happened?
83 Florida's Rat-Saving Labors Aren't Paying Off
84 California Communities Could Soon Run out of Water
85 What Causes Skin Tags?
86 Weight at Age 5 Predicts Obesity Risk in Middle School
87 Rains Spurred by Climate Change Killing Penguin Chicks
88 For Men with ADHD, Taking Meds May Mean Fewer Car Accidents
89 Girl's Back Hair Was Sign of Spine Problems
90 What Happens When You Die?
91 Diabetes and Pregnancy are a Dangerous Mix
92 How Musicians Prevent Chaos In A String Quartet
93 Numbers That Become Memes Can Be Dangerous to Society (Op-Ed)
94 Flying Snake Morphs into UFO Shape to Glide
95 New 'Swamp Monster' Skull Found in Texas
96 Less Snow Threatens Antarctica's Fragile Ice Shelves
97 Advocates for Humane Treatment Welcome Scrutiny, If It's Honest (Op-Ed)
98 What is Atrial Fibrillation?
99 Gallbladder: Function, Problems & Healthy Diet
100 What Are Complex Numbers?
101 What's the Universe Made Of? Math, Says Scientist
102 3 Tips for Keeping Teens Healthy
103 Some Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sleeping Pills (Op-Ed)
104 What Are Magnesium Supplements?
105 Captive Shark Ray Gives Birth to Septuplets
106 Color-Changing 'Sea Chameleons' Could Inspire New Military Camouflage
107 Facial-Recognition Tech Can Read Your Emotions
108 When Was Jesus Born?
109 'Darwin Day' Would Celebrate Father of Evolution
110 What Is Communism?