File Title
1 Fall 24 miles to Earth with Felix Baumgartner in new space-jump video
2 Stomach-churning footage of Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking plunge to Earth released
3 Study: Solar system full of 'rogue' asteroids
4 Asteroid diversity points to a "snow globe" solar system
5 Monarch butterflies sink with rise of herbicide
6 Monarch butterflies numbers drop
7 With rise of herbicide, monarch butterflies sink
8 NASA Hunts for Fossils on Mars
9 NASA sued over jelly doughnut-shaped Martian rock
10 Calif. Man Sues NASA on Fake Mysterious Rock in Mars
11 Drug trafficking is speeding deforestation in Central America
12 Latin American Drug Trade Ruining Ecosystems in Central America
13 Drug trafficking in Central America wreaking havoc on forests, study finds
14 Researchers Discover Novel Species of Tiny Fish with Giant Head in Idaho and Montana
15 Scientists Discovers New Type of Freshwater Sculpin in Mountain Rivers of Idaho and Montana
16 Why whitefish?
17 Scientists Solve Mystery of Flying Snakes
18 Flying Paradise Tree Snakes: Secrets of Reptilian Flight Revealed
19 Researchers Figure Out Why Certain Snakes Can 'Fly'
20 Snakes on a higher plane: reptilian flight secrets revealed
21 Monopole magnets one step closer to reality
22 Scientists Create a Magnet With One-Pole
23 Physics experiment suggests magnets with only one pole actually exist
24 Physicists Create Magnetic 'Monopole,' Confirming Prediction Made In 1931
25 Astronomers onboard ISS successfully grow wheat, peas and greens
26 International Space Station 'farm' bears fruit
27 Experimental Greenhouse Aboard International Space Station Bears Fruit
28 Baltic Sea Myths Debunked by Biologists
29 Underwater 'fairy rings' not made by aliens
30 Mysterious Underwater Fairy Circles Explained
31 Facebook Turns 10 Years Old: A Trip Down Memory Lane
32 Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved!
33 China's Jade Rabbit says, "Good night, planet earth. Good night, humanity."
34 Moon plays trick on Jade Rabbit
35 Chinese fans of 'Jade Rabbit' rover await news
36 The 'Science Guy' ready for debate on Creationism
37 Evolution vs. creationism: Bill Nye the Science Guy takes on Creation Museum founder
38 Hasselblad camera to be auctioned in March by Austria's WestLicht Gallery
39 Camera Used During NASA Moon Landings To Be Auctioned Off In March
40 Hasselblad Camera Used During Apollo 15 Moon Landing to be Auctioned Off
41 Neanderthal DNA missing from modern humans except in skin, hair
42 Neanderthal DNA affects humans
43 Finding our inner caveman: Studies find Neanderthal DNA mostly missing from modern humans except in skin, hair
44 Gray Wolf Population in the Southwest Slowly Recovering
45 Gray Wolf Population Increases for Fourth Year on the Trot
46 Gray wolf population increases 10%
47 Vermont Seeing Something Unusual Happening to its Bees
48 Zombie Bees Invade Northeast United States
49 Zombie Apocalypse Hits Bees as Parasitic Fly Hosts Take Over Bee Brains in Vermont
50 Cashing in on apocalypse: Meet the people making a killing on climate change
51 Earth to Congress: Time to act on global warming (column)
52 Canadian Arctic Warming Unprecedented In 120,000 Years
53 New Species of Ancient "Swamp Monster" Discovered; Lived in Once-Tropical Texas
54 Texas Tech Paleontologists Discover New Triassic Swamp Monster
55 Remains of Swamp Monster Unearthed in Texas [VIDEO]
56 This Omega-3 Fatty Acid Can Help Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer's
57 Fatty Acid Found In Fish Protects Brain Against Alzheimer's
58 Fatty Acids found in Fish Protects Brain against Alzheimer's disease
59 Fatty fish may improve heart and brain health, but questions remain about fish oil pills.
60 Yale Acquires Access to Johnson & Johnson Clinical Trial Vault
61 Johnson & Johnson Strike Deal With Yale Over Access to Clinical Trial Data
62 J&J to Share Drug Research Data in Pact With Yale
63 Medical marijuana dispensary headed for Plymouth
64 Massachusetts Grants 20 Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses Across the State
65 State releases list of medical marijuana dispensaries
66 Medical marijuana in Beaverton: City councilors to discuss regulations that could bar businesses from city
67 H1N1 Flu Hits Hard With 147 Dead So Far in California
68 Flu season hits Central
69 Influenza killed 52 in California last week
70 Using peanuts to cure allergy
71 Oral Immunotherapy for Children with Peanut Allergy Could be a 'Breakthrough'
72 Hospital Feeds Children Peanuts to Cure Peanut Allergy
73 Hope for peanut-allergic people
74 Alabama neurosurgeon walks 6 miles in snow storm to perform brain surgery
75 Brain Surgeon Saves Patient After Walking 6 Miles Through A Storm! Calls It "Not That Big Of A Deal"
76 Alabama Surgeon Walks Six Miles Through Snowstorm to Operate on Dying Man
77 Discoverer was freed by what he didn't know
78 Why I'm Sure This Human Stem Cell Trial Will Be Safe
79 Dead eyes 'may give sight to blind'
80 San Francisco porn company fined $78K for workplace safety
81 Porn Company Fined for Breaking Condom Rules
82 Porn company fined over condom policy
83 Factors Leading To Childhood Obesity Examined in a New Study
84 Kindergarten weight strong indicator of childhood obesity, study finds
85 Being overweight in kindergarten sets stage for later obesity
86 Childhood Cancer Report: Rates Up, Deaths Down
87 About one in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before age 20, new report says
88 Health Tips: Focusing on fats during American Heart Month
89 New cardiovascular health guidelines
90 Simple ways baby boomers can boost heart health
91 US regulators probing cardio risks in testosterone products
92 FDA reviews safety of testosterone gels, patches and shots after studies suggest heart risk
93 FDA OKs Sleep Drug for Blind Patients
94 FDA Approves Vanda's Hetlioz--First Treatment For Non-24 Hour Sleep-Wake FDA Disorder
95 FDA Approves 'Hetlioz' Treatment for Sleeping Disorder of Blind Patients
96 Cruise trends 2014: Image rehab and new ships
97 Cruise Trends for 2014
98 Cruise ship sails 2 days after early return
99 Montefiore Medical Center Reports Strong Success As A Pioneer ACO
100 Medicare won't give a straight answer on Obamacare cost savings
101 Cutting Through the Cloud on Obamacare Savings
102 Providers net uneven results from ACO experiment
103 Need for blood donations remains 'urgent,' Red Cross says
104 Arctic blasts cause dip in blood supplies
105 Colorado lawmakers want to ban all teen smoking
106 Investigation reveals e-cigarette smokers may inhale metal
107 Deadly heroin making it[s] way to Somerset
108 AG: Dealers may be 'rebranding' deadly heroin
109 Tainted Heroin Warnings Blanket Pa. As Overdose Deaths Swell
110 Carbon monoxide sickens 6 at Charlotte church
111 6 hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning at NC church
112 British Woman First To Die From Pot Overdose, Reports Say
113 HIV Discovery Shocks Scientists: New Research Shows Most Detailed Depiction of Virus Hiding Out in Gut to Date
114 50 Facts You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs and Apple