File Title
1 DNA Inserted 'Gently' into Living Cells Using New High-tech Laser Method
2 Researchers Probe Acoustic Differences Between Real and Fake Laughter
3 Endangered African Language Explored
4 Babies Begin Learning Language While Still in the Womb
5 Hand Gentures Often Help Determine What Is Being Said
6 What Singers Can Learn from Beatboxers
7 E-Reading Americans on the Rise, Yet Print Books Remain Most Popular
8 To Read or Not to Read? That Depends on the Community
9 Fun Activities Can Improve Language Learning
10 Reading Ability Can Be Measured Through Brain Scans
11 Space-Mapping Neurons React Differently to Virtual Reality
12 New Battery Coating Could Prevent Swallowing Injuries in Children
13 Overdose Deaths from Heroin on the Rise in the US
14 Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Could Affect Vision of Genetically Susceptible Users
15 Single Dose of Antidepressant Changes the Brain
16 Bioengineers Close to Creating Painkillers Without Using Opium from Poppies
17 NIH Study Uncovers Probable Mechanism Underlying Resveratrol Activity
18 Resveratrol Supplements May Actually Do More Harm than Good When It Comes to Physical Fitness
19 Red Wine Compound Helps Radiation Kill Cancer Cells
20 Milk Ingredient Protects Against Obesity
21 Creating Insecticides to Target Specific Pests Without Harming Beneficial Species
22 How a Fish Can Fry: Scientists Uncover Evolutionary Clues Behind Electric Fish
23 Science: Switching Brain Cells with Less Light
24 Brandeis University Researchers Illuminate Key Structure in Heart Cells
25 Asleep at the Wheel: Insomnia Increases Risk of Motor Vehicle Deaths
26 Neurons in Human Muscles Emphasize the Impact of the Outside World
27 Morphed Images of Hollywood Celebrities Reveal How Neurons Make Up Your Mind
28 How to Find Simplicity in the Brain
29 Driving Brain Rhythm Makes Mice More Sensitive to Touch
30 Future Space Missions May Utilize Gecko-Inspired Robotics
31 The Evolution of Sticky Feet
32 Gecko-Inspired Adhesive Material Now Usable On Wood, Other Surfaces
33 Bonding Ultrastable Structures for Space Using New Adhesive
34 Choosing the Best Wave Could Accelerate Airplane Maintenance
35 Unique Songbird Diversity of the Eastern Himalayas Documented by International Research Group
36 Technical Tests of Biodiversity
37 Improved Access to Integrated Biodiversity Data for Science, Practice, and Policy
38 Technofossils--An Unprecedented Legacy Left Behind by Humans
39 A Biodiversity Hotspot of Amphibians and Reptiles Discovered in Peru
40 Ancient Arthropod Had Massive Claws and Spider-Like Brain
41 Declining Corals May Drastically Affect Crustacean Biodiversity
42 Switching to a Power Stroke Helps a Tiny Marine Crustacean to Survive
43 Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk Linked to Diet High in Carbs, Not Saturated Fat
44 US Defense Department Releases Counter-Zombie Dominance Plan
45 Zombie Science: Why Society Is Crazy About the Walking Dead
46 Child Helps Lead Study that Finds Humans Are Hard Wired to Gaze at Eyes
47 Most Physicians Would Forgo Aggressive Treatment for Themselves at the End of Life
48 Spike in Brain's Electrical Activity Could Explain Near-Death Experience
49 First-Ever 3D-Printed Object Created in Space
50 QUIZ: How Much Does the Average American Know About Technology?
51 Americans Consume Too Much Sodium, Bread One Big Culprit
52 American Kids Are Still Consuming Too Much Sodium, Mostly from Processed and Snack Foods
53 How Much Salt Is Too Much? And Is Too Little also Bad? The Debate Continues in Three New Studies
54 Restaurant Chains Still Piling on the Salt
55 Winter Road Salt Is Wreaking Havoc on Summer Butterflies
56 High-Carb Diet Caused Dental Disease in Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers
57 $300 Tailored Toothbrush Lets You Brush in 6 Seconds
58 New Toothbrush Could Secrete Caffeine During Brushing Process
59 Artificial Tooth Enamel Makes Teeth Whiter, Prevents Tooth Decay
60 Study Finds Energy and Sports Drinks Damage Teeth
61 Dental and Nutrition Experts Call for Radical Rethink On Free Sugar Intake
62 Weedy Evidence that Prehistoric Man Knew How to Control Tooth Decay
63 New Device Promises to Ease Mammography Discomfort
64 Secrets in Your Recycle Bin: Researchers Track Senior Alcohol Use by Digging Through the Trash
65 Scientists Pave the Way for Vaccine to Combat Devastating Avian Disease
66 Common Tuberculosis Vaccine Can Be Used to Prevent Infection As Well As Disease
67 The Dangers of Desert Dust
68 Substance in Turkey Could Help Produce Life-Saving Antibiotic
69 Put Down the Pitchforks: New Product Doesn't Make Vaginas Smell like Peaches
70 3D Technology and Supercomputers Used to Help Endangered Species
71 3D Technologies Combined to Track Land, Aquatic and Avian Species
72 Novel Study Using New Technologies Outlines Importance of California Condor Social Groups
73 Vultures Wait for Prey Where They're Likeliest to Die
74 Small Volcanic Eruptions May Help Cool the Earth
75 NASA Computer Model Provides a New Portrait of Carbon Dioxide
76 Canine Distemper Virus New Threat for Tiger Populations
77 First Eyewitness Accounts of Mystery Volcanic Eruption
78 Textbook Theory Behind Volcanoes May Be Wrong
79 Researchers Model Yellowstone Super-Eruption Ash Cloud
80 Citizen Scientists Safeguarding Communities Around the 'Throat of Fire' Volcano
81 Studies Show Movements of Continents Speeding Up After Slow 'Middle Age'
82 eBook Publishers Once Again Conspiring with Apple, Claims DOJ
83 Judge Says Apple Played 'Central Role' in Ebook Price-Fixing Scheme
84 Younger Americans and Public Libraries: Pew Research Report
85 References Resources Find Their Place Among Open Access and Google
86 US Authors Guild Loses in Court Against Google Books
87 Mobile Library Usage Detailed in New Pew Study
88 Kids Still Love Reading Books, Physical and Digital
89 Long-Term Study Suggests Ways to Help Children Learn Language and Develop Cognitive Skills
90 Exploring Link Between Memory Deficit and Misfiring Circadian Clock
91 Treat Patients with Addiction During, After Hospitalization
92 Codeine Prescriptions to Children in the ER Continue Despite Dangers
93 Group Calling for FDA to Revoke Pain Killer Approval
94 Access to Health Care Increases Prescription Opioid Availability and Associated Abuse
95 How a Scorpion Gets Its Sting
96 Biophysicists Zoom in On Pore-forming Toxin
97 Science: Switching Brain Cells with Less Light
98 Slow Slip Events Could Help Forecast Earthquakes and Tsunamis
99 Could Nevada Earthquake Swarm Lead to Larger Seismic Event?
100 Horned Frogs Use Adhesive Tape-Like Tongues to Lift Three Times Their Own Bodyweight
101 Bivalve Adhesive Serves As Inspiration for New Medical Breakthroughs
102 Carbon-Fiber Epoxy Honeycombs Mimic the Material Performance of Balsa Wood
103 Self-Healing Polymers from Off-The-Shelf Materials
104 High Impact, High Integrity Polymer for Air, Sea, and Domestic Applications Developed by Navy
105 Research Team Develops Artificial Surfaces Insects Cannot Stick To
106 Researchers Work to Create New Ultraslippery Glass Coating
107 Scientists Discover New Species of Gecko in Madagascar
108 Closing the Gap: Extreme Desert Gecko Spotted On Salt-Flats in Central Oman
109 Gecko Grips Just As Good in Wet Habitats As in Dry Ones
110 High-speed Photography Provides First Direct Evidence of How Microbubbles Dissolve Killer Blood Clots