File Title
1 Ferdinand Magellan: Facts & Biography
2 Squarks & Neutralinos Lurk in the Universe, Physicist Says
3 Lionfish May Be Here to Stay, But Hunting Them Helps
4 First-Time C-Sections Declining in Many US States
5 Exploding Star: New Supernova Discovery Is Closest in Years
6 Water Found on Dwarf Planet Ceres, May Erupt from Ice Volcanoes
7 Milky Way's Huge Black Hole to Gobble Gas Cloud Soon
8 A Vacation Tainted by China's Toxic Air (Op-Ed)
9 Rare Disease Linked to Dengue Virus Caused Texas Woman's Death
10 London Unveils World's Largest Solar-Powered Bridge
11 Shrilk: Bug-Inspired 'Plastic' Made from Shrimp Shells
12 Skull Images May Help Solve Cold Cases
13 Frog 'Love Ripples' Bring Death from Above
14 Midwest Earthquake Risk Still Looms
15 Aggressive Mantis Shrimp Sees Color Like No Other
16 LA Earthquakes Could Be Amplified, Models Show
17 World's Oldest Cancer Arose in a Dog 11,000 Years Ago
18 FDA Will Review New Safety Data on Caramel Coloring
19 Polar Bears Hunt on Land as Ice Shrinks
20 Bones Found in Scotland Recall 19th Century Serial Killers
21 Scientists Dive Into The Mystery Of The Dog Paddle
22 River Roulette: Randomness Controls Erosion
23 Why There May Be Fewer Truly New Drugs Hitting the Market (Op-Ed)
24 Different Strokes: How Rafael and Tiger Hit The Top of Their Games (Op-Ed)
25 Stethoscopes Could Become Extinct, Doctors Say
26 Get Off the Couch! Even Light Exercise Has Health Benefits
27 Tower of London: Facts & History
28 What is Stigmata?
29 Unusual Coral Reef Thrives in Acidified Waters
30 Exotic Animal Trader Arrested After Smuggling Komodo Dragons, Baby Apes
31 Why Wait? Career and Romance Woes Lead to Delayed Childbearing
32 Soil-Free Farming Grows Vegetables in the Desert
33 Mavericks Competition: Why Surf Spot Has Monster Waves
34 Dead Plants Hold Earthquake Secrets
35 How The Scorpion Got Its Venom
36 Milky Way Multiplicity (Op-Ed)
37 Three Foods That Help Prevent Slippery Roads
38 Boeing Tests Mammoth Hydrogen-Powered Drone
39 Soon, the World Will Look to Brazil for Water and Resources (Op-Ed)
40 Ancient Roman Infanticide Didn't Spare Either Sex, DNA Suggests
41 Source of Galapagos Volcanism Not Where Scientists Thought
42 Body's Response to Disease Has a Smell, Study Suggest
43 U.S. Energy Efficiency to Jump--Celebrate It (Op-Ed)
44 Design for Living: The Hidden Nature of Fractals
45 When Winter Kills Power Plants, Clean Energy Can Help Pick Up the Slack (Op-Ed)
46 China's Drug Takers are Chasing Newer Highs (Op-Ed)
47 Wildlife Across the Globe Rely on Pristine Antarctic Waters: Protect Them (Op-Ed)
48 Stephen Hawking: There Are No Black Holes
49 Checking Work Email at Night? Here's Why You Should Stop
50 50 Job Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer
51 3 Reasons to Interview for a Job You Don't Want
52 7,000-Year-Old Human Bones Suggest New Date for Light-Skin Gene
53 Grand Canyon's Age? A Mix As Wild As the West
54 Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Affects Baby's Brain
55 Women Hold Many Misconceptions About Baby-Making
56 Science: Yep. Rebound Sex Is Real
57 Fresh Magma Could Help Power Geothermal Plants
58 Year-Round Arctic Ice Cooled Earth Earlier Than Thought
59 Seal Island Webcam Livestreaming Newborn Pups
60 Black Carbon Soot Greater in China, India Than Thought
61 Humans Managed Rainforests of Southeast Asia for Thousands of Years
62 Black Holes Get Even Weirder with New Stephen Hawking Theory
63 Pesticide DDT Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
64 Yoga Holds Benefits for Breast Cancer Survivors
65 $1.7 Million Personal Submarine Lets You 'Fly' Underwater
66 Real-Life Hit Men Nothing Like 'Sherlock' Shadowy Snipers
67 What Is Energy?
68 Five Tips to Ward Off Cholesterol Confusion (Op-Ed)
69 Holy Snow Rollers! Strange Snowballs Invade the US
70 Kids' Vitamins Often Exceed Recommended Doses
71 Devastating Plague Strains Arose Twice, Could Return
72 The Dangerously Fun Game of Bubble Soccer
73 Why the Masculine Face? Genetic Evidence Reveals Drawbacks of Hyper-Masculine Features (Op-Ed)
74 How Do We Know If Security Measures Work Against Terrorists?
75 Graphene Condoms: Super Thin and Tough, But Is That Enough to Make People Have Safer Sex? (Op-Ed)
76 Zofran: Dosage, Side Effects & Pregnancy
77 What is Short-Term Memory Loss?
78 Strange, Hypervelocity Stars Get Ejected from Milky Way
79 The North Star Polaris Is Getting Brighter
80 Sexual Problems Affect Young Adults Too
81 Famous Amnesia Patient's Brain Cut into 2,401 Slices
82 27 Dimensions! Physicists See Photons in New Light
83 Newly Discovered Brain Region Helps Make Humans Unique
84 Ruins of Bustling Port Unearthed at Egypt's Giza Pyramids
85 Testosterone May Help Boost Women's Low Libido
86 Futuristic Bra Only Opens For 'True Love'
87 Earth's Conveyor Belts Trap Oceans of Water
88 Chemists unveil 'water-jet' printer
89 Muscles help give you a spring in your step
90 Looking Forward to the Past: What Fossils Tell Us About Extinction (Op-Ed)
91 Scratching Away at the Mystery of Itch
92 The Myth of Age-Related Cognitive Decline
93 Whale of a Tale: Rare Marine Fossil Found at School
94 Preterm Birth Linked with Asthma
95 China's War on Thought is Being Waged in Western Universities (Op-Ed)
96 New Baby Boom? How Global Birthrates Could Bounce Back
97 Why Generous Donors Give Anonymously
98 Semantic Memory: Definition & Examples
99 Squatters Rights: Why Do Humans Need Toilet Paper and Animals Don't? (Op-Ed)
100 What is Diclofenac (Voltaren)?
101 What is Occupational Therapy?
102 Stephen Hawking's New Black Hole Theory: Scientists Remain Unconvinced
103 Inside Stephen Hawking: PBS Documentary Explores Famed Scientist's Life Tonight
104 Hong Kong to Destroy More Than 30 Tons of Ivory
105 Primeval 'Devil Frog' May Have Sported Anti-Dinosaur Armor
106 A New Method for Making Stem Cells
107 Upgraded Deep-Sea Sub Alvin Heading Back to Work
108 Old Mars rover finds signs of ancient water
109 El Nino monitoring system in failure mode
110 Stephen Hawking: 'There are no black holes'
111 Telescope array could usher in astronomy revolution in Africa
112 Stem-cell company in crisis
113 Russia's drug-resistant TB spreading more easily
114 Ukrainian scientists in forefront of protest
115 Postmortem of famous brain explains why its owner couldn't learn
116 US struggles to offload telescopes
117 Use of 'fish aggregating devices' could be unsustainable
118 Obama promises action and seeks a science-funding boost
119 Acid bath offers easy path to stem cells
120 Synthetic-biology firms shift focus
121 Children born blind can learn to see as teenagers