File Title
1 CDC: deaths from heart disease falling, except for certain types
2 Potential blood test for pancreatic cancer
3 Chemo- and immuno-therapy combination--an innovative approach to treating pancreatic cancer
4 Global survey finds that pancreatic cancer, a leading cause of cancer deaths, is virtually unknown by many in Europe and US
5 Gut bacteria: why do humans lack diversity compared with apes?
6 Hypertension medication linked with reduced ALS risk
7 Could an explosive compound reduce hereditary hypertension risk for women?
8 A potential treatment for obesity: pterostilbene, a molecule similar to resveratrol
9 Reducing first-time stroke risk by consuming fruit, vegetables, whole grains and nuts
10 150 is good enough when controlling systolic blood pressure in older adults
11 Many home blood pressure monitors may be inaccurate
12 The exact odorant receptor that repels mosquitoes discovered
13 Chikungunya outbreak progresses in Caribbean, Central and South America
14 ASMQ FDC proves safe and efficacious to treat children in Africa with malaria
15 The body's own cancer defense knocked out by Chlamydia
16 Study opens door to the development of biomarkers and therapeutic strategies for breast cancer
17 Scientists find way to reduce ovarian cancer tumours, chemo doses
18 Promising prognostic biomarker candidates for ovarian cancer uncovered by Roswell Park team
19 Anti-leukemia drug may also work against ovarian cancer
20 Osteoporosis drug has potential to treat breast and other cancers
21 Can Tai Chi reduce inflammation for breast cancer survivors?
22 Vitamin D deficiency linked to increased risk of asthma attacks
23 Allergy and asthma--double trouble
24 Diabetes and eyes: what people don't know could leave them blind
25 Flu shots effective for seniors, says new review
26 Placebos are 'more effective than no treatment' for children's coughs
27 Many chronic kidney disease patients 'should take statins'
28 Tai Chi may favorably affect the inflammatory system
29 Meditation makes you more creative
30 Report card on complementary therapies for breast cancer: meditation and yoga get "A" grade for easing anxiety and mood
31 Obesity is a primary environmental factor sparking disorders like Crohn's disease and multiple sclerosis
32 Multiple sclerosis relapses blocked in mice
33 New tool helps make sense of previous genetic data on multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, other diseases
34 The body's emotions
35 Research could pave way to more effective drugs for inflammation
36 Ever wondered why scratching makes itching worse?
37 Keratins are important in tooth enamel structure
38 New technology to address hair loss during chemotherapy treatment
39 Southampton experts find glaucoma drug can boost eyelash growth
40 Allergy myths are alive and well
41 New insight into gluten intolerance
42 ACP kidney stone guidelines offer another reason to drink more water, less soda
43 Successful treatments are helping HIV-infected persons achieve similar longevity as those without HIV
44 Sleep apnea may affect memory of everyday events
45 A role revealed for carbon monoxide in battling bacterial infections
46 Low-carb, high-fat diets may reduce epilepsy seizures
47 Potential to treat ALS with heart failure drug
48 Researchers find a way to deliver HIV drugs to infants through baby formula
49 A promising target for HIV/AIDS treatment identified
50 HIV/AIDS transmission may be prevented by novel nanofiber-based technology
51 Unprecedented detail on HIV structure reveals surprises
52 'Medium' daily exercise tied to lower risk of Parkinson's disease
53 Breakthrough in understanding of Parkinson's disease
54 Parkinson's disease in a dish
55 New therapies to fight a wide range of brain diseases likely as blood/brain barrier breached by new molecule
56 The inhibition of a mitochondrial fission protein shows promise as a potential treatment for Parkinson's disease
57 New drug could help in battle against cervical cancer
58 New treatment for cervical cancer developed using anti-alcohol drug
59 Researchers pioneer new approach to treating HPV-related cervical cancer
60 Millions of US women are not getting screened for cervical cancer
61 Small set of genes identified that are critical in aging and neurodegenerative disease
62 Renewing brain's aging support cells may help neurons survive in ALS
63 New Lou Gehrig's disease study shows that blocking ALS mutation in the brain slowed disease initiation and progression
64 Innovative gene therapy treatment demonstrated in canine model of DMD
65 New database shows global increases in infection outbreaks, unique diseases rising since 1980
66 Flu viruses disguised as waste
67 Sequencing of ferret genome offers clues to respiratory diseases
68 Global public health leaders identify priorities for detection, prevention of Ebola
69 Researchers synthetize active molecules against drug-resistant mutants of influenza A virus
70 Vibratory stimulation applied to the sole of the foot using novel piezoelectric technology shows promise for fall prevention
71 Unsteady on your feet? Little touches could make all the difference
72 Making mistakes while learning is better for memory
73 Could sun exposure help prevent obesity, diabetes?
74 Weight loss surgery 'highly effective for preventing type 2 diabetes'
75 Link between food allergy development and skin exposure
76 Emergency epinephrine used 38 times in Chicago public schools
77 More than 94 percent of patients thought they were allergic to penicillin, but weren't
78 Study highlights first report of severe allergic response to orange
79 A fifth of schizophrenia cases 'may be attributable to T. gondii infection'
80 Scientists discover new gene for devastating form of epilepsy
81 New progress in treatment of brain cancer and other neurological diseases
82 Epilepsy surgery in childhood can protect memory
83 Researchers identify new genetic cause of epilepsy
84 Muscular dystrophy: could a smartphone monitor the effects of treatment?
85 EEG test to help understand and treat schizophrenia
86 Engineered cells reveal changes associated with learning, memory and reward
87 Help for schizophrenia patients and their caregivers
88 Robot may explain some symptoms in schizophrenia and other neurological conditions
89 Black hole's spin packs the quasar punch
90 Human and mice genes: similar but different
91 First look at nuclear fuel in a meltdown
92 Wreckage and devastation of a collapsed supernova
93 Scratching lyrebirds create forest firebreaks
94 Robots reveal thicker Antarctic sea ice
95 'Platinum' genome takes on disease
96 Transparent brains reveal effects of cocaine and fear
97 US Congress's 'rocket scientist' to lead world's largest science organization
98 Developing world: Far-flung physics
99 Crisis mappers turn to citizen scientists
100 Crowdfunded Moon mission is serious about science
101 Indirect costs: Keeping the lights on
102 Banking culture primes people to cheat
103 India's 'yoga ministry' stirs doubts among scientists
104 US government cracks down on clinical-trials reporting
105 Barley fuelled farmers' spread onto Tibetan plateau
106 Lucy discoverer on the ancestor people relate to
107 Mathematical time law governs crowd flow
108 Gates Foundation announces world's strongest policy on open access research
109 ITER's new chief will shake up troubled fusion reactor
110 Robot reveals surprisingly thick Antarctic sea ice
111 Wellcome Trust wants research dreams to flourish
112 Save the museums
113 Data-access practices strengthened
114 Climate forecasting: Build high-resolution global climate models
115 Air pollution: Clean up our skies