File Title
1 Cyclone record reveals drop in activity
2 Asteroids scarred by solar system's violent youth
3 Better attention linked to bigger visual cortex
4 Rewinding to Betamax: The path to consumers' "right to record"
5 Can former "pirates" fix a broken movie market?
6 10 years of Opportunity: Celebrating the rover's role on Mars and Earth
7 Google acquires AI pioneer DeepMind Technologies
8 SkyDrive finally gets rechristened as "OneDrive"
9 Prince sues 22 people over bootleg recordings dating back to 1983
10 FBI is keeping a giant stash of e-mails from defunct Tor Mail service
11 Gearing up for midterm elections, candidates jostle to be most anti-NSA
12 Comcast and Charter want to split up Time Warner's cable markets
13 Sony's credit rating crash sends its debt into junk territory
14 Apple: 80% of active users are now running iOS 7
15 Google Glass finally works with prescription glasses, frames cost $225
16 White House, tech titans reach agreement on surveillance disclosures
17 Blocking doesn't work: Dutch court lifts Pirate Bay ban
18 How Google Calendar can be a spammer's best friend
19 Nominate the best GIFs of the year for a GIFY
20 Java-based malware driving DDoS botnet infects Windows, Mac, Linux devices
21 AMD reveals its first ARM processor: 8-core Opteron A1100
22 Lavabit goes head-to-head with feds in contempt-of-court case
23 Facebook uses 10,000 Blu-ray Discs to create petabytes of "cold storage"
24 Nintendo execs take salary cuts amid slow Wii U sales
25 Angry Birds website defaced following reports it enables government spying
26 Apple releases iOS 7.0.5 for some Chinese iPhone 5S and 5C models
27 Antitrust officials told Sprint they might block T-Mobile merger
28 The long-term effects of ugly political discussions on Facebook
29 Confirmed: Google will sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 billion
30 Prince drops his $22 million lawsuit against online bootleggers
31 Clapper: Snowden and media "accomplices" should return our documents
32 In rare move, terrorism suspect challenges core of warrantless snooping law
33 Motorola's "moonshots" team will find a new home with Android, not Lenovo
34 Facebook's Paper is Facebook without the Facebook
35 A pro with serious workstation needs reviews Apple's 2013 Mac Pro
36 One of the strangest animals on earth gets a little weirder
37 Men charged with scheme to sell $1 million in bitcoins to Silk Road users
38 After Chrome's recent extension drama, what browser has the safest add-ons?
39 Apple breaks revenue, iPhone, and iPad records in Q1 of 2014
40 Family sues Uber for wrongful death of their 6-year-old daughter
41 Google plans to dump Adobe CSS tech to make Blink fast, not rich
42 Journalist who made up "Hack Heaven" story barred from legal profession
43 Transmissible cancer is a time capsule from the earliest dogs
44 Microsoft reveals its server designs and releases open source code
45 The trouble with fitness gadgets
46 Two-thirds of Americans surf the Web at less than 10Mbps
47 Court: Google infringed patents, must pay 1.36% of AdWords revenue
48 Drilling surprise opens door to magma-powered electricity
49 How I lost my $50,000 Twitter username
50 Meet the "inventor" of the week: Patent troll owns pre-release digital movies
51 Collectively, humanity's genomes carry a fifth of a Neanderthal
52 Target hackers may have exploited backdoor in widely used server software
53 Astrobiologist sues NASA, says Mars rock a "mushroom-like fungus"
54 Soylent gets tested, scores a surprisingly wholesome nutritional label
55 ARM finally defines a platform as it sets its sights on the server room
56 AT&T plan to shut off Public Switched Telephone Network moves ahead at FCC
57 Nuclear stand down: Google, Samsung, and the sale of Motorola Mobility
58 Climate change is 'killing Argentina's Magellanic penguin chicks'
59 Neanderthals gave us disease genes
60 UK floods: January rain breaks records in parts of England
61 Elusive magnetic 'monopole' seen in quantum system
62 Plato planet-hunter in pole position
63 Stem cell 'major discovery' claimed
64 Farmers urged by WWF to do more to prevent flooding
65 Hidden hierarchy in string quartets revealed
66 Catching the mother of all bed bugs
67 Secrets of flying snakes revealed
68 Doing Amsterdam the Dutch way
69 US 'concern' at Syria weapons delay
70 Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych defiant amid turmoil
71 Scarlett Johansson quits Oxfam role over SodaStream row
72 Meredith Kercher murder: Verdicts due at Italy retrial
73 US economy growing at 3.2% in the fourth quarter, official figures show
74 US marijuana laws: Will records be wiped clean?
75 Hackers, spies, threats and the US spies' budget
76 Can Lenovo do an IBM with Motorola?
77 Peanut allergy treatment 'a success'
78 The German brewers making foreign-style beer
79 Rare Twitter username 'stolen'
80 Japanese cyclist to pay 47m yen ($459,000) over fatal crash
81 French doctors work to bring Schumacher out of coma
82 Oscars: Best song contender removed from shortlist
83 China's internet vigilantes and the 'human flesh search engine'
84 US briefs NATO on Russian 'nuclear treaty breach'
85 Missouri man Herbert Smulls executed as appeal fails
86 100 years of air travel: How planes shrunk the globe
87 Unlocking the hidden secrets inside our brains
88 Justin Bieber charged with Toronto limo driver assault
89 Bangladesh Islamist leader Motiur Rahman Nizami to hang
90 The new stranger danger: Lending money for profit
91 Want the job? First you'll have to meet the wife
92 Royal Dutch Shell halts Alaska exploration as profits fall
93 Central African Republic: 'Scene of absolute horror'
94 Sensing spaces: Emotional buildings
95 Hollywood: No longer scared of the over 40s
96 The Italian model and actor brings her Green Porno web series to the stage with a one-woman show.
97 Woman dies as escalator catches her scarf on Montreal Metro
98 France Hollande: Trierweiler reveals shock of affair
99 Nintendo games not on smartphone
100 Apple's iPod: is the end nigh?
101 Israel diary: Dinner with attitude
102 Why has Google bought an AI company?
103 Carbon fibre planes: Lighter and stronger by design
104 Google sells Motorola Mobility unit to Lenovo for $3bn
105 Sony's slimmer PlayStation Vita heads to UK
106 Facebook revenue surges 63% on strong ad sales
107 Eve Online virtual war 'costs $300,000' in damage
108 First Porsche revealed to be an electric car from 1898
109 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford accused of ordering jail beating
110 Joseph Lister's unknown operation uncovered
111 Multiple sclerosis 'linked to food bug'
112 Alcohol linked to skin cancer risk
113 US will seek death penalty against Boston bombings suspect
114 Watford M1 reopens after two people die in bridge incident
115 MPs reject Tory rebels' immigration amendment
116 Five ways Justin King turned around Sainsbury's
117 Whatever happened to the term New Man?
118 Panama releases 32 crew members of seized North Korean ship
119 Obama to name Navy Vice-Adm. Michael Rogers to lead NSA
120 US nuclear force cheating scandal widens
121 Alasitas: Bolivia's festival of miniatures