File Title
1 Smallest Full Moon of 2014 Rises Tonight: Here's Why
2 Oddly Quiet Black Hole Spotted Around Fast-Spinning Star
3 Strange Metal Asteroid Targeted in Far-Out NASA Mission Concept
4 Cold Snaps Highlight Need for Updated Furnace Standards (Op-Ed)
5 EU States Urged to Destroy Their Illegal Ivory
6 Who Invented the Internet?
7 'Polar Vortex' Event Paltry Compared to Past Freezes
8 International Action Can Save the Polar Bear (Op-Ed)
9 Doing Maths on the Fly, Birds Form V for Efficiency (Op-Ed)
10 New Zealand's Tallest Mountain Shrinks by 100 Feet
11 New Genital Herpes Treatment Shows Promise
12 NY State Assembly to Hold Public Hearing on Illegal Ivory Trade
13 When is an Animal Not an 'Animal'? Research Ethics Draws the Line (Op-Ed)
14 Attack! How Falcons Stalk Their Prey in Flight
15 Gene Therapy Improves Vision for Some with Rare Disease
16 Alligators Stalk, Crush & Swallow Prey on Candid Camera
17 Texting is Bound to Decline but It Won't Die Out Just Yet (Op-Ed)
18 Real Numbers: Properties and Definition
19 Massive Antarctic Glacier Uncontrollably Retreating, Study Suggests
20 Wart Removers Catch Fire and Hurt 10, FDA Reports
21 World's Largest Vinyl Record Spins Atop LA Landmark
22 How Much Does It Really Cost to Have a Baby?
23 Snow Leopards Photographed for the 1st Time in Uzbekistan
24 New Device May Put DNA Testing in Doctors' Hands
25 Are You Getting Enough Exercise? 3 Tips to Be Sure
26 Ocean Radioactivity from Fukushima Leak to be Tracked
27 Nearly 6,000 Natural Gas Leaks Found in Washington, D.C.
28 You, Too, Can Smash Atoms!
29 Climate Change Disbelief Rises in America
30 'Sixth Sense' Can Be Explained by Science
31 5 Phrases That Will Kill Your Kickstarter Campaign (And 12 That Won't)
32 Mountains May Suck Up Carbon Better Than Thought
33 How Queen Bees Reign Over Reproduction
34 New England's 'Lost' Archaeological Sites Rediscovered
35 Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Reduce Diabetes Risk?
36 Are New Execution Drugs 'Cruel and Unusual'?
37 Best US States for Child Kidney Transplants Revealed
38 Dogs' Closest Wolf Ancestors Went Extinct, Study Suggests
39 Extremely Rare Gangrene Strikes Man after Routine Hemorrhoid Treatment
40 Why Is It So Hot in Australia?
41 Even Baby's 'Fake' Crying Builds Relationship with Mom
42 Landmark Sexuality Survey Foiled by Teen Jokes
43 China Launches Hypersonic Missile Test, Downplays Fears
44 NY State Lawmakers Weigh Ban on Sale of Ivory
45 Male Spiders Must Twerk--or Be Eaten
46 Ten Tiny Places That Have Their Own Domain Names
47 Ohio Execution: Lethal Injections are Based on Guesswork (Op-Ed)
48 Martin Luther King, Jr.: Biography, Speeches & Quotes
49 Squatting Owls Eavesdrop On Prairie Dogs
50 Japan to Test Space Junk Cleanup Tether Soon: Report
51 Vitamin D Reduces Pain in People with Fibromyalgia
52 T. Rex Set for April Road Trip to Washington, D.C.
53 Sydney's Bald Reef Gets a Seaweed Transplant
54 New Technique Busts Chocolate Counterfeiters
55 California Colby Wildfire Seen from Space
56 Widespread Damage to Syria's Ruins Seen from Space
57 New Record for Human Brain: Fastest Time to See an Image
58 Mummy of Forgotten Pharaoh Discovered in Ruined Egypt Tomb
59 Hellish Northridge Earthquake: Is Los Angeles Safer 20 Years Later?
60 Toilet Paper Could Hide a Cancer Warning Sign, Doc Says
61 Brain Structure May Predict Pain Sensitivity
62 Supreme Court Confusion: Why Judging Distance Is Tough
63 Who Is the Surgeon General?
64 Smoking Report: Why 'Lighting Up' Causes So Many Diseases
65 Antarctic 'Grand Canyon' Carved by Glaciers
66 That's No Kangaroo on the Manuscript--So What Is It? (Op-Ed)
67 Pelvic Bone in Museum Storage May Be King Alfred the Great's
68 Your Robot Helper is On The Way Now It Can Learn From Its Friends (Op-Ed)
69 Is a Rhino Hunt Really Conservation? (Op-Ed)
70 Montana Landowners May Soon Shoot, Trap More Wolves (Op-Ed)
71 Identifying Danger Zones Could Help Prevent Sea-Turtle Deaths
72 Klondike: The Real Story Behind the Gold Rush Miniseries
73 Fusion Instabilities Lessened by Unexpected Effect
74 Tiny Technology Enables Improved Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells
75 Mystery Solved: How Nerve Impulse Generators Get Where They Need to Go
76 WUSTL Engineers Provide Free Code to Help Build Better Batteries
77 Battery Development May Extend Range of Electric Cars
78 Paper Predicts a Future Without Carnivores Would Be Truly Scary
79 ORNL-UT Researchers Invent 'Sideways' Approach to 2-D Hybrid Materials
80 Researchers Develop Test to Predict Early Onset of Heart Attacks
81 Seattle BioMed's BioQuest Program Receives $10,000 Grant From Yakima Valley Community Foundation to Expand Existing Partnership with Two Local High Schools
82 Professor and Graduate Students From Nova Southeastern University's Oceanographic Center Participate in Oil Transport Study in the Gulf of Mexico
83 Researchers Uncover Mechanism of Genetic Mutations Known To Cause Familial Alzheimer's Disease
84 Bacteria-Invading Virus Yields New Discoveries
85 Innovative Soft Robotics Technology Spawns New Products
86 Mount Holyoke's Darby Dyar Heads for Outer Space--Virtually
87 Scientists Solve 40-year Mystery of How Sodium Controls Opioid Brain Signaling
88 It's All Coming Back to Me Now: Researchers Find Caffeine Enhances Memory
89 High Levels of Molecular Chlorine Found in Arctic Atmosphere
90 Solving a 40-Year-Old Mystery, Researchers Find New Route for Better Brain Disorder Treatments
91 Expert: Life Sciences Veteran Aims to Refine the Tools of the Trade
92 Walden Trees Leafing Out Far Earlier Than in Thoreau's Time
93 Salk Scientists Identify Factors That Trigger ALT-Ernative Cancer Cell Growth
94 Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Traced from Genetic Roots to Physical Defect
95 Microbes Buy Low and Sell High
96 Keeping Stem Cells Pluripotent
97 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Develop Promising Drug Candidates for Pain, Addiction
98 Plant Cell Growth Studies at UMass Amherst
99 Social Experience Drives Empathetic, Pro-Social Behavior in Rats
100 Two UT Southwestern Scientists Earn Spots Onlist of Top 20 in Translational Research
101 Department of Energy Awards Contract to Detect Cyber Attacks on Utilities
102 Plants Compete for Friendly Ants
103 Georgia Tech Researchers Reveal Phrases that Pay on Kickstarter
104 Missouri S&T Modular Reactor Consortium Funds Two Initiatives
105 Part 1: Beta-Agonists, the Environment and Cattle Fatigue
106 Medical Imaging Helps Reveal Lasting Impacts of Soil Compaction
107 Boise State Researchers Examine Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Streams and Rivers
108 NuAire Announces Sales and Service of Hitachi Koki Centrifuges in North America
109 Part 2: Beta-Agonists, the Environment and Cattle Feed Intake
110 New Patent Mapping System Helps Find Innovation Pathways