File Title
1 New solar cell technology captures high-energy photons more efficiently
2 New quantum dots herald a new era of electronics operating on a single-atom level
3 Small-scale imaging unlocks nickel ore value
4 Researchers use DNA strands to build decomposable nanostructures
5 Getting a charge from changes in humidity
6 Beyond the Moore's Law: Nanocomputing using nanowire tiles
7 Graphene-like material made of boron a possibility, experiments suggest
8 Graphene can pave the way for Australian manufacturing
9 Lungs may suffer when certain elements go nano
10 Research could bring new devices that control heat flow
11 Researchers move an atom inside a crystal and investigate its function
12 New flexible, transparent conductor created: Foldable flat-screen TVs closer to reality
13 Array of perfect nanometer-scale spheres that can control the flow of visible light may find use in invisibility cloaks
14 Using golden DNA strands to close electric circuits in biosensors
15 Molecular dynamics simulations reveal mechanisms by which metal nanowires deform or break under strain
16 Breakthrough homoepitaxial graphene tunnel barrier/transport channel device
17 N/A
18 Researchers take magnetic waves for a spin
19 Engineer brings new twist to sodium-ion battery technology with discovery of flexible molybdenum disulfide electrodes
20 In situ bandgap tuning of graphene oxide achieved by electrochemical bias
21 Self-aligning DNA wires for application in nanoelectronics
22 Researchers time plasmon-generated electrons moving from nanorods to graphene
23 Graphene circuit ready for wireless
24 Conflicting opinions about the risks of antibacterial silver
25 Imaging ferroelectric domains
26 Quantum dots provide complete control of photons
27 Nanoscale heat engine exceeds standard efficiency limit
28 New study advances quest for better superconducting materials
29 Microwires as mobile phone sensors
30 Heat control in nanoscale SQUIDs
31 Chemists exploring new material with 'next generation' computer hard drive possibilities
32 Mollusc shells inspire super-glass
33 New theory suggests way to teleport energy long distances
34 Protein synthesis and chance: A 'stochastic' model of protein synthesis
35 Crossing the threshold for laser cooling
36 Closer look reveals mechanism behind curling of ancient scrolls
37 Nearly everyone uses piezoelectrics: Be nice to know how they work
38 Cuttlefish may offer model for bioinspired human camouflage and color-changing products
39 Light field microscopy for whole brain activity maps
40 Grey is the new black hole: is Stephen Hawking right?
41 Physicists create synthetic magnetic monopole predicted more than 80 years ago
42 Particle physics goes public
43 Researchers identify chemical, physical traits of fallout
44 Photon recoil provides new insight into matter
45 Integration brings quantum computer a step closer
46 Engineers build first nonreciprocal acoustic circulator: A one-way sound device
47 Diagnosis just a breath away with new laser
48 China's PandaX WIMP detector set to begin operations soon
49 NSA pursues quantum technology
50 Ultrathin platinum films become magnetic when subjected to an electric field
51 It's alive! Scientists combine liquid crystals and living bacteria
52 Image: Cloud bands over the Western Sahara Desert, Mauritania
53 Image: The NGC 5194 spiral galaxy
54 Active supermassive black holes revealed in merging galaxies
55 Critics doubt value of International Space Station science
56 Student-built satellite sends data from space
57 Video: How the Dream Chaser was built
58 'Rogue' asteroids may be the norm
59 First weather map of brown dwarf
60 Universe's early galaxies grew massive through collisions
61 Rosetta wide awake as check-up continues
62 Sole camera from NASA moon missions to be auctioned
63 Comet 2013 A1 Siding Spring to buzz Mars
64 Image: A storm of stars in the Trifid nebula
65 Some ideas on where the 'Jelly Donut' rock on Mars came from
66 Curiosity Mars rover checking possible smoother route
67 Hubble images spawn theory of how spiral galaxies turn into jellyfish before becoming elliptical
68 NASA-sponsored 'Disk Detective' lets public search for new planetary nurseries
69 Solar Dynamics Observatory sees lunar transit
70 3D cell culture set for space: New technology to grow bone cells on International Space Station
71 Chinese fans of 'Jade Rabbit' rover await news
72 Capturing a fleeting starburst
73 Explosive volcanoes light up Mercury's deep past
74 Space flies offer clues about microgravity's impact on astronauts
75 One planet, two stars: New research shows how circumbinary planets form
76 Google's Motorola misstep could be Lenovo's boon
77 Baffle thy enemy: The case for Honey Encryption
78 Cameron: UK public has shrugged off NSA leaks
79 Katy Perry rides closer to 50 mn mark on Twitter
80 Zynga to lay off 15% of employees as sales sink
81 Engineering prof sues Square over origin story (Update)
82 Startup Instacart hopes to dominate grocery delivery
83 Edison supercomputer electrifies scientific computing
84 New use for sewage: Producing heat and electricity
85 3-D Air-Touch display operates on mobile devices
86 Amazon swings to profit for 2013 on sales jump
87 Google poised to execute long-delayed stock split
88 Zynga deals for animation firm in rebound effort
89 Google share surge boosted by hot earnings (Update)
90 Where digital secrets go to die
91 Yahoo email account passwords stolen (Update 2)
92 Vestas says record powerful wind turbine in operation
93 California cracks down on computer boot camps
94 Web developers gather for 'Hackathon for Cuba'
95 Canada captured data from airport travelers via Wifi, report says
96 Twitter buys 900 IBM patents
97 What does Google want with DeepMind?
98 Apple patent shows future iPads, iPhones could be more touch sensitive
99 3-D scanning with your smartphone
100 Spiderman robot spins draglines to cross open space (w/ video)
101 Where does the pathological misfolding of the prion originate?
102 Researchers teach old chemical new tricks to make cleaner fuels, fertilizers
103 Researchers find changes to protein SirT1
104 Converting polyethylene waste into liquid fuel
105 Parallel in time algorithms enable simulation of long-lasting chemical processes
106 Silk coat for diamonds makes sleek new imaging and drug delivery tool
107 Swiss cheese crystal, or high-tech sponge?
108 Crowdsourced RNA designs outperform computer algorithms
109 Protein measurements in the cell
110 New catalytic converter could cut fuel consumption and car manufacturing costs