File Title
1 Hygiene, zinc best ways to prevent cold
2 Dog family tree traced back two million years
3 Alaska's Arctic icy lakes lose thickness
4 Graphene circuit's wireless promise
5 Michael Mosley infests himself with tapeworms
6 Horizon 2020: UK launch for EU's 67bn pounds research budget
7 Project targets 2016 for Asian vultures release
8 New research suggests humans have four basic emotions
9 Sinkholes: A deadly threat from Florida's 'underworld'
10 Seven surprising facts about vultures
11 Young farmers win award for designing cattle management app
12 Taking a bite out of the Big Apple
13 Corruption across EU 'breathtaking'--EU Commission
14 Stars pay tribute to actor Philip Seymour Hoffman
15 Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle Seahawks thrash Denver Broncos
16 Guttmacher: US abortion rate drops to lowest since legalisation
17 Woody Allen calls renewed sex abuse claim 'disgraceful'
18 Can couples really get stuck together during sex?
19 Super Bowl XLVIII: Seven things you may have missed
20 Libya: Muammar Gaddafi's secrets finally revealed
21 Castaway wants to return to Mexico after Pacific ordeal
22 People always say the same thing about tattoos
23 Moscow school shooting: Student held after killing two
24 Nelson Mandela 'left $4m estate'
25 US hotels look into data security breach
26 Good migrations: Avoiding mistakes when you relocate
27 DotShabaka top-level internet domain goes live
28 Anelka gesture comic Dieudonne banned from UK
29 Murderer serving life sentence escapes Michigan prison
30 Russia warns Ukraine opposition as protests continue
31 JK Rowling says she got Harry Potter romance wrong
32 Microsoft's next boss: The challenges that lie ahead
33 Video fails to kill the radio star
34 NHS web page error sent users to malicious websites
35 How to make money finding bugs in software
36 Snowden leaks: Lavabit secure email chief battles on
37 Social media transforms the textbook lesson
38 China hopes to dispel 'copy others' reputation
39 EU investigation 'has UK games firms stuck in slow lane'
40 'Candy' protest over trademark move
41 'Chewbacca' attack hits shops in 11 nations
42 NekNomination death: NI drinking game web page discontinued
43 Forgotify plays never-listened-to Spotify songs
44 Zynga buys UK game-maker NaturalMotion for $527m
45 Yahoo Mail targeted in hacking attempt
46 UK government tackles wrongly-blocked websites
47 Google earnings up 17% on strong ad revenue
48 EU group mulls 'remote car-stopping device' for police
49 Janet Yellen sworn in as US Federal Reserve chair
50 Russia's Olympic wall of security surrounds Sochi
51 Woody Allen allegations spur debate over legacy and celebrity culture
52 Treasure or trinket? Royal family memorabilia
53 Married to the job: Sharing an office with your spouse
54 Iraq violence: Baghdad car bombings leave 14 dead
55 Super Bowl ad breakdown: Jaguar v. Chrysler
56 'Pocket optician' trialled in Kenyan schools
57 Abortion bill finds Spain a changed country
58 'Tinnitus risk' of noisy nights out
59 Technology is helping to give genetic disorders a name
60 Vitamin pills 'lower exercise gains'
61 Dramatic thinning of Arctic lake ice cuts winter ice season by 24 days compared to 1950
62 Researchers discover how brain regions work together, or alone
63 One planet, two stars: New research shows how circumbinary planets form
64 Teaching young wolves new tricks: Wolves are considerably better imitators than dogs
65 To hear without being heard: First nonreciprocal acoustic circulator created
66 Prototype of single ion heat engine created
67 Greenland's fastest glacier reaches record speeds
68 Greenhouse 'time machine' sheds light on corn domestication
69 Capturing ultrasharp images of multiple cell components at once
70 First single-molecule LED created
71 Rat islands 'a laboratory of future evolution': Rats predicted to fill in Earth's emptying ecospace
72 Your brain is fine-tuning its wiring throughout your life
73 Red alert: Body kills 'spontaneous' blood cancers on a daily basis
74 DNA of peanut-allergic kids changes with immune therapy, study finds
75 Third-hand smoke just as deadly as first-hand smoke, study finds
76 As the temperature drops, your risk of fracture rises
77 Painting robot lends surgeons a hand in the operating room
78 'Blueprint for action' issued to combat shortages of life-saving drugs
79 Common colds during pregnancy may lead to childhood asthma
80 Beliefs about HPV vaccine do not lead to initiation of sex or risky sexual behavior among teen girls, young women, study shows
81 Split decision: Stem cell signal linked with cancer growth
82 Quicker, cheaper way to detect staph in the body
83 Making your brain social: Identifying brain connections that lead to social behavior
84 New links found between sleep duration, depression
85 Retrieval practice improves memory in severe traumatic brain injury, researchers demonstrate
86 'Envy-free' algorithm developed for settling disputes from divorce to inheritance
87 Potential biomarkers for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
88 Autistic brains create more information at rest, study show
89 Divorce rate cut in half for newlyweds who discussed five relationship movies
90 How neurons control fine motor behavior of the arm
91 Imaging technique shows brain anatomy change in women with MS, depression
92 Independent association between diabetes, depression, and impulse control disorders including binge-eating, bulimia, study shows
93 Childhood depression may increase risk of heart disease by teen years
94 Genetically diverse cancer cells key to brain tumor resistance
95 Could your relationship with your mom increase your child's chances of obesity?
96 HPV study: Does vaccinating one sexual partner also benefit the other?
97 More than one-third of women have hot flashes 10 years after menopause
98 Does caregiving cause psychological stress? It depends, says study of female twins
99 Women with mental health disability may face four-fold risk of abusive relationship: Study
100 Signs point to sharp rise in drugged driving fatalities
101 Use of testosterone therapy linked to heart attacks in men under 65, study shows
102 Infants know plants provide food, but need to see they're safe to eat
103 Connectedness, human use of buildings shape indoor bacterial communities
104 E-cigarettes: Known and unknown dangers
105 Running may be better than walking for breast cancer survival, research finds
106 Extreme high speed planes: How safe would planes be traveling at Mach 7 and above?
107 Quasi-particle swap between graphene layers
108 New moisture-buffering plaster 'sucks up' water vapor
109 Critically endangered leatherback turtles tracked to reveal danger zones from industrial fishing
110 Big chill to understand quark-gluon plasma of early universe