File Title
1 Wide gulf in cancer survival between countries, most comprehensive global study to date shows
2 Patients at emergency departments regarded as 'symptoms,' researcher says
3 Study maps how city neighborhoods affect diabetes risk
4 Small modifications to tractor-trailers could save billions of gallons of gasoline each year
5 Conserving soil, water in world's driest wheat region
6 Preconception care for diabetic women could potentially save $5.5 billion
7 Provider-focused intervention improves HPV vaccination rates
8 Italian natural history museums on the verge of collapse?
9 Job authority increases depression symptoms in women, decreases them in men
10 It pays to have an eye for emotions
11 Verbal abuse in the workplace: Are men or women most at risk?
12 Working night shift burns less energy, increases risk of weight gain
13 Businesses can help preserve endangered species with small landscape changes
14 Model for evaluating product-recommendation algorithms suggests that trial and error get it right
15 Obesity-related work absences are 'financial drain' for states
16 Disease could cost black walnut industry millions, forest specialist warns
17 Mothers nurture emotions in girls over boys, new study finds
18 For leaders, looking intelligent is less important than looking healthy
19 Education empowers Canadians, but raises risks of overwork, work-family stress
20 Social sensing game detects classroom bullies
21 Training can lead to synesthetic experiences: Does learning the 'color of' specific letters boost IQ?
22 'Smart' drugs won't make smart people smarter, research concludes
23 Self-inflation harms kids' relationships at school
24 Sleep starts later as teens age, but school still starts early
25 School lunches offer better average nutrition than packed lunches, U.S. study finds
26 Transitions between states of matter: It's more complicated, scientists find
27 Links between grammar, rhythm explored by researchers
28 Dance choreography improves girls' computational skills
29 Imagination, reality flow in opposite directions in the brain
30 Over-reactive parenting linked to negative emotions and problem behavior in toddlers
31 Declining loneliness among American teenagers
32 Protein elevated in blood predicts post-concussion symptom severity in professional athletes
33 Marijuana's long-term effects on the brain demonstrated
34 Spooky alignment of quasars across billions of light-years
35 How the hummingbird achieves its aerobatic feats
36 Sun's rotating 'magnet' pulls lightning towards UK
37 Laser from a plane discovers Roman goldmines in Spain
38 Trojan horse tactic gives parasites edge over immune systems
39 Pain in a dish: Researchers turn skin cells into pain sensing neurons
40 Ultra-strong graphene's weak spot could be key to fuel cells
41 Exclusive: First gene therapy drug sets million-euro price record
42 Gut check: how vultures dine on rotting flesh, and like it
43 One for every leg: scientists map centipede genome
44 Cold hard facts: Underwater robot measures Antarctic sea ice
45 FDA regs highlight harms of indoor tanning
46 Exercise may prevent excess weight gain during pregnancy
47 Ebola cases near 16,000, Sierra Leone to overtake Liberia soon with most cases: WHO
48 Bird flu outbreak in India caused by strain humans can contract: OIE
49 Most chickens sold in UK stores have traces of food bug: watchdog
50 U.S., British data show 2014 could be hottest year on record
51 France to stop credits for coal projects in developing countries
52 China takes 'zero tolerance' approach to regional polluters: Cabinet
53 East Coast storm hampers Thanksgiving travel
54 Rare white lion cub born at Omaha zoo
55 Twitter to start tracking users' mobile apps
56 EU lawmakers urge regulators to break up Google
57 Ridesharing firm Uber suspends operations in Nevada
58 Internet-connected device sector deals accelerating, report finds
59 Samsung Elec shares up sharply on $2 billion share buyback plan
60 How to make the most of Apple's HealthKit in iOS 8 with compatible apps and accessories
61 Review: FLIR ONE and Seek bring thermal imaging to iPhone
62 Apple updates GarageBand for iOS with exclusive RED Loop Pack, available for limited time
63 Apple's forecast to sell 71.5M iPhones units in Q4, iPhone 6 sales more than double iPhone 6 Plus
64 Apple's World AIDS Day campaign brings exclusive app content for charity, retail sales donations
65 Chase touts Apple Pay partnership with new television ad
66 Samsung considering shakeup of mobile division in response to sagging profits, sales
67 Apple's iOS App Store reaches record 7.8M daily downloads
68 Apple reveals Black Friday partnership with Product (RED) for gift card sale
69 MythBusters explain the science behind Corning's new shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass 4
70 Lack of centralized cloud infrastructure team hampering Apple's development of iCloud services--report
71 Apple shares hit all-time high above $118 as market cap flirts with $700B
72 iPhone 6, 6 Plus owners complain of easily scratched screens
73 Apple's latest iPhone 6 ads focus on Continuity, gaming prowess
74 Universal Studios takes over Steve Jobs biopic, Michael Fassbender to star
75 Apple reaches record breaking $700 billion market cap as stock surge continues
76 T-Mobile pledges to FCC it will be more transparent about data speed caps
77 Facebook details upcoming privacy changes with notifications to users on mobile & desktop
78 Google's search deal with Apple expires in early 2015, could bring new default to Safari
79 IDC: Tablet market suffers massive slowdown in 2014, Apple's iPad not immune
80 Android tablets at Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Walmart found to include major security flaws, malware
81 More secrets could come from GT Advanced bankruptcy as Apple divulges details to creditors
82 Dropbox for iOS integrates Microsoft Office document editing
83 Union pushes Apple for better treatment of campus security guards
84 US DOJ fines StealthGenie for selling Android, iOS spyware, demands source code
85 Save $50 on all iMac Retina 5Ks plus get a 3-Year AppleCare Protection Plan for free
86 Judge rules Apple entitled to potential ongoing royalties from patent-infringing Samsung products
87 Speculators drive up Asian sapphire stocks amid questionable rumors about Apple's 2015 iPhone
88 Natalie Portman rumored for troubled Steve Jobs biopic
89 Apple, Inc. Beats promotes Solo2 headphones with new celebrity-packed #SoloSelfie campaign
90 Apple's iOS 8 distribution back on track, now on 60% of devices
91 Apple's iTunes to air Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer on Friday
92 Apple Watch website revamped with new UI and UX details
93 Twitter to track installed third-party apps on iOS with new app graph system
94 Apple touts iOS 8 voice messaging in new iPhone 6 ad
95 EU parliament 'poised to call' for Google's breakup
96 The secret life of passwords
97 FCC hopes its rules for so-called 'net neutrality' survive inevitable litigation
98 Apple launches massive World AIDS Day 2014 Campaign for (RED)
99 Trillion-dollar baby: Can Apple go where company has gone before?
100 Apple's CarPlay looks to solve the hassle of 'hands free' car tech
101 Analyst: Apple expected to sell over 71.5 million iPhones this holiday quarter
102 Beleaguered Samsung mulls management shake-up after profit slump
103 Apple's first China iPhone 6/Plus sales
104 How Apple is absolutely poised to win Black Friday 2014
105 How the billionaires played Apple last quarter
106 Xiaomi looking to overtake Apple in smartphones
107 Mac graphic designer Susan Kare offers hand-painted replicas Apple's legendary pirate flag
108 Why the war between Apple and Android is over
109 The Apple Watch will have one key advantage over other smartwatches
110 Apple shares hit new all-time intraday and closing highs