File Title
1 Scientists Design New Adaptive Material Inspired by Tears
2 Why Does Sadness Last Longer than Other Emotions?
3 Fear Factor--New Survey Reveals What Scares Americans the Most
4 Equation Can Accurately Predict Happiness
5 Avoid a Trip to the ER, Check that Grill Before You Grill
6 Home Cooking Is a Main Ingredient for a Healthier Diet
7 Eating Resistant Starch May Help Reduce Red Meat-Related Colorectal Cancer Risk
8 FDA Fingers Acrylamide in Fried Foods As Cancer Causing Agent
9 School-Based Kitchen Gardens Are Getting an A+
10 When It Comes to How Pizza Looks--Cheese Matters
11 Cheese Sold in UK Supermarkets Still Laden with Salt
12 Memory of Last Bite of Food May Affect When We Crave It Again
13 Fluorine Used in Toothpaste Formed in Dying Stars
14 Researchers Find that Drinking Fluoridated Water Gives No Additional Risks for Hip Fractures
15 Too Much Tea Leads to Chronic Bone Disease, Teeth Loss
16 Herbal Defluoridation of Drinking Water
17 Speaking Multiple Languages Routinely Exercises Your Brain
18 Bilingual People Use Different 'Sound Systems' to Switch Languages
19 Language Mixing Challenges and Benefits Kids in Bilingual Homes
20 Study Says Benefits of Bilingualism for Aging Adults Includes Cognitive Flexibility
21 Speaking More than One Language Delays Dementia
22 Financial Concerns Can Decrease a Person's Cognitive Ability
23 Study Says Genetics of Intelligence Remains a Riddle, for Now
24 A Link Found Between Musical Training and Executive Brain Function
25 Spatial Reasoning Training Improves Kids' Math Skills
26 Variety of Brain Regions Contribute to Emotional Intelligence Says Study
27 Vultures Evolved an Extreme Gut to Cope with Disgusting Dietary Habits
28 Scientists Could Save Thousands with Student's DIY Microscope
29 Arctic Conditions May Become Critical for Polar Bears by End of 21st Century
30 DNA Survives Short Rocket Trip into Suborbital Space
31 Faces Are More Likely to Seem Alive When We Want to Feel Connected
32 We Speak As We Feel--We Feel As We Speak
33 Reading Comprehension Not Always Easy
34 Eye Movements Reveal Reading Impairments in Schizophrenia
35 Activity in Dendrites Is Critical in Memory Formation
36 How Does Your Brain Respond to Down Time?
37 Multitask Better with Targeted Brain Training
38 Links Between Physical and Emotional Pain Relief
39 Low Tolerance for Pain? The Reason May Be in Your Genes
40 New Pain Relief Targets Discovered
41 What Can Sports Teams Learn from the Manufacturing Industry? Plenty
42 Additive Found in Dog Food May Prevent a Disabling Chemotherapy Side Effect
43 Leicester Researchers Discover a Potential Molecular Defense Against Huntington's Disease
44 Red Wine Could Help Prevent Falls Amongst Senior Citizens
45 Urate Protection Against Parkinson's Disease, Hints at Novel Mechanism
46 High Trans Fat Diets Linked to Diminished Memory in Men
47 Cocoa Extract Could Help Alzheimer's Patients
48 Compound Reverses Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
49 New Mouse Model Could Revolutionize Research in Alzheimer's Disease
50 Researchers Build New 'Off Switch' to Shut Down Neural Activity
51 Alcoholism Found to Harm Parts of the Brain Governing Self-Control
52 Major Brain Pathway Rediscovered After Century-Old Confusion, Controversy
53 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Associated with Impaired Exercise Capacity
54 Restaurant Calorie Count Guidelines Issued by the FDA
55 Policy Changes Urgently Needed As Millions to Start Receiving Early Label of Alzheimer's
56 New Research Suggests Connection Between White Matter and Cognitive Health
57 'Good Fat' Could Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes
58 Human Trial Will Test Drug Which Completely Reverses Diabetes in Mice
59 Receipts Made from Thermal Paper Potentially a Significant Source of BPA
60 Higher Urine BPA Levels Linked to Continuous Handling of Receipts
61 Food Packages Can Be Harmful to Your Health in the Long Run
62 Bisphenol S Shown to Disrupt Hormone Activity
63 High Levels of BPA Linked to Prostate Cancer
64 Deep DNA Sequencing Study Almost Quadruples Number of Genes Linked to Autism
65 Siblings of Children with Autism Can Show Signs at 18 Months
66 Autism May Be a Disorder of Prediction, According to MIT Researchers
67 Children with Autism Are More Sedentary than Their Peers: OSU Study
68 Gecko-Inspired Climbing System Allows You to Scale Walls like a Lizard
69 Stargazer Shrimp Discovered in South African Waters
70 Vampire Skeletons Unearthed, Still Dead
71 Efforts to Stem Vampire Bat Rabies May Be Making It Worse
72 Suspected Vampire Burial Unearthed in Poland
73 Rabies Spread by Vampire Bats Despite Culling Efforts
74 High-resolution Satellite Data Used to Herd from Space
75 How Much Food Does Your Cat Really Need? More During Winter Months, Less in the Summer
76 Brazilian Tigrina Is Not One, but Two Separate Wild Cat Species
77 An Unstroked Kitty Is a Happier Cat, Says Study
78 Stray Cat Explorer Credited with Ancient Roman Tomb Discovery
79 Scripps Florida Scientists Shed Light On Body's Master Energy Regulator
80 Pitfalls of Using Social Media for Scientific Studies Examined
81 Study Supports Free 'Super WiFi'
82 Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics Enabled by Inorganic-Based Laser Lift-Off
83 Charcoal from Wildfires Enters Waterways and Works Its Way to Oceans
84 Beer Marinade May Reduce Levels of Potentially Harmful Substances in Grilled Meats
85 Daily Yogurt Consumption May Help Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
86 Chocolate Shortage Looms--What Are Scientists Doing About It?
87 Home-Cooked Meals Can Actually Be a Source of Stress for Some Families
88 Asthma May Be Linked to Lack of Ventilation for Gas Stoves
89 Better Kitchen Practices Will Help Reduce the Risk of Food Borne Illnesses
90 Tweaking the Recipe to Turn Junk Food Pizza into a Healthy Snack
91 Salt in Fast Food Products Varies Country to Country
92 A Little Plastic in Your Toothpaste?
93 Antibacterial Soap Exposes Health Workers to High Triclosan Levels
94 What's the Best Way to Brush Your Teeth?
95 Babbling Babies--Responding to One-On-One 'Baby Talk'--Master More Words
96 Long-Term Study Suggests Ways to Help Children Learn Language and Develop Cognitive Skills
97 Early Results from Ebola Vaccine Trial Called 'Encouraging'
98 Life's Extremists May Be an Untapped Source of Antibacterial Drugs
99 Biochemists Build Largest Synthetic Molecular "Cage" Ever
100 Most Parents Believe All Children in Daycare Should Be Vaccinated
101 Pucker Up! Swapping Spit Shares More than Just Your Feelings for Someone
102 Eagle-Eyed Birds of Prey Help Scrounging Vultures Find Their Dinner
103 Inner Workings of Cancer Uncovered by Capturing Live Images of Growing Tumors
104 Microscopy Pushed Beyond Standard Limits
105 'Super-resolution' Microscope Used to See Nanostructures
106 New Technique Allows Closer Look at How Radiation Damages Materials
107 Small Volcanic Eruptions May Help Cool the Earth
108 Gene Therapy Method Targets Tumor Blood Vessels
109 New Bio Patch Uses DNA to Regrow Bone
110 Researchers Identify Way to Increase Gene Therapy Success