File Title
1 Observing galactic 'blow out': Stellar growth spurts stunt future growth
2 Researchers report on data analysis from Planck spacecraft
3 CU-Boulder instrument on New Horizons readies for encounter with Pluto, Kuiper Belt
4 Astronomers detect atomic hydrogen emission in galaxies at record breaking distances
5 International Space Station enables interplanetary space exploration
6 Ultrasound cuts costs in producing aluminium alloys
7 Barnes & Noble, Microsoft end Nook deal
8 Researchers transfer 65 terabytes of data in under just 100 minutes
9 Is Stephen Hawking right? Could AI lead to the end of humankind?
10 Mickey and math? Disney launches education apps
11 Research could improve nuclear power plant safety--and stop your kettle furring up
12 Google updates hair-pulling CAPTCHA with tick box
13 Online freedom declines, amid NSA effect
14 Smaller lidars could allow UAVs to conduct underwater scans
15 In twenty years, PlayStation's grey box changes gaming forever
16 Beacons pop up in stores ahead of holidays
17 AOL buys start-up Vidible to bolster video efforts
18 Uber now valued at $40bn
19 TV viewing support for color-blind emerges with Eyeteq
20 Study finds obstacles with social media data
21 New Emerson products aim for home energy efficiency as Google, Apple move on market
22 Peers unveils products for workers in the sharing economy
23 New technology allows hockey fans to feel the smash
24 After early successes, Apple Pay will soon confront holiday shopping bonanza
25 More holiday wish lists go digital
26 Review: Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn't match Chromecast, Apple TV or Roku
27 Tone mapping technique creates 'hyper-real' look
28 Technique captures unique eye traits to produce more realistic faces
29 Huawei Technologies has big plans, faces big questions
30 Hollywood is giving tech startups the star treatment
31 Brown versus white bread: the battle for a fibre-rich diet
32 New material makes water and oil roll off
33 Institute of Food Research announces test for horse meat
34 Bioasphalt with lignin in Zeeland
35 Perfect chocolate sheen on confection and sweets
36 Unravelling the complexity of proteins
37 Physicists create new kind of pasta to explain mysterious, ring-shaped polymers
38 Team developing an environmentally friendly alternative for polystyrene
39 Researchers control adhesion of E. coli bacteria
40 New chemical sponge has potential to lessen the carbon footprint of oil industry
41 Researchers develop inexpensive hydrolysable polymer
42 Chemists fabricate novel rewritable paper
43 Transparent oxide glass with rubber-like property
44 A green route to key molecular building blocks delivers a continuous stream of products
45 Extreme materials and ubiquitous electronics
46 Flexible metal-organic frameworks with range of pore sizes made by threading through molecular ligands
47 A new secondary explosive with high thermal stability
48 NIST suggests new purity test for biotech products
49 Bioplastic--greener than ever
50 Gut bacteria from a worm can degrade plastic
51 Reducing drug allergies without compromising efficacy
52 Magnetic layers and chains combine to form three-dimensional magnetic framework
53 Where there's muck there's aluminium (if not brass)
54 Making light do the work of intricarene synthesis
55 A poisonous cure
56 Horse trots into hospital: It's therapy, no joke (Update)
57 Researchers seek better brucellosis control through vaccine development, vaccination practices
58 To reduce rhino poaching, take demand for horns seriously
59 Reduction of germ cells yields more zebrafish males
60 Scientists have bred and released colorful new varieties of potato
61 Milk bottle-raiding birds pass on thieving ways to their flock
62 Temperature effects on the Chinese giant salamander
63 Rare orchids keep quiet on pollination process
64 Thirty new spider species found in one of China's richest biodiversity hotspots
65 Wind turbine warning for wildlife
66 Research on adaptation, evolution should consider life-history trade-offs alongside organism performance capacities
67 Insecticides foster 'toxic' slugs, reduce crop yields
68 EU makes move to let member states block GM crops
69 Technology breakthrough reveals cellular transcription process
70 Current tools for Asian Carp eDNA monitoring fall short, study shows
71 Living African group discovered to be the most populous humans over the last 150,000 years
72 'Non-echolocating' fruit bats actually do echolocate, with wing clicks
73 Why tool-wielding crows are left- or right-beaked
74 Mice discriminate partial sounds just as humans do with partial words
75 Pufferfish myth busted--they do so breathe when puffed up
76 Origin of the Eukaryotic cell: Part I--How to train your endosymbiont
77 A little rest from grazing improves native grasslands
78 Chimps not entitled to rights of people: NY court
79 Electric eels deliver Taser-like shocks
80 New single-cell analysis reveals complex variations in stem cells
81 About 100 brains missing from University of Texas
82 Cell phones, learning and literacy in a South African township
83 Fear speech can be more dangerous than hate speech
84 Child in school class can be bully, victim and defender at the same time
85 More Hispanics earning bachelor's degrees in physical sciences and engineering
86 Separate and unequal in suburbia
87 Scientists concerned that culture of research can hinder scientific endeavor
88 More women on corporate boards doesn't mean less risk
89 Does your boss find you proactive...or pushy?
90 Glass houses: Your personality helps predict your real estate choices
91 Commuting linked to lower life satisfaction
92 Work on Rome subway digs up ancient farm, tools
93 Canada scientists bargain for right to speak out
94 Finding the simple patterns in a complex world
95 Rare dinosaur skeleton goes on display in London
96 Prejudice toward African American dialect can result in unfair rulings
97 Carrot or stick? Game-theory can optimize collaboration
98 Oldest engraving rewrites view of human history
99 Corporate citizenship brings financial benefits to hospitality and tourism firms
100 Dirt provides new insight into Roman burials
101 Study shows importance of starting savings early, as few young adults open accounts
102 Study on global supply chain highlights reversal of outsourcing
103 Findings at Viking archaeological site show power trumping practicality
104 Chicago summer jobs program for high school students dramatically reduces youth violence
105 Scientist's Nobel medal fetches $4.75 million at auction
106 'Wound response' of cancer stem cells may explain chemo-resistance in bladder cancer
107 First comprehensive characterization of genetic diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa published
108 Saffron packs a punch for mental illness
109 The palaeolithic diet and the unprovable links to our past
110 Vitamin D deficiency, depression linked in international study