File Title
1 Ultrasound May Lead to Needle-Free Vaccinations
2 Science Discovers a Vocal Basis for Charisma
3 Study on Invasive Species Shows Darwin Had It Right All Along
4 How Does Algal and Coral Cover Affect Microscopic Life that Call the Reef Home?
5 Understanding Biological Erosion of Mesophotic Tropical Coral Reefs
6 Unraveling the Mysteries of the Red Sea: A New Reef Coral Species from Saudi Arabia
7 Great Barrier Reef Is an Effective Wave Absorber: Study
8 Salamanders Are a More Abundant Food Source in Forest Ecosystems than Previously Thought
9 Extinctions During Human Era Worse than Thought
10 Alternate Mechanism of Species Formation Picks Up Support, thanks to a South American Ant
11 Experts Divided On What Impact Robots and AI Will Have On Human Employment
12 Neural Sweet Talk: Taste Metaphors Emotionally Engage the Brain
13 Parental Controls May Need to Be Included in Robots
14 Project Loon Internet Balloon Circumnavigates Earth in 22 Days
15 Cartwheels in the Sand: Amazing Movements of the Flic-Flac Spider
16 In Regards to Science Fiction, Truth Is Often Stranger
17 Efficient Approach to Manufacture 3D Metal Parts Developed by Researchers
18 Find Any Tweet Ever Made with Twitter's New Search Option
19 International Research Collaboration Reveals the Mechanism of the Sodium-Potassium Pump
20 Coconut Water Is Better than Gatorade or Other Sports Drinks
21 Zinc Sulfate, Sugar Alcohol Zinc Sprays Improve Apple Quality
22 Yin-Yang Effect of Sodium and Chloride Presents Salt Conundrum
23 Let Fungus Reproduce
24 Consumer Group Releases List of Unhealthiest Restaurant Meals in America
25 Just 10 Minutes of Running Each Day Can Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Death
26 Exercise Found to Reduce Risk of Cancer-Related Deaths in Men
27 Varsity Sports Keep the Doctor Away
28 Monarch Butterfly's Endurance During Migration Is Due to a Single Gene
29 Single Evolutionary Road May Lead to Rome
30 Butterflies Could Hold the Key to Probes that Repair Genes
31 Butterfly Wing Color Changes in New Yale Research
32 Lower Mantle Chemistry Breakthrough
33 Heating Things Up: What Drives Elevation Along Mid-Ocean Ridges?
34 New Model of Earth's Dynamic Interior Developed
35 Understanding the Forces Behind Tectonic Plates
36 Tectonics and Sea Level Rise May Have Jump Started the Cambrian Era
37 Ice Sheet Height Variations Influence Global Climate
38 Trinity Geologists Rewrite Earth's Evolutionary History Books
39 Study Resolves Discrepancy in Greenland Temperatures During End of Last Ice Age
40 Smartphones Used More by Millennials than Any Other Generation
41 Millennials Say Life Is Easier with Technology, but Makes Us Less Human
42 Proteins Blocked in Diabetes Treatments Connected to Lower Incidence of Cancer in Patients
43 Gen-Xers Continue Formal Education Efforts Later in Life
44 Gap Between Teen Materialism and Work Ethic Wider than Ever
45 Researchers Develop World's Thinnest Electric Generator
46 How Do Spiders Spin Silk?
47 Graphene Could Build Better Bulletproof Vests
48 Gasoline Precursor Created from Sawdust
49 Clothes Made of Polyester Smell Worse than Cotton After Exercise
50 Vapors Turned into Foam-like Polymer Coatings
51 Magnetic Fields and Lasers Elicit Graphene Secret
52 Discovery of a Prehistoric Reef Built by First Hard-Shelled Animals
53 Genetic Modification, Invasive Species Overlooked in Calculation of Biomass Production Limits
54 Study Finds Galapagos Hawks Hand Down Lice like Family Heirlooms
55 Fossil Discovery Identifies Earliest Evidence for Animals with Muscles
56 Sloths: Life in the Evolutionary Fast Lane
57 Leaf-mining Insects Completely Disappeared with the Dinosaurs
58 Stanford Researchers Model Massive Asteroid Impact
59 Misunderstood Worm-Like Fossil Finds Its Place in the Tree of Life
60 Clothing Waste a Growing Problems Because Most Millennials Lack Basic Clothing Care Skills
61 Ozone Levels Drop 20 Percent with Switch from Ethanol to Gasoline
62 New Way to Make Biodiesel Using Fat from Alligators and Other Animals
63 New Technique Turns Plant Waste into Biogasoline
64 Higher Ethanol Blends Carry Hidden Risks for Nearby People, Buildings
65 First Steps Towards Achieving Better and Cheaper Biodiesel
66 Scientist Creates Morphing Material that Has Huge Potential
67 Working with a 3D Printer Could Be like Smoking a Cigarette
68 Bacteria from Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia Conceal Bioplastic
69 Nanocrystals with Uniform Sizes, Shapes Produced Using Polymer Structures As 'Nanoreactors'
70 New Technique Could Convert Plastic Polymers into Liquid Fuel
71 Science of Blasting Beer Finally Explained
72 Non-Toxic Flame Retardants
73 Regulations Needed to Identify Potentially Invasive Biofuel Crops
74 New Study Shows How Existing Cropland Could Feed Billions More
75 More than Just a Hill of Beans
76 US Corn Yields Are Increasingly Vulnerable to Hot, Dry Weather
77 Future Heat Waves Could Threaten Global Food Supply
78 Greendex: 'Going Green' Is Growing Stronger, but There Is Still Room for Improvement
79 Human Gut Bacteria May One Day Help Fuel Your Car
80 Chemical Compound Found in Beer Hops Helps Fight Off Viruses
81 Physics Lesson: Try Clapping Your Wet Hands
82 Human Gut Bacteria May One Day Help Fuel Your Car
83 Coal, Not Fracking, Blamed for Larger-Than-Expected US Methane Hot Spot
84 Detecting Gas Leaks On Earth Using Technology Adapted from Mars Rover
85 Scientists Develop Geothermometer for Methane Formation
86 Scientists Create Carbon-capture Breakthrough
87 On the Road to Artificial Photosynthesis
88 Sharks in Acidic Waters Could Lose Ability to Smell Food
89 Climate Change Could Hinder Fish from Finding Their Friends
90 Greenhouse Gas Given Out by Oceans Intensified by Warming Climates
91 Deregulation at heart of Japan's new robotics revolution
92 Star formation theories challenged by new telescope discovery
93 'Star-gazing' shrimp discovered in South Africa
94 Physicists solve mystery of why cats rule, dogs drool
95 Cold hard facts: Underwater robot measures Antarctic sea ice
96 One for every leg: scientists map centipede genome
97 Gut check: how vultures dine on rotting flesh, and like it
98 Exclusive: First gene therapy drug sets million-euro price record
99 Ultra-strong graphene's weak spot could be key to fuel cells
100 Earthlings to send 90,000 hellos to Mars
101 Europe's space-based, laser-powered data highway passes early test
102 Europe targets Ariane deal to stay in commercial space race
103 Gene studies suggest King Richard III was a blond, blue-eyed boy
104 No serious side effects in Merck/Newlink Ebola vaccine test
105 Biogen plans late-stage Alzheimer's trial, shares rise
106 European ministers approve new Ariane 6 rocket
107 New device could make large biological circuits practical
108 By any media necessary
109 Amphibious achiever
110 Plasma shield
111 The "metrics" system
112 Seeking answers from a mysterious parasite
113 Losing air
114 One MIT graduate's quest to turn stigma to empowerment
115 How to stop robots from taking your job
116 A Next-Level Smartwatch that Predicts Seizures
117 MIT cheetah robot is "a Ferrari in the robotics world"
118 Invisible hissing doughnut is Earth's radiation shield