File Title
1 Chemists unveil 'water-jet' printer (w/ Video)
2 Capitol chemistry: How Congress will alter the science landscape in 2014
3 'Digital alchemist' uses computer to design new materials
4 A faster way to flag bacteria-tainted food and prevent illness
5 New analysis finds hempseed oil packed with health-promoting compounds
6 New theory may lead to more efficient solar cells
7 An electronic tongue can identify brands of beer
8 Researchers find novel approach for controlling deadly C. difficile infections
9 Newts help chemist and radiologists to locate source of pain
10 Improved low-temperature performance of catalytic converters
11 Expanding the range of nature's catalysts for industrial applications
12 Faster X-ray technology observes catalyst surface at work with atomic resolution
13 New method measures mercury vapour for the first time
14 Researchers develop new enzyme reactor technology
15 Researchers report on new catalyst to convert greenhouse gases into chemicals
16 How DNA damage affects Golgi--the cell's shipping department
17 Cell cycle speed is key to making aging cells young again
18 Gibraltar's latest export--pesky monkeys
19 Scientists launch multi-million dollar battle against African disease killing one cow every 30 seconds
20 'Barcoding' life
21 Technique is safer, faster way to diagnose horse eye problems
22 Studies explore storage ideas for Anjou pears
23 Mysterious pest threatens Texas' billion dollar grain sorghum crop
24 A guardian gene for female sex
25 Assorted South West parasites favour cleaner habitat
26 Boaters need to be mindful of dolphins
27 New York declares war on swans
28 Scientists shine a light on coral photosynthesis
29 Sea turtles will feel the heat from climate change
30 Lemur lovers sync their scents
31 Researchers identify amino acid change that allows pathogens to jump from one plant to another
32 Researchers are piecing together causes of decline in honey bees
33 Three native aromatics indicated for use in Mediterranean extensive green roofs
34 Well-watered citrus tested in cold-acclimating temperatures
35 Teaching young wolves new tricks
36 Researchers find genetic cause for citrus canker
37 Ticks and endangered voles linked by migrating birds
38 Big sperm don't always win the race
39 To calculate long-term conservation pay off, factor in people
40 Vibrations influence the circadian clock of a fruit fly
41 Paleontologists discover new triassic swamp monster (w/ Video)
42 Study reveals methods used by musicians to stay in tempo with each other
43 Neanderthals' genetic legacy
44 Weapons tied to repeat domestic abuse
45 Neanderthal lineages excavated from modern human genomes
46 Campus police officers' role in sex assault cases
47 Study examines effects of corporate downsizing on managerial diversity
48 More complaints for network carriers than cheaper airlines, regardless of actual service, study shows
49 Researchers find that kindergarten is the new first grade
50 Using rare earths to interpret certain fossils
51 Numbers that become memes can be dangerous to society
52 Palaeolithic humans from the north of Spain moved homes to dwellings with better logistics
53 Old age futures a concern in many countries
54 Professor predicts more employment, low inflation and a higher Dow--for now
55 Research trio suggest intergenerational fertility correlations could reverse low birthrates
56 What your company can learn from NASA tragedies
57 Do media love Beyonce more than the Super Bowl?
58 Old manuscripts get face-lift at Jerusalem mosque
59 The challenges of running for power in the past
60 Food hubs' support for local economy is mixed
61 'Refund to Savings' tax-time savings experiment has impact on household finances
62 Where is the proof in pseudoscience?
63 Ancient seabird discovery suggests Paleogene bird diversification
64 Does diversity influence group success?
65 Not so 'evil': Finance study makes case for hedging
66 How the brain processes musical hallucinations
67 Photochemical imprinting of neuronal activity: A flash memory for spikes
68 Precise gene editing in monkeys paves the way for valuable human disease models
69 New genetic forms of neurodegeneration discovered
70 Trick that aids viral infection is identified
71 Research pinpoints neural circuitry that promotes stress-induced anxiety
72 Antioxidants speed lung cancer growth in mice, study finds
73 Caffeine use disorder: A widespread health problem that needs more attention
74 New weapon fights drug-resistant tumors
75 New study reveals how the brain recognizes speech sounds (w/ video)
76 What makes us human? Unique brain area linked to higher cognitive powers
77 A shock to the system: Electroconvulsive Therapy shows mood disorder-specific therapeutic benefits
78 Discovery may lead to new drugs for osteoporosis
79 Childhood depression may increase risk of heart disease by teen years
80 Protein that culls damaged eggs identified, infertility reversed
81 Aging brains need 'chaperone' proteins
82 Up close and 3-D: HIV caught in the act inside the gut (w/ Video)
83 Large study confirms vodka as major cause of the extraordinarily high risk of early death in Russian men
84 Third-hand smoke shown to cause health problems
85 New study finds no reason to replace fructose with glucose
86 How neurons control fine motor behavior of the arm
87 Oxytocin may treat abdominal pain
88 Eating and sleeping well hold keys to a longer life
89 Brain research reveals new link between high intensity exercise and appetite
90 Impaired cell division leads to neuronal disorder
91 Study reports success in targeted therapy for common form of lung cancer
92 Early studies show microspheres may prevent bone infections after joint replacement
93 DNA of peanut-allergic kids changes with immune therapy, study finds
94 Study shows autistic brains create more information at rest
95 Divorce rate cut in half for newlyweds who discussed five relationship movies
96 Female differentiation in the fetus is not default, has to be activated
97 Drug smuggling activities accelerate deforestation in Central America
98 California cities compete to see which can be 'coolest'
99 World's oldest flamingo, Greater, dies aged 83 at the Adelaide Zoo
100 Prince of Wales lashes out against climate change skeptics
101 Study: Caring for animals linked to positive traits in young adults
102 NASA to let public help in hunt for distant planets
103 Study: Lemur lovers show their bond by smelling alike
104 Plan to dump dredging waste on Great Barrier Reef ignites debate
105 Global space agencies to join in asteroid defense planning
106 Sun's closest neighbor could harbor 'superhabitable' world
107 Scientists delve into secrets of planets orbiting twin suns
108 Apple granted U.S. patent for a 'smart bevel' on devices
109 Space station 'farm' successfully grows a variety of crops
110 NASA announces funding for space station physics research
111 Hackers steal Yahoo! Mail usernames, passwords
112 Study compares merits of plans to deal with invasive Asian carp
113 Study: Sea level changes in eastern Gulf of Mexico raise flooding risk
114 Scientists offer explanation of mysterious ocean circles off Denmark
115 NASA spacecraft sees storm of baby stars brewing in distant nebula
116 Report: Google's Android on 8 out of 10 smartphones shipped in 2013
117 Dinosaur fossil in China from one of the largest land animals ever
118 Scientists probe mystery of how brain identifies speech sounds
119 Landscapes in Central America said scarred by 'narco-deforestation'
120 Mexico and WWF report dramatic drop in monarch butterflies